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COMMENTARY: The Black Women Jailed For ‘Stealing’ An Education

The Inequity of the Elite College Admissions Scam

“… she wanted a better life for her son, so she enrolled him in the Norwalk public schools despite having no real ties to the city. ‘When the city found out that it was spending its money educating her boy, it demanded that Ms. McDowell be charged with a crime,’ Pattis said. ‘Norwalk prosecutors, known statewide for an unreasoning mean-streak, obliged. She was charged with first-degree larceny,’ said Norm Pattis, a trial lawyer who is fighting for freedom “one client at a time.”

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The Internet Is Radicalizing White Men - Big Tech Could Be Doing More

"There is still much we don't know about the suspect and his background. But before anything at all was known about him, anyone who has studied or covered extremism and these kinds of attacks could have given you an educated guess about what kind of person he was: Male. Probably in his 20s. Decent chance of at least a minor criminal record. More than likely a history of hatred toward or violence against women. Oh, and one more thing — probably spent a fair amount of time on the internet."

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Chesapeake Bay Trust Remembers The Visionary Leadership Of Governor Harry Hughes

Governor Harry Hughes was the inspiration, along with Dr. Torrey Brown, for the establishment of the Trust, an entity they saw necessary to provide the resources that enable community groups, schools, homeowners associations, civic associations, scout troops, etc. to take action to measurably improve local communities and ultimately, the health of the Chesapeake Bay, rivers, and streams.

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Thirst Project ‘Warriors’ Encourage Student Participation In Environmental Advocacy

As part of their approximate 3,000-mile drive from Los Angeles, Hellen Elizondo and Anne Pfaff stopped by the Harford County school on February 22, 2019, as part of a “Road Warriors” program by the nonprofit Thirst Project, the world’s largest youth-led water activism organization.

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Fans Invited To Oriole Park To Learn More About Membership Benefits

With the start of the season fast approaching, the Orioles will host a Birdland Memberships Open House on Saturday, March 16, 2019 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Oriole Park at Camden Yards.

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Enjoy Corned Beef And Cabbage This St. Patrick’s Day

“Corned Beef and Cabbage” from Arthur Schwartz’s “New York City Food” (Stewart, Tabori & Chang).

Corned beef and cabbage might not be a part of many people’s diet regimens throughout the year. But come March 17, it’s not uncommon to find people from all walks of life indulging in this beloved meal.

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Prostate Cancer Survivor Says Spreading Message About Early Detection Is His Ministry

Recently, Jim Thomas joined about 30 interested participants at a Community Health Service Forum targeting Prostate Cancer Health and Urology Research. Dr. Arthur L. Burnett II, a professor from the Department of Urology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, where he is also director of the Basic Science Laboratory in Neuro-urology was the featured speaker.

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Big Change Is Coming For Ravens Defense

Change has definitely come for the Ravens defense. However, armed with six picks in the 2019 NFL Draft, Baltimore will get a chance to add more players to their defense.

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Julieanna Richardson: The Importance Of Preserving African-American History

Julieanna Richardson is the woman behind HistoryMakers, a Chicago based non-profit organization that houses an archival collection comprised of over 3,000 interviews, featuring African-Americans across various industries. She has quickly become an arduous force in maintaining records of prominent black innovators and trailblazers in American history with the creation of HistoryMakers.

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Concerted Care Foundation Gives Addicts Sense Of Purpose

Ronald Shelley began volunteering which eventually led him to create the Concerted Care Foundation, Inc., a nonprofit whose central theme is “volunteerism is a career path.”

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Historic Ghana Trip To Mark 400th Anniversary Of Arrival Of Africans To United States In 1619

The “Historic Return of the African Diaspora” tour will take place August 5 to August 14, 2019. It is billed as an opportunity to draw the world’s attention to this symbolic moment of the long history of African enslavement.

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Who Will Police The Baltimore City Police Department?

For more than a century and a half, Baltimore City has had the dubious distinction among Maryland jurisdictions of paying for a police force, in this case over half a billion dollars annually, over which it does not wield ultimate management authority.

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Baltimore, State of The City: Connect the Dots

Baltimore City mayor Catherine Pugh delivered her 2019 state of the city speech on Monday, March 11, 2019. Her presentation was informative, identifying accomplishments like the new police commissioner; a 10 percent reduction in the murder rate; neighborhood investments; and free community college, as well as some challenges, including: crime, affordable housing, youth employment opportunities, and the cost of potable water.

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The Baltimore Chapter of Continental Societies Inc.: A Rich Legacy Of Serving Children And Youth Since 1955

Margaret Turner, 90, has been a member of the group for 65 years. Since its inception in 1955, the Baltimore Chapter of Continental Societies, Incorporated has planned and implemented many educational programs in Baltimore City, Baltimore County and Harford County Public Schools through their Five-Point Programmatic Thrust: Health, Education, Employment, and Recreation (H.E.E.R.) where they provide recreation activities such as yoga and hula-hoop for the students. Turner who recently celebrated a birthday, was born on March 1,1929. A retired educator, she also writes poetry.

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Dr. Michael Lomax And The UNCF Continue To Champion HBCUs

UNCF awards more than $100 million in scholarships annually and administers more than 400 programs, including scholarship, internship and fellowship, mentoring, summer enrichment, and curriculum and faculty development programs.

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Millennials Must Answer ‘How Will You Lead?’

Dr. Wes Bellamy, the Tennessee Regional Black Millennial Convention’s “Black Millennials Unbossed & Unapologetic Summit” keynote speaker, was thrust into the spotlight in 2017 when he led efforts to remove a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee from a city park. A deadly encounter involving white supremacist protesters and counter-protesters ensued, with three people killed and more than 30 injured.

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OPINION: Let’s Clamp Down On Tobacco And Vaping Product Access For Young People

“…the law does not protect. Instead, legislators selectively go after some products, while protecting others. If legislators understood the damage that nicotine and tobacco products do to people, especially young people, they’d be rushing to outlaw them.”

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Meet The CNN Business Risk Takers of 2019

CNN Business scoured the business landscape and selected leaders taking the biggest, boldest risks.

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Joan Scheibel, Gina Falcone Skelton, And Farida Hughes Come To Y:ART Gallery


Y:ART Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of work by Joan Scheibel, Gina Falcone Skelton and Farida Hughes. The installation highlights a distinctive body of work from each artist that speaks to the layered complexity of the human experience.

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Rambling Rose: Gospel Series Comes To Hollywood Casino, Charlestown Races

"For the first time ever, Hollywood Casino in Charlestown, Virginia is showcasing a “Gospel Series” featuring some of the top gospel artists in the country. I know some of you are in pure shock, saying— “What!; Are you serious?; and What the hell!”— and I understand, but girlfriend, I am so excited about this! Yes, it’s true!"


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