Should guys give up the strip club?

Gregory Kane | 10/4/2013, 6 a.m.
Really, Jacoby Jones? Really?

Truth is, I needed no persuading, cajoling or convincing from the editor to take the assignment, which I couldn’t believe was being given to me.

I was being asked to attend a strip club where gorgeous women would shake their purty thangs in front of me. AND I’D GET PAID FOR IT. I bolted from the bureau office and headed to the club, convinced that journalism was the greatest profession ever.

But, as Jones found out the hard, painful way— his claim that he did “nothing wrong” notwithstanding— there’s a down side to attending strip clubs.

Need we recall where young Malcolm Shabazz— Malcolm X’s grandson— was when he met his early, untimely demise?

At a strip club in Mexico City. And where was Sean Bell just before some trigger happy New York City cops fired nearly 50 shots at him back in 2006?

Leaving a strip club, one that cops were investigating for evidence of drug violations and prostitution. Young Mr. Bell died after that encounter with police.

Jones got off lucky. At least he lived to tell his tale and profess his innocence, though I doubt anybody will believe him.

What’s the lesson to be learned? Guys, give up the strip club and stay home with the wife or girlfriend. Believe me, it’s a lot safer.