Barack and “The Click”

Gregory Kane | 8/2/2013, 5:23 a.m.
I was stunned. I turned on my TV, and there was one President Barack Hussein Obama, talking about “The Click.”

I was either sitting or standing. In either case, I was barely moving. I certainly wasn’t moving in the direction of any car.

It was as if the white person or persons in the vehicle couldn’t possibly conceive of a black man catching a bus. Oh, they could conceive of a black man as criminal just fine.

But a black man taking the bus, in all likelihood to get home from or go to work? Oh, those black men, in the eyes of white America’s “Lookers” and “Clickers,” simply don’t exist.

I have a news flash for white America’s “Lookers” and “Clickers”: the typical black man in America is: a.) employed and b.) law-abiding.

If those “Lookers” and “Clickers” don’t believe me, they should, if they dare, take any bus in their town early in the morning.

They’ll probably find that it’s packed with black folks, going to— or from— whatever job it is they can manage to get.

That’s why I wasn’t too enthusiastic about all those “Justice for Trayvon” rallies after the Zimmerman verdict. Oh, rallies are fine. General strikes are better!

If every employed black person in America had taken off work one or two days after the Zimmerman verdict, that would have sent a message to Zimmerman’s supporters, to Floridians and to America’s “Lookers” and “Clickers” that a rally never could.

Maybe it would have even given some white Americans pause the next time they were inclined to give a brother “The Look” and “The Click.”