About Us

Armed with a PC, $732.00 and a passion to tell the real stories— the positive stories— about African Americans, Joy and Peter Bramble pledged to produce a newspaper that would immortalize the achievements, events, and proud moments of a people who were often depicted through negative imagery via the media.
The Baltimore Times was birthed on the Bramble’s kitchen table at 1800 Madison Street in November 1986. Starting out as a monthly publication, the Baltimore Times soon became a newspaper its readers couldn’t do without. Readers depended on it for truthful reporting, articles about their neighbors, family and friends, and quite often themselves. Taking a bold step, the next month the Brambles decided to publish the paper weekly.
As the Times grew in popularity and gained unwavering loyalty and respect amongst its readers (who also shared the paper with others who lived in other regions of the state), the Brambles realized that an expansion was in order, and over time published The Annapolis Times, The Shore Times, The Prince George’s County Times, and The Baltimore County Times.
Today, readers enjoy The Baltimore Times, The Annapolis Times, and The Prince George’s County Times newspapers, as well as a host of events and activities such as Health Expos, educational forums, workshops and seminars directed toward communities most affected by the disparities in healthcare, business, finance, and other areas that impact the quality of life.
Times Community Services, Inc., a 501(c) (3) organization was established in 1998 to further carry out The Baltimore Times mission as a community builder, as well as to channel the philanthropic work and funds the newspaper has contributed to Maryland’s communities over the years. Designed to proliferate charitable giving of time, funds, and advocacy toward health and educational endeavors, Times Community Services, Inc. partners with organizations and corporations through various innovative and creative projects to help create better informed, healthy, self-sufficient, proactive citizens. Your tax-deductible gifts, donations, grants, contracts, and in-kind contributions will play a major role in this continuing effort.
Join the thousands who have come to know and love the Times’ publications which have not strayed from and continue to build upon their motto and mission—“Positive stories about positive people.”
The Baltimore Times, Inc is also the publisher of the Maryland Small+Minority Business Magazine and Healthy You! Magazine

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