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Friday, August 30

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Civil Rights Foot Soldier Memorial unveiled

Wednesday, August 28 marked the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington. To commemorate this milestone, the Annapolis-based Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Committee, Inc. unveiled the nation’s first memorial to the 250,000 “foot soldiers” of the March – the ordinary citizens who marched in the demonstration and risked the threat of personal harm to underline support for the civil rights leaders who spoke that day.

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Postal Service commemorates historic march on Washington

Actress Gabrielle Union says she is blessed to have participated in the historic unveiling of a new stamp by the United States Postal Service that pays homage to the civil rights movement as anniversary celebrations continue throughout the District.

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Ailey II coming to Towson University

Two Marylanders among world-renowned dance troupe

As a child, Tyler Brown watched the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater and wished that one day she would become a part of the world-renowned troupe.

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Indie Soul Spotlight: Rodney Kelley Sr.

It has been said that “music makes the world go round,” but let me add something to that phrase— GREAT artists playing GREAT music, is what really, makes the world go round! People want music that takes them to another time or space.

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Enjoy your Labor Day weekend

Hello everyone! I hope you are getting ready to start your Labor Day Weekend. I know I am.

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A “Joy” to work for longtime Baltimore Times employee takes a trip down memory lane

Frederick Howard is among the longtime employees of the Baltimore Times Newspaper Group.

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“Mr. Freddie”

As one of the former staff writer’s at The Baltimore Times, I have been asked to write many stories before, but this is by far the hardest.

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Frederick Douglass Plantation: Archaeology unveiled

The first exhibition to display the many archaeological finds at Frederick Douglass’ childhood plantation— where he first realized that he was a slave—opened recently at the Academy Art Museum located at 106 South Street in Easton, Maryland.

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Energize your work day in a healthier way

With long workdays and fully booked nights, it’s no surprise that sometimes a solid eight hours of sleep is just not an option for many. According to the National Sleep Foundation’s 2012 “Sleep in America” poll, about one in ten Americans say they are likely to fall asleep at an inappropriate time— like during a work meeting.

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‘Life, Love, Soul’ addresses absentee fathers

The topic of absentee fathers has become a universal discussion across the country. Recently Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network dedicated a two-part series on “Oprah’s Lifeclass” to the subject of fatherless sons.

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Nine volunteers sworn in as Baltimore CASAs

Having completed 30 hours of classroom training and approximately three hours of court observation, nine volunteers will officially be able to help abused or neglected children in foster care.

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Virtual Supermarket Program in Baltimore a success

It started as a method to ease the strain of food deserts, but today the Baltimore City Health Department’s virtual supermarket program known as, “Baltimarket,” is exceeding the expectations of skeptics and others who may have initially doubted its viability.

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Four tasks for college professors

A few days ago, I read on Facebook the re-posting of an essay, authored by a young college professor, which discussed the five things students should never say to their professors.

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Race fatigue

Help me, I'm suffering from acute race fatigue!

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Bad News for Mayor Vroom Vroom

Mayor Stephanie “Vroom Vroom” Rawlings-Blake can’t be happy about the story that appeared in the August 25, 2013 edition of The Baltimore Sun.

Wednesday, August 28

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Preseason: Panthers vs. Ravens Recap

Despite the losing score, the Ravens’ third preseason game against the Carolina Panthers was a step in the right direction for the team, as both the offense and defense looked sharper than they did a week ago against the Falcons.

Friday, August 23

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President recognized integrated military at 60th Anniversary Korean War event

Among the African American heroes recognized during the 60th Anniversary of the Korean War Armistice on July 27 in Washington, DC was U.S. Navy Ensign Jesse L. Brown, the first African American naval aviator to die in combat.

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Davita Vance-Cooks takes oath of office as Public Printer of the U.S.

In a ceremony attended by her family and friends along with GPO employees, business partners and other stakeholders, Davita Vance-Cooks took the oath of office as Public Printer of the United States on Wednesday, August 21, 2013.

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Harry Lennix takes on role in NBC’s The Blacklist

“I thought it was intriguing. The elements were great, the cat and mouse,” said actor Harry Lennix (Warner Bros.’ Man of Steel) about his newest role in NBC’s new drama series The Blacklist, which premiers September 23, 2013.

