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Monday, February 29

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Melissa Harris-Perry is out at MSNBC

Melissa Harris-Perry will not be back on MSNBC.

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Homegrown flavor from an indoor garden

Add some homegrown flavor to your winter meals. From micro-greens to tomatoes, it is possible to grow produce indoors.

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Oscars 2016: Company cops backlash for confusing Oprah with Whoopi

The company offered to pay $10,000 to charity over the error

Who knew a tattoo could lead to such an embarrassing gaffe?

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Oscar shines on 'Spotlight'

"Spotlight" grabbed the limelight at Sunday's 88th Academy Awards.

Sunday, February 28

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The Hollywood diversity fix

There is nothing new about #OscarsSoWhite. Once upon a time, Hollywood’s diversity battle stretched as far as The White House.

Friday, February 26

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RAMBLING ROSE: Good weather, good entertainment, good fun!

Hello my good friends, I just want you to know, I truly appreciate you. I say that because during this Black History Month I had book signings at Lexington Market, The Avenue Market and the Hollins Street Market and I met many fans of my “Rambling Rose” column. You know who you are and I just want to thank you for coming by to support me. I have nothing but love for you.

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Urban teachers keeping black history in curriculum

When deciding on a black history project for her fourth grade class at Calvin and Rodman Elementary School, Naadir Billingsley took into account how the students would connect to the project and she used their background knowledge to enhance the learning experience.

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Spring break travelers should be sure to pack Zika virus precautions

As college students and families, pack for Spring Break vacations that might take them to popular destinations where the Zika virus is being spread by mosquito, Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene is reminding them to exercise caution.

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LETTER: The Amber Rose Bill

My birth daughter, Amber Marie Rose, was killed when a dysfunctional ignition switch in her General Motors (GM) vehicle caused her car's engine and electrical system to shut down and disable its air bags.

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Noted African American historian honored in Baltimore County

Louis S. Diggs has spent nearly a lifetime helping to preserve African-American history in Baltimore County.

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Comcast, Smithsonian Channel, MLB host premiere screening "The Hammer of Hank Aaron"

Film airs February 29

Comcast, Smithsonian Channel and Major League Baseball partnered to present a private, premiere screening of “The Hammer of Hank Aaron.” The screening took place on Wednesday, February 17, 2016, at the Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History & Culture located at 830 E. Pratt Street in Baltimore.

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Sorority holds youth symposium in Annapolis

The Lambda Delta Sigma Alumnae Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. of Anne Arundel County has partnered with Georgetown East Elementary School in Annapolis to host a free youth symposium entitled “Building Partnerships to Support Our Youth” on Saturday, March 12, 2016 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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Hyundai appoints Erwin Raphael to Lead Genesis USA

Hyundai Motor America President and Chief Executive Officer David L. Zuchowski announced this week that Erwin Raphael has been appointed as General Manager for Genesis Motors USA.

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Advocates push to improve economic odds for Maryland women

Even though working women comprise 50 percent of Maryland’s workforce, data on income disparity shows that the typical man makes more than $58,000 a year, while women make $50,480.

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Could Ravens Lardarius Webb’s future in Baltimore be in doubt?

The Baltimore Ravens brass are in Indianapolis this week for the 2016 NFL Scouting Combine. NFL personnel will frequently have discussions with player representatives. Most of the talk will be about the upcoming free agency period, which starts on March 9, 2016.

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Passing score for GED test changed

Maryland among states to implement score change and other enhancements

In 1942, the original GED® test was released. Since that time, the GED (General Educational Development) test has opened doors to better jobs and college programs for more than 20 million graduates. The GED Test is a United States high school equivalency test, and is delivered in over 60 countries around the world.

Thursday, February 25

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Film Review: Triple 9

Honor among thieves? Not with this bunch. These guys are playing a mean duplicitous game, and as they do, you can’t guess who will survive. That’s the mark of a solid, tense cop/crime/thriller. A good one will keep you speculating, until the last bullet leaves its chamber.

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The Ben Carson I knew is gone

I'm not angry about Dr. Ben Carson's latest comments about President Barack Obama for one reason only; they've instead pushed me into a state of mourning as I watch the continued diminishment of a man who had long been a living, breathing icon of Black History Month all by himself.

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Johnson & Johnson told to pay $72 million in talcum powder cancer case

Johnson & Johnson has been ordered to pay damages to the family of a woman who died of cancer she said was caused by the company's talcum powder.

