RIP the American Dream: The undereducated need not apply

Education Matters

Jayne Matthews Hopson | 10/4/2013, 6 a.m.
Tyler Cowen, one of the world’s most influential economists has written a new book titled “Average is Over: Powering America ...

Under this scenario “in the future, mistakes and even mediocrity will be hard to hide: eg, an ever-expanding array of ratings will expose so-so doctors and also patients who do not take their medicines or otherwise spell trouble. Young men will struggle in a labor market that rewards conscientiousness over muscle.”

As a result of poor job prospects, American of all colors will be forced to compete for the few remaining positions that require little or no post high school training or skills. While some fear the widespread lack of jobs is a recipe for riots, Cowen is not so sure. The undereducated “have-nots will be too engrossed in video games to light real petrol bombs.”

This is one of those complex issues with a simple response. Pursue every educational opportunity as if your life depended upon it— because it does. Here’s how it breaks down. A job produces income that allows you to feed yourself and your family. Without out food you and your loved ones will starve and die.

If you look closely there is evidence all around that strongly suggests that government-backed safety nets may not be around to catch those who fall. Now is the time to ensure you are on the right side of this new social/economic equation. Prepare yourself! Get as much education as you possibly can.

Jayne Matthews Hopson is development officer for the Waldorf School of Baltimore. She believes education matters because “only the educated are free.”