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Public reminded to have their children immunized

August signals the end of summer and back-to-school for many students. As such, it is important that your child visits his or her pediatrician to make sure that their immunizations are up-to-date.

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Indie Soul: The Baltimore Times Book Club

On Saturday, August 24, 2013, the first ever Book Club Event at the Baltimore Times will take place from noon to 3 p.m.

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Camp St. Vincent ends season with parent day and carnival

Camp St. Vincent, Baltimore’s only summer camp that exclusively serves homeless children, ended its season with a carnival for the children and their families on Friday, August 16, 2013 at Patterson Park in Baltimore City.

An appreciation for George Duke’s passion for music education

Many years ago I saw George Duke in concert at the old Painter Mill Music Fair in Owings Mills, Maryland. I

Black conservatives reflect on 50th anniversary of the March on Washington

On August 28, Americans will observe the 50th anniversary of the "March on Washington" civil rights rally.

Thursday, August 22

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More summer reading fun

Got books? If you do, then you must have spent this summer reading as many books as I have. As I did in a previous column, I’ll recommend some more books from my summer reading list.

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Average cost to raise a kid: $241,080

From day care to the monthly grocery bill, the cost of raising a child is climbing at a rate that many families can't keep up with.

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MetroPCS ‘connects’ with 18,000 at Maryland Zoo

Back-to-School event at Maryland Zoo breaks attendance record

MetroPCS “connected” with thousands of Maryland residents after taking over the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore.

Wednesday, August 21

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7 ways to interact with Garífuna culture in Belize

Drums -- both playing and making them -- are the heart of Garifuna culture

Drumming on the beach, moving in time with junkanu dancers and eating heaping plates of mashed plantain soaked in coconut stew -- more than likely these aren't the experiences you imagine while planning a trip to Belize.

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Chesapeake Bay Trust contest to raise awareness for its Treasure the Chesapeake license plate

Just days left to show your Maryland pride

While Maryland residents are packing their suitcases for vacation this August, they may be bringing something with them that they didn’t even notice; their Bay plate!

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Elmore Leonard, writer of sharp, colorful crime stories, dead at 87

Elmore Leonard -- the award-winning mystery writer whose snappy dialogue, misfit characters and laconic sense of humor produced such popular works as "Get Shorty," "Hombre," "Fifty-Two Pickup" and "Out of Sight" -- has died, according to his literary agent, Jeffrey Posternak.

Tuesday, August 20

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Maryland hospitals commit to better support for breastfeeding mothers

Thirty two Maryland hospitals have committed to adopt breastfeeding friendly policies.

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Anne Arundel Co. volunteer center to commemorate 911 attacks through service

“Serve to Remember” on Saturday, Sept 7, 2013

The Volunteer Center For Anne Arundel County will commemorate the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks through service and volunteerism.

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Study: Heavy coffee drinking in people under 55 linked to early death

When you make coffee with breakfast, or grab a to-go cup at a cafe before work, or raid your office's break room for a cup in the afternoon, you're probably not thinking about how scientists are studying it.

Monday, August 19

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Top tasks for your fall home maintenance checklist

Keeping your home in shape may not top your daily to-do list, but completing certain small seasonal tasks can save you money, time and the need to complete larger, more expensive projects in the future.

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Millions without credit scores not so risky after all

Millions of Americans don't have credit scores. And while lenders typically steer clear of this group, it turns out they aren't always as risky as banks think.

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10 Secrets of 'The Butler'

Oprah Winfrey refused to film a scene in her underwear

"Lee Daniels' The Butler" follows the life of Cecil Gaines, an African-American butler who serves in the White House under eight presidencies.

Friday, August 16

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Learn the ten signs of Alzheimer's disease at Baltimore County Senior Centers

The Department of Aging in will present “Know the Ten Signs of Alzheimer's” at five Baltimore County senior centers during the months of August and September 2013.

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Lee Daniels’ The Butler opens in Baltimore area

Even as the critically-acclaimed film, “Lee Daniels’ The Butler,” hits theaters, the director and members of its superstar cast paused to bitterly reflect on recent events they say proves racism is still very much alive in the good old U.S.A.

