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Peace Corps, University of Maryland Baltimore announce new Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program

Peace Corps and the University of Maryland, Baltimore announced the launch of a new Paul D. Coverdell Fellows program housed in the School of Nursing.

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Cancer survivors host 2nd annual 5K Warrior Walk

Event honors late co-founder Marlene King

During a November 2014 interview, Marlene King, told The Baltimore Times, “I thank God every day for waking me up. It’s something you think about and are really grateful for when you don’t have that much longer to live. I am not a cancer survivor, but a cancer warrior. I will continue to fight. Either way it will be alright.”

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‘EXPRESSIONS’ Dance Company, The Vision of a Dancer’

In Fall 1991, Rhonda L. May was hired by the Community Outreach Foundation to conduct a dance workshop for teenagers. The dance program was held at Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts for a two-hour class every Saturday for eight weeks. One of Ms. Rhonda’s missions has always been to share the arts with her students.

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Educators get lesson in cursive writing

While cursive has been left out of the national Common Core Standards, Maryland legislators have mandated the skill be taught.

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Kerri Moseley-Hobbs publishes historical creative nonfiction book

Postsecondary Education Executive and recent recipient of a Doctorate in Education, Dr. Kerri Moseley-Hobbs has published her first book, “More Than a Fraction.” The historical creative nonfiction tells the story of two brothers, Thomas and Othello Fraction, and their journey before, through and after the Civil War.

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Global Response Needed for South Sudan Famine

On February 20, 2017, the United Nations (UN) declared a state of famine in South Sudan. Man-made crisis and conflict had left 4.9 million in need of urgent food assistance and at least 100,000 in immediate danger of death by starvation.

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Maryland taxpayers be warned about phone scam involving certified letters, debit cards

Comptroller Peter Franchot, is warning taxpayers about a new scam linked to the Internal Revenue Services’ Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) in which fraudsters call to demand immediate tax payment through a prepaid debit card. The scam is being reported throughout the county.

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Auto Review: 2018 Chevrolet Equinox

The 2018 Chevrolet Equinox should be in every neighborhood across the country. Chevrolet has continued to develop advanced vehicles to meet the needs of a diverse group of drivers and their different lifestyles.

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Dennis Pitta has positive outlook after third hip injury

Former Baltimore Ravens tight end Dennis Pitta led the team with 86 receptions. Pitta's outstanding season came after he overcame two hip dislocations that caused him to miss the last two seasons.

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How to teach kids the value of money

Talking to your children about money when they’re young can help them make good choices later. PNC’s Jennifer Dempsey Fox shares tips about how parents can teach valuable financial lessons to kids of all ages.

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Now that hurricane season has begun, get prepared!

The emergency management agencies in the Baltimore region are working together through the Baltimore Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) to promote awareness and encourage residents to prepare for the Atlantic Hurricane Season, which officially began on June 1, and ends on November 30, 2017.

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Free and fun programs for the whole family at the Pratt Free Library

The Enoch Pratt Free Library is working to “Build a Better World” with Summer Challenge 2017. The summer learning initiative teaches all age groups that reading reaps great rewards.

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Ben Tankard Releases ‘Full Tank 3: CanTankerous’

“I believe you go where you are celebrated,” said 15-time Stellar award-winning keyboardist Ben Tankard about his choice of featured artists on his new album Full Tank 3: CanTANKerous.

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Xpressions Mentoring and Consulting targets young females

Retired cosmetologist launches mentoring program

Stacey R. Stanley raised her daughters as a single mother with the support of family and excellent role models as being key ingredients to her academic and entrepreneurial success.

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Hijacking the black media to undermine musicians’ rights

Traditional media has a long history of neglecting the black community, and an equally long history of refusing to give us a fair hearing or equal time.

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Lyft tells employees not to 'gloat' over Uber crises

The wheels may be coming off Uber, but Lyft is telling its employees not to rubberneck.

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Airbnb to call out 'premium' listings

Airbnb is quietly launching a quality-control program to attract customers tepid about staying in stranger's homes.

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White bread or whole-wheat? It may depend on your gut

As a popular staple, bread is consumed by billions of people around the world.

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McDonald's incorporates SnapChat app in application process

SnapChat came onto the scene nearly five years ago, and since its creation it has been downloaded by hundreds of millions of users around the world. The app is very popular among teens, which could be one of reasons McDonald's has decided to incorporate the app into its application process.

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$1 million Powerball ticket sold at St. Louis gas station

A $1 million winning Powerball ticket was sold at a St. Louis gas station.


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