You are the key to solutions!

James Clingman | 9/11/2015, 11 a.m.
With as much meaningless and non-redeeming information being discussed on radio and TV among black folks, I often wonder if ...

— Bev Smith was obviously taken by the young man as she offered her response by first agreeing with Jackson’s contentions and then by telling her audience that his is the example they should emulate. She said, yes, it’s hard work, it does require sacrifice even to the extent of not getting paid for your time, but if we are ever going to end up where we say we need to be in this nation, those sacrifices must be made— on an individual basis on behalf of the collective. Right on, Bev Smith!

Marcus Jackson, 31 years of age, and others in his age group within the OMCBV&C, are leading the way to true empowerment, uncompromising in their political and economic positions, and willing to go that extra mile and spend that extra dollar toward that end. They proudly declare “I am one of the million!” and they understand the work they must do and the sacrifices they must make for our people, just as 32-year-old David Walker, 36-year-old Malcolm X, 33-year-old Martin Luther King, and 30-year-old Marcus Garvey did, as he set out for the U.S. to meet with Booker T. Washington and take up the economic empowerment mantle.

The “u” in the solutions most of us speak about is the key to our advancement, to achieving our goals, and empowering ourselves. It all begins with “u.” The OMCBV&C, with members in 31 states, is the key organizational movement that is doing the work necessary to move us beyond the problems and closer to impactful, life changing solutions. It’s not yet at the one million mark, so there is still room for “u.”

Go to www.iamoneofthemillion.com and read the information; if “u” find something “u” like, sign up and add your “u” to the solutions to our problems.

Jim Clingman, founder of the Greater Cincinnati African American Chamber of Commerce, is the nation’s most prolific writer on economic empowerment for black people. He can be reached through his website: blackonomics.com.