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Baltimore mogul to host student event

For entrepreneur and entertainment mogul Kevin Liles, it’s all about the children.

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Detroit: Death certificate or rebirth?

Will the largest city in history to file bankruptcy receive a death certificate, or will this action result in a new birth certificate for the Motor City? Of course, a city as large and as well situated as Detroit is will not die.

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Anniversary of historic March on Washington conjures memories

Denice Tyree remembers leaving her home off of Maryland Avenue in Northeast Washington, D.C., early on the morning of August 28, 1963.

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Education: Shaping your station in life

Education Matters

This week’s column reminds me of those grade school writing assignments that asked me to compose an essay on how I spent summer vacation.

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The kurious kase of Karla Porter

This redefining self-defense business is getting WAY out of hand.

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Africana Virginia Beach 2013 featuring FunkFest launches August 23-25

Africana (ã-fr-ï-kä’na) a three-day festival celebrating family, culture, and entertainment of the African Diaspora makes its debut Friday August 23 through Sunday August 25 incorporating the world class R& B entertainment of FunkFest with seminars, exhibits, cultural performances and special events.

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Program inspires more minorities to pursue astrobiology careers

Bowie State University students to work with professors awarded NASA Fellowships

Two Bowie State University professors awarded NASA fellowships in the emerging field of astrobiology will continue their research with students in the fall– their discoveries could have major implications on future biomedical innovations and the search for life outside of Earth.

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Many events planned for March on Washington

In addition to the long-planned March on Washington scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 24, the White House has announced that President Obama will speak at a commemorative service at the Lincoln Memorial on Aug. 28, the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Justice.

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Newton Family continues tradition, celebrates 64th family reunion

Eric Addison proved just as incredulous as most would. “Yes, 64 years they’ve been doing this,” said Addison.

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Grant Show takes on a leading role in “Devious Maids”

Known as Jake Hanson in the series, “Melrose Place,” Grant Show is now the leading man in the new primetime series, “Devious Maids” airing on Sundays on Lifetime, which is produced by Eva Longoria and Marc Cherry, both of the hit show “Desperate Housewives.”

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Morgan State University joins Maryland's “House Keys 4 Employees” Program

More than 1500 employees at Morgan State University became eligible for additional down payment assistance from Maryland Mortgage Program products after the fast-growing campus in northeast Baltimore joined Department of Housing and Community Development’s (DHCD) House Keys 4 Employees program.

Thursday, August 15

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Reggie Love: Obama played Spades on day Bin Laden was killed

A famous photo shows President Barack Obama hunkered down in the Situation Room in May 2011 with his national security team as U.S. Navy SEALS carried out the raid that killed Osama bin Laden.

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Jesse Jackson Jr. going to prison; says he 'manned up'

Wife gets a year in jail; weeps at sentencing

Former U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., once a rising Democratic star whose political fortunes imploded over the use of campaign finances to support lavish personal spending, was sentenced to 30 months in prison on Wednesday.

Wednesday, August 14

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Cory Booker becomes Democratic nominee for N.J. Senate seat

Newark Mayor Cory Booker will move on to New Jersey's special Senate election as the Democratic nominee after winning his party's primary on Tuesday, CNN projects.

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Oprah Winfrey: I'm sorry Switzerland racism incident got blown up

Story blew up after Winfrey cited her treatment in the store as an example of racism

Oprah Winfrey says she's sorry for the media storm that erupted after she recounted that she was the victim of racism in a posh Swiss boutique.

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Summer foods: Okra love it or hate it

This week, it’s all about okra.

Tuesday, August 13

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AG Holders says "people of color" face harsher penalties in justice system

Attorney General Eric Holder said Monday the United States "must confront the reality" that once "people of color" are in the criminal justice system, they "often face harsher punishments than their peers.

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Jacksons, set for sentencing, tell court of preferences

A Washington-based charity wrote in a letter to a federal judge Tuesday it was interested in hosting former Chicago Alderman Sandra Jackson "in her performance of community service" as part of a potential sentence for filing false tax returns.