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'Black girl magic' is more than a hashtag; it's a movement

Blackgirlmagic is being used among black women to celebrate their power and beauty

Coming of age in the early '90s, Marcia Smith says, her mother made sure she would grow up to be a proud black woman, instilling in her from a young age what it means to love yourself, culture and heritage.

Wednesday, February 24

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Blackonomics: Hillary and Bernie discover and re-discover black people

One thing is for sure; Black folks are enjoying this latest political mating dance with Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Sanders is discovering Black people in South Carolina and Georgia, and Clinton has reopened the “leading Blacks” vault to rediscover their loyalty and willingness to present her to the Black electorate one mo’ time, y’all.

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Terry Crews: Porn addiction 'messed up my life'

Crews: "It affected everything. My wife was literally like, 'I don't know you anymore' "

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" actor Terry Crews is opening up about his addiction to pornography, which he says "really, really messed up my life."

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What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur?

Time is one of those magical dimensions of the human experience. At certain instances it seems like there is not enough of it. And at others, it seems like the moment lasts forever.

Tuesday, February 23

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ASK ALMA: High school reunion baby bombshell

Dear Alma, I hope I can explain this right, because I really need your help.

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Does any presidential candidate “deserve” the black vote?

Michelle Alexander, the brilliant author of The New Jim Crow, writes in The Nation – that Hillary Clinton does not “deserve” the Black vote. She makes a strong case. She reminds us that the Bill Clinton administration yielded a draconian crime bill and welfare “deform” (I call it “deform” instead of reform because the Clinton changes made a bad system worse) that demonized poor women. While Bill and Hillary Clinton are two different people, Alexander uses Hillary quotes to illustrate the ways she supported her husband’s policies.

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Film Review: Race

“On the track, there is no Black and White, just fast and slow. For those 10 seconds you are free,” says Jesse Owens (Stephan James) in this very moving and inspiring bio/sports movie that captures the essence of this legendary athlete’s life, challenges and achievements. Race is a history lesson, personal profile and a crowd pleaser.

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Louis Farrakhan offers concert security for Beyoncé

Some officers urged a boycott after her Super Bowl show

Beyoncé is getting some high-profile support from Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Monday, February 22

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Organic meats, milk could have more of good-for-you fats, study finds

An analysis of studies of organic meat, milk find they contains more omega-3 fatty acids that nonorganic options

Fatty fish, nuts and vegetable oils get high marks in the nutrition department because they are rich in "good" fat. Red meat and milk may also be a good source of these polyunsaturated fats, and according to research, organic products have more of them than the conventional nonorganic options

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Will Trump ad fool black voters?

Issac Bailey: Political analysts are comparing new Trump ad on young black man killed by immigrant to the infamous Willie Horton ad

Jamiel Shaw, Sr. is supporting Donald Trump for president.

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Woman, 106, dances with joy at meeting Obama and the Internet goes 'Aww'

In 2014, McLaurin began a social media campaign to meet the Obamas

Virginia McLaurin waited all her life to see an African-American in the White House. So, when she finally got a chance to meet President Obama, the 106-year-old woman couldn't contain her excitement.

Friday, February 19

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Don’t get too excited when Trump attacks George W. Bush over Iraq

Something weird happened on February 13, 2016, at the Republican debate in South Carolina. Donald Trump went after Jeb Bush over the record of his brother, former President George W. Bush.

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TV One re-brands to ‘Represent’ best in black culture, entertainment

Viewers of the 47th annual NAACP Image Awards earlier this month may have noticed a bold and new look emanating from the network that carried the popular program.

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MECU Neighborhood Event Grants available for 2016

Neighborhoods and community-based non-profits can receive up to $1,000

Neighborhoods and community-based non-profits can receive up to $1,000

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Wells Fargo commissions original art depicting African American experience

Wells Fargo & Company recently commissioned Atlanta-based artist Keith Rosemond II to create six original illustrations depicting the African American experience.

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Concert highlights words of Langston Hughes, Malcolm X and others

Before composing music and climbing onto a stage, Benny Russell says he listens to the voices of several trailblazing African-Americans.

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Ken Banks appointed to Federal Reserve Board of Directors

The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve appointed Ken Banks, Founder and CEO of Banks Contracting Company Inc., to the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Board of Directors. Banks’ three-year term as a Board of Director for the Baltimore Branch began January 1, 2016.

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Philanthropist couple makes largest donation in MSU history

When he attended Morgan State University decades ago, circumstances were such that Calvin E. Tyler Jr. couldn’t afford to stay in school.

