Think big, act big

Willie Jolley | 10/7/2015, 11 a.m.
Jeffrey Hayzlett is a marketing powerhouse who has built a massive business from the ground up. He started as a ...
Willie Jolley

— Jeffrey Hayzlett is a marketing powerhouse who has built a massive business from the ground up. He started as a small town cowboy who loved to talk to small businesses about marketing.

He soon became a popular speaker in his town, sharing ideas on how to help small businesses market their products and services and make more money. He was so effective that he was recruited by Kodak to be in their marketing department and soon became their chief marketing officer.

While at Kodak, he was able to help them grow their brand with national television success as a partner with Donald Trump on his Apprentice television series. He has since left Kodak and created the C-Suite Network and has become a national television and radio talk show host.

He is currently the host of the primetime television show C-Suite with Jeffrey Hayzlett and Executive Perspectives on C-Suite TV. He also hosts the All Business Radio show on CBS on-demand radio, Playit.

Hayzlett says that the most powerful tool we have is the ability to think and create new ways to generate income. One of his favorite books, the Napoleon Hill classic, Think and Grow Rich, has taught millions that thinking is the very first step in achieving. But “achieving bigger” means we must think even bigger and then act on those big thoughts.

“We impose limitations on ourselves,” Hayzlett says. “We make excuses for our mistakes and weaknesses. Plus, (when) we don’t own our story, we (forsake) our story.”

How does one gain their story? Identifying one’s story requires knowing who we are. And knowing who we are requires being brutality honest with ourselves. Secondly, we must learn how to tell our story. That is: “This is who I am; this is where I was; and this is what it took for me to get here.” Thirdly, having the right attitude and massive action propels us into being fearless and bold. Then we must allow ourselves to become irrational to get what we want.

Hayzlett is adamant about knowing yourself. “If you know, in your heart who you are, then you can lead, connect, relate, focus and adapt successfully regardless of whether you are an entrepreneur, an hourly wage earner or in the corporate world,” Jeff says. With this realization we break free from the old, destructive voices in our heads that give us excuses for not taking action.

Additionally, to think big and act bigger, we must confront ourselves with this brutal question: “Do we believe we can do it?” Then, we must get to work on building our belief in ourselves. Hazlett’s focus is sharing with businesses as well as individuals, how to market themselves to create greater impact and income.

Hayzlett is the author of several best-selling books including, The Mirror Test and Running The Gauntlet. His most recent book, Think Big, Act Bigger is what experts are calling “his best book yet.”

In this new book, Think Big, Act Bigger, Hayzlett cuts to the heart of what getting big results requires. You need to think big and then take the actions to back it up.