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Hospital tech David Kwiatkowski, accused of multi-state hepatitis outbreak, to plead guilty

Kwiatkowski worked at Maryland hospitals

David Kwiatkowski, a hospital worker accused of causing a multi-state outbreak of hepatitis C last year, will plead guilty to all 14 charges in exchange for a prison term of 30 to 40 years.

Monday, August 12

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Oprah Winfrey racism row over Switzerland shop incident

Billionaire U.S. media mogul Oprah Winfrey says she was the victim of racism on a recent trip to Switzerland when a shop assistant refused to show her a handbag because it was "too expensive."

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I do ... cost a lot: Weddings by the numbers

The average wedding cost is $28,427, according to a survey by TheKnot.com

All you need is love, right? Sure, but a little cash can't hurt, especially when it's time to get hitched.

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City pools to remain open through Labor Day

For families in Baltimore, one of the best ways to cool off during the summer is at one of our pools. Baltimore City Recreation and Parks (BCRP) is pleased to announce that all pools will remain open until Labor Day, Monday, September 2.

Friday, August 9

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Volunteer at the Kunta Kinte Heritage Festival

Volunteer opportunities are available to help with the Kunta Kinte Heritage Festival 2013 being held at the Annapolis City Dock.

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AACC Dance Company will hold fall auditions September 3,5

AACC Dance Company will hold fall auditions in the Cade Center for Fine Arts Room 103, AACC Arnold campus, 101 College Parkway from September 3 and 5, 2013 from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. each day.

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Celebrity chef Seamus Mullen encourages rheumatoid arthritis sufferers to rethink approach to managing the disease

Celebrity chef Seamus Mullen encourages rheumatoid arthritis sufferers to rethink approach to managing the disease

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“The Boss” brings greatest hits to area

No mountain, or rain, nor summer heat, will keep Diana Ross from recreating her glitzy and glamorous shows of bygone years, when she steps onto the stage locally.

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Pumphrey neighborhood celebrates community

The Pumphrey Tax Improvement Association held its annual Pumphrey Day celebration Friday August 2-Sunday, August 4 in the heart of the Pumphrey Community in Anne Arundel County.

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Call center provides support for Marylanders seeking health coverage

Representatives will guide residents and small employers through their health coverage options

Maryland Health Connection, the state-based health insurance marketplace operated by the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange, has opened the first phase of its state-of-the-art customer call center in Baltimore to provide support for residents and small employers statewide.

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Review: Chante Moore shines on new album

For quite some time, the underrated and underappreciated Chante Moore has been one of my favorite female singers, and her new release, an eclectic and appealing 10-track collection titled “Moore Is More,” definitely served to solidify her status.

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BGE hosts middle school scholars from Higher Achievement

Nearly 20 Baltimore Gas and Electric Company (BGE) utility trainees kicked off their week on Monday, August 5, 2013 by engaging more than 50 Higher Achievement, Baltimore, scholars in hands-on learning exercises, focused on helping the students use their STEM skills to learn about the skilled labor required to reliably and safely deliver natural gas and electric to BGE’s 1.2 million central Maryland customers.

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Barbara Jacques leads her business down right path

Leaders are defined as those who know how to take control, manage tasks, and provide effective guidance and direction. Barbara Jacques, founder and creative director of Jacq’s Organics, is the epitome of an outstanding leader.

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African Diaspora Film Festival comes to area

It’s the longest running film festival of its kind. For 20 years, the African Diaspora International Film Festival has taken New York by storm.

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Opera Camp at the Lyric

Four-week camp receives rave reviews from students

The Modell Performing Arts Center at the Lyric and the Lyric Opera Baltimore conducted its fourth annual “Opera Camp at the Lyric,” a four-week opera camp which benefits Baltimore City and County high school students with an interest and ability in vocal music with an emphasis on opera.

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Blacks battle stigma of mental illness

Shhh! We shouldn’t be talking about it. Even in the 21st century, there is still a stigma attached to mental illness.

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Prominent Baltimore dentist, Ernest J. Colvin retires

Sitting in his Park Heights Avenue office on a rainy afternoon recently, longtime Baltimore dentist Dr. Ernest James Colvin reflected on his storied career.