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First African-American driver leads Monster Jam into Baltimore

It’s an unusual sight that gets both five-year-olds and 95-year-olds alike excited.

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BCCC voting machine demonstration nets new voters

Since 2008, Baltimore City Community College (BCCC), through its partnership with the local chapter of the League of Women Voters, has registered more than 2,500 voters (and counting) through on-campus voter registration drives held during the school year.

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Ravens tight end Dennis Pitta set to make another comeback attempt

Baltimore Ravens tight end Dennis Pitta loves the game of football so much that he is set to make another comeback attempt after suffering two devastating hip injuries. He didn’t play last season as he continued to work his way back from a dislocated hip.

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Thomas Moorehead rolls into the world of ultra-luxury

The world’s first African-American Rolls Royce car dealer got there through hard work and perseverance, but only after disappointing his family.

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EdAnime Productions creates educational animated hip-hop series for youth

Jalen Bailey was four years old when his mother, Dr. DeAnna Bailey, became tired of letting her son watch entertaining cartoons that lacked educational value and positive images of African-American people. Bailey, 34, remarked that educational programs on television were not captivating. With the exception of finding a few old films after searching online, Bailey’s options for something for Jalen to watch remained sparse.

Thursday, February 18

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Former Baltimore gangster and "The Wire" inspiration dies in jail

Nathan "Bodie" Barksdale, the inspiration behind the show "The Wire," has died in a federal prison. He was 54.

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Pope suggests contraceptives could be used to slow spread of Zika

Avoiding pregnancy is not an absolute evil," the Pope says

Pope Francis indicated contraceptives may be used to prevent the spread of the Zika virus, despite the church's longstanding ban on most forms of birth control.

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Your Starbucks drink may have 25 spoons of sugar in it

Warning: You might want to put that caramel latte down before reading this.

Wednesday, February 17

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Roger Goodell's pay is cut to $34 million

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell took a pay cut of nearly $1 million during his tumultuous 2014-15 season, according to a new tax filing.

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Where is that $10 bill with a woman on it?

What ever happened to putting a woman on the $10 bill?

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Chest discomfort, feeling extra tired? When to get help

Are you experiencing heart palpitations, shortness of breath, fatigue and discomfort around your heart? You could be experiencing atrial fibrillation (AF or AFib), the most common heart rhythm disorder. Recognizing signs and symptoms is essential to early diagnosis and effective treatment.

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Job hunting? What careers and skills are in greatest demand this year

Understanding the evolving job market can help you focus your energy productively and land a coveted new job.

Tuesday, February 16

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A BLT that thinks outside the box

Few sandwiches are more widely enjoyed than BLTs. When hosting parties, hosts often look for foods that will appeal to their guests, which makes BLTs a great appetizer option.

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Too much fish during pregnancy increases a child's obesity risk, study says

Advice to pregnant women to not overdo it on fish is getting an endorsement from new research.

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Why do politicians treat addiction differently in the suburbs?

Nick Cocchi would like to be the sheriff of Hampden County, an Eastern Massachusetts county of half a million people. Springfield, Massachusetts, a city that is about 22 percent African American, is the county seat. Eastern Massachusetts (and indeed, much of New England) is experiencing the devastating fallout from the heroin and opioid abuse epidemic.

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CBC PAC endorses Hillary Clinton

While Sen. Bernie Sanders was in New York City dining with the Rev. Al Sharpton and courting the Black vote, Hillary Clinton scored a major coup in the nation’s capital by earning the endorsement of the Congressional Black Caucus Political Action Committee (CBC PAC), an organization that works to increase the number of African-Americans in the U.S. Congress and also supports non-Black candidates who champion the interests of minorities.

Monday, February 15

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Celebrities talk diversity at 47th Annual NAACP Image Awards

The 47th annual NAACP Image Awards was a hit at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium in Pasadena, Calif., as Black entertainers showed their support for one another and the show, while some expressed concerns over the lack of diversity in other major award shows like the Academy Awards.

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ASK ALMA: My boyfriend's controlling, but I love him

Hi Alma. My name is K. I’ve been with my boyfriend almost 4 years. He works but doesn’t make enough to help me.

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Kanye West drops album, says he's $53 million in debt

Oh, Kanye West. Wow. Even by your attention-grabbing standards, this was a night to remember. Or maybe to forget.

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Whom could President Obama nominate to replace Justice Antonin Scalia?