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“Pathways to Peabody” Music Scholarship Program

Rey Sasaki has been playing the violin since he was four. In the fall, the 13-year-old Lutherville resident will get the opportunity to receive thousands of dollars in music training for free at the highly regarded Peabody Institute.

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Spruce-Up grants help change the face of Station North Arts Community

Funding helps beautify seven high impact neighborhoods

The vacant space at the corner of Charles Street and North Avenue, which was formerly home to New York Fried Chicken, has been renovated into an office, gallery and performing arts space to serve The Station North Arts and Entertainment District office.

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Fear the bridge?

This had to be the most hilarious news story of the year. It ran on WJZ-TV a while back.

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AACC public safety officer wins Maryland Chiefs of Police Award

Anne Arundel Community College Public Safety Officer Lt. Darrell Wallace has been selected to receive the Maryland Chiefs of Police Association 2012 Exceptional Performance Award (Private Sector Professional).

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Let’s have an honest discussion about race

If we talk about what ails us that will make it better.

Thursday, August 8

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Usher's ex-wife cites son's pool mishap in custody bid

Tameka Foster accuses Usher of being gone 85% of the time

Singer Usher Raymond's ex-wife is asking a judge to give her custody of their two children after the oldest suffered a "near-death accident."

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Vandals mark racial slurs on Jackie Robinson statue

Someone wrote the N-word and drew a swastika on the statue

A New York newspaper is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the "lowlife" who defaced a statue of Jackie Robinson outside the Brooklyn Cyclones baseball stadium.

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NIH, Lacks family reach understanding to share genomic data of HeLa cells

New policy requires researchers to apply for access to the full genome sequence data

On Wednesday the National Institutes of Health announced in Nature that it has reached an understanding with the family of the late Henrietta Lacks to allow biomedical researchers controlled access to the whole genome data of cells derived from her tumor, commonly known as HeLa cells.

Wednesday, August 7

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Facebook is tweaking your News Feed

Facebook is tweaking your News Feed to put popular older posts back on top

Facebook wants to make sure you don't miss the most important updates, photos, humblebrags and baby announcements from your friends.

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Overdraft fees cost consumers $16.7 billion

In recent years, many banks and credit unions have encouraged new checking account customers to accept two items: a debit card that replaces cash transactions and a “protection” known as overdraft coverage

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Inscription removed from MLK Memorial

A controversial inscription on the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial on the National Mall has been removed by its sculptor.

Tuesday, August 6

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Paula Deen's extortionist signs plea agreement

Thomas George Paculis, 62, had previously pleaded not guilty

A Georgia man accused of trying to extort Paula Deen by threatening to divulge "true and damning" information about the embattled celebrity chef has signed a plea agreement with federal prosecutors, court documents show.

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Can men and women be 'just friends?'

Two friends from New York City decided to try dating -- and blog about it

Truly platonic opposite-sex friendships are the chupacabra of the pop culture narrative. From "When Harry Met Sally" to Ross and Rachel, first comes friendship, then comes relationship.

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Average U.S. car is 11.4 years old, a record high

If the cars you see on the road these days seem a little run down to you, you might be on to something.

Monday, August 5

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Colts defensive tackle, hall of famer Art Donovan dies at 88

Baltimore Colts defensive tackle Art Donovan, a hall of famer who spent his later years regaling television audiences with amusing anecdotes about his time in the NFL, has died. He was 88.

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Raven-Symone says she's a lesbian, grateful for legalized gay marriage

Raven-Symone says she's a lesbian, grateful for legalized gay marriage

Raven-Symone, who played 3-year-old Olivia on the 1980s sitcom "The Cosby Show," indicated for the first time Friday that she is a lesbian.

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U.S. extends embassy closures after intercepted al Qaeda message

What started as an unprecedented move to close almost two dozen diplomatic posts for a day has broadened to week-long closures for most of them as the United States mulls the threat of a possible attack.

Friday, August 2

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Baltimore Mayor and NBA star join forces for Youth B’More Summer Block Party

On Saturday, July 27, 2013, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and the Baltimore City Youth Commission partnered with NBA star Josh Selby and the Josh Selby Foundation to host a Youth B’More Summer Block Party and the Josh Selby Foundation’s 4 on 4 Charity Basketball Tournament at Mund Park to benefit Baltimore City’s Safe Streets initiative.

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Summertime still heating up with live entertainment

Hello folks, how are you? Are you ready to party? I am telling you, this summer has been a summer of music, and it is not over yet. I want to share with you some of Baltimore’s exciting events that are coming up.

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Mother remembers son by helping others

The pain of a parent losing a child is indescribable.

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BGE honored for Wires Down Video Challenge

Baltimore Gas and Electric Company (BGE) announced that it has been recognized with the Gold Quill Award in Safety Communication by the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) for its efforts to educate children on the importance of electric safety.

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Way back to school day at historic St. Mary’s City

Shake off the summer cobwebs and experience a 17th-century child’s education! During Way Back to School Day at Historic St Mary’s City on August 10, 2013

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Psychological abuse is the first warning: Run, get out

Psychological abuse can be as damaging to the psyche as physical abuse can be to the body, yet little is written about this common problem, which is typically the precursor to physical abuse. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV), 95 percent of men who physically abuse their intimate partners also psychologically abuse them.

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Save some money: shop Maryland tax-free week

Sales tax waived for qualifying clothing and footwear August 11- 17, 2013

Just in time for back-to-school shopping, Comptroller Peter Franchot announced that his office is gearing up for Shop Maryland, the state’s tax-free week.

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Harvard launches fellowship program named after rapper, Nas

Nasir Jones, known by his rapper name “Nas,” recently had a Harvard University fellowship named in his honor, according to a press release on the Def Jam website.

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Civil Rights Exhibit: ‘Make Some Noise’ at Newseum opens

On Friday, August 2, 2013, in time for the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, the Newseum will open “Make Some Noise: Students and the Civil Rights Movement,” an exhibit that explores the new generation of student leaders in the early 1960s who fought segregation by exercising their First Amendment rights and making their voices heard.

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Paul’s Place Summer Camp offers youth fun, educational summer

Forty students from the Pigtown area located in Southwest Baltimore are enjoying hiking, swimming, trips to the Natural History Museum in Washington, D.C. and the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as well as other fun and educational activities thanks to an outreach camp operated by Paul’s Place, Inc. that seeks to expose low-income children to experiences outside of their communities.

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Bowie State University student awarded prestigious national scholarship

A Bowie State University (BSU) undergraduate with dreams of becoming an immigration lawyer will travel to her childhood home of Nigeria in the fall to study the Yoruba language, as a recipient of the highly competitive Boren Scholarship.

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Boxing trainer’s foundation seeks to help kids

Mack Lewis packed a punch that could knock out a bear. However, the boxer who became a famed trainer was the pride of Baltimore because of the way he helped others navigate the pathways of life.

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Maryland County, Liberia thriving economically

When President Barack Obama issued the “U.S. Strategy Toward Sub-Saharan Africa” he committed America to elevating efforts to spur economic growth, trade and investment in that part of the world.

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Making ‘patient protection’ essential in Obamacare

For decades, Americans have demanded a healthcare system that provides lifelong access to affordable care.

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When summers seemed endless

I was thinking the other day as the temperature outside soared close to ninety degrees, that summertime has finally arrived. It seems like it was just yesterday when the first daffodils of spring were blooming.

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Barack and “The Click”

I was stunned. I turned on my TV, and there was one President Barack Hussein Obama, talking about “The Click.”

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Summer program for teens blends farming, fitness and nutrition

At the Mission Thrive Summer Program, chalkboards, books and cramming for tests don’t exist.

Thursday, August 1

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New law gets tough on toll violators

Toll violators now risk possible suspension of vehicle registration

On July 1, a new law went into effect that should motivate toll violators to pay their overdue tolls.

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World's 12 best water parks

Some of us are lucky enough to live within a rogue inflatable ball's reach of the world's best beaches.

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Congress OKs cheaper student loans

The House on Wednesday approved a bipartisan that ensures lower interest rates on loans for students heading to college this fall.