President Barack Obama has said he will nominate someone to replace Justice Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court

President Barack Obama plans to nominate a new Supreme Court justice to replace the late Antonin Scalia, despite Senate Republican leaders indicating that person will not get a vote this year.

Friday, February 12

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“Jazz Singers” exhibition opens at Library of Congress

“Jazz Singers” opened on Thursday, February 11, 2016 in the Performing Arts Reading Room Foyer on the first level of the Library’s James Madison Memorial Building, 101 Independence Avenue S.E., Washington, D.C.

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Reading program offers children chance to earn free admission to National Aquarium

The National Aquarium, in partnership with the Enoch Pratt Free Library System and alongside Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, announced the launch of the Read to Reef Book Club.

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Comptroller accepting nominations for the 2016 William Donald Schaefer Helping People Award

Fifth year of honoring individuals and organizations statewide

Returning for a fifth year, Comptroller Peter Franchot announced that his office is accepting nominations for the William Donald Schaefer Helping People Award.

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Love & Money: PNC Bank survey reveals importance of financial transparency in relationships

While the mystical cupid is shooting his arrow directly at the hearts of couples whose love seems blind on Valentine’s Day, some have called the day after the beginning of spats and even divorce.

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Opening your heart for Valentine’s Day

In the United States, St. Valentine's Day is celebrated widely with candy, flowers and private expressions of affection. I proposed to my wife on Valentine's Day and my kindergartner daughter, who was born on its eve, observes it with heartfelt cards to friends and family.

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Tyrese Gibson joins Coca-Cola to support teens’ quest for academic achievement

Six time Grammy-nominated R&B singer, author, philanthropist and internationally renowned film star Tyrese Gibson joins Coca-Cola to help inspire and empower teens to strive for their highest potential through the 2016 Coca-Cola Pay It Forward program.

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Raising money or just raising Cain?

Bernie Sanders raised $20 million with the average donation being just $27.00.

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RAMBLING ROSE: Happy Valentine’s Day to all Baltimore couples

Hello everyone, I hope all is well and the snow around your home is all melted so you can go out and enjoy life. I want to say Happy Valentine’s Day to all the lovebirds who read my column.

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African Americans should be especially aware of heart health

Cardiovascular disease, which includes heart disease and stroke, is the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States.

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Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak rejuvenated his coaching career with the Ravens

John Elway and the Denver Broncos recently won the Super Bowl under the guidance of head coach Gary Kubiak. Kubiak may never have been a viable option had it not been for John Harbaugh who stumbled upon the recently fired coach before the 2014 season.

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Toyota donates boots, socks to underserved area residents, homeless families

On February 6, 2016, approximately 220 children, women and men showed up at The Salvation Army’s warehouse, located at 400 East 29th Street in Baltimore to receive new winter boots, socks and a catered lunch through Toyota Motor North America’s “Walk In My Boots” community outreach project.

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Saint Agnes Hospital’s ‘Red Dress Sunday’ is on Valentine’s Day

Event encourages women to take their health to heart

Twelve years ago, Saint Agnes Hospital started Red Dress Sunday, an innovative, faith-based health education program designed by the hospital to raise awareness of the devastating effects of heart disease among women.

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Self-taught artist wins 2016 Sue Hess Maryland Arts Advocate of the Year Award

When Herb Massie was growing up in Sandtown, he exhibited drawing talent at five years old and aspired to become an artist.

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Year Up Baltimore graduate lands job as operations engineer

Tyson Lin didn’t exactly know what he wanted to do with his life after finishing high school in 2014.

Thursday, February 11

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In It to Win It – My Head Says Hilary, My Heart Says Bernie

I am looking forward to November 8, 2016, and to voting for Hilary Rodham Clinton to lead these United States.

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'Sham democracy' is fueling Africa's terrorism

Terror groups in sub-Saharan Africa are pursuing their fundamentalist agenda with deadly ambition

From rural settlements in the hinterlands of the African Savannah, to plush hotels in bustling metropolises, terror groups in sub-Saharan Africa are pursuing their fundamentalist agenda with deadly ambitions.

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Husband and wife never expected their Fitbit would tell them this ...

Questions about a fitness tracker malfunction leads to a big announcement

A New York husband was stumped as why his wife's Fitbit was acting funny.

Wednesday, February 10

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The evolution of Black History Month

Black History Month, sometimes referred to as African American History Month, is a federally recognized month-long commemoration of the achievements of African Americans and the roles they have played in shaping United States history.

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How to handle a temporary loss of income

Millions of North Americans are struggling to make ends meet, and data suggests many adults are living paycheck to paycheck.

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Movie Review: Deadpool

If you’re looking for an unconventional protagonist, with a potty mouth and devilish mind, fly to the theaters to see Deadpool. Or at least walk.

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Can Sanders woo black voters?

Hours after claiming a decisive victory over Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire primary, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is planning to meet in New York City with none other than the Rev. Al Sharpton, a move that is sure to rattle Clinton's advisors and the candidate herself.

Tuesday, February 9

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The hijab-wearing Barbie who's become an Instagram star

Instagram account was created by Haneefa Adam, a Nigerian medical student

Barbie has had another makeover. This time as a hijab-wearing Muslim.

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#BoycottBeyonce sparks backlash

Some took offense to racial imagery in Beyonce's "Formation" video

Call it a backlash against the backlash.

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Johns Hopkins approved to perform HIV-positive to HIV-positive organ transplants

It could mean the difference between life and death for more than 1,000 people in the United States each year.

Monday, February 8

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Car Review: 2016 Hyundai Elantra Value Edition

Hyundai has a real deal waiting for you in its showrooms. The 2016 Elantra Value Edition won’t be around long. It will be replaced by the 2017 model that goes on sale this spring and we hope the value edition bites the dust with the new model.

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Attorney Billy Murphy says Flint residents, “living a nightmare”

Famed Baltimore Attorney William “Billy” Murphy Jr., has filed a federal class action lawsuit alleging a pattern of behavior by Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, the mayor and other officials that Murphy said violated the constitutional rights of those who are being forced to pay for clean water but have never received it.

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Viral family photo has Internet wondering: Which one is the mom?

The photo has been retweeted more than 18,000 times

When Kaylan Mahomes posted a recent car selfie with her twin, Kyla, and their mother, the social media world went into confusion.

Friday, February 5

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Game Day menus that score big

Even if your team isn’t playing in the big game, you can still come out a winner with a tasty viewing party recipe. Plan your menu ahead of time so you can be confident you’ll score big with a spread that leaves guests cheering long after the game has ended.

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NEHGS offers free access to new ancestry research portal

To commemorate Black History Month in February, New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS) has assembled a wealth of information in a single portal on its data rich website, offering important resources to the researcher of African American ancestry.

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African Americans and the ACA: Much accomplished, more to do

The passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) promised to improve the delivery of healthcare services in America— especially for historically disadvantaged communities that suffer high rates of chronic illness.

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Competition to award $440,000 in prizes for best use of technology

Comcast Business’ National Program for startups and entrepreneurs returns for the third year

Comcast Business announced that for the third consecutive year, the company will seek out the nation’s most innovative startup companies and entrepreneurs to participate in its Innovations 4 Entrepreneurs competition.

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The economics of water

I can hear the backroom discussion now: “We can save money if we stop taking our drinking water from Lake Huron and start using water from the Flint River instead.”

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Paul Henderson: Photographing Morgan (1947-1955) exhibit at Morgan State

Opening reception will be held on Thursday, February 11, 2016 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

The Maryland Historical Society (MdHS) proudly announces the opening of its popular traveling exhibition of the work of photojournalist Paul Henderson on February 2, 2016 at Morgan University's James E. Lewis Museum of Art.

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American Masters tells story of legendary bluesman B.B. King During Black History Month

Features interviews with Bono, Eric Clapton, Aaron Neville, John Mayer, Bonnie Raitt, Carlos Santana, Ringo Starr, and more

B.B. King, born Riley B. King, was one of the most influential and celebrated blues musicians of all time. From his roots as a sharecropper’s son, working in the cotton fields of Mississippi, he rose to become a living legend the most renowned blues singer, songwriter, musician, and record producer of the past 40 years — earning the moniker ‘King of the Blues.’

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House of Mandela Wines expands despite obstacles

Dr. Makaziwe Maki Mandela and her daughter Tukwini Mandela have found another way in which to carry on the legendary legacy of their family’s name.

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Baltimore native brings ‘Happiness’ stage play home

Ava, Shauna, Stephanie and Gia are best friends who help each other through the highs and lows of life.

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Black doll exhibit scheduled in Randallstown

Growing up in the Cherry Hill section of Baltimore in the mid-20th century, Deborah Johnson remembers when the local hardware store was transformed during the holidays into a Christmas wonderland.

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Is Ravens long snapper Morgan Cox the odd man out?

The Baltimore Ravens have benefited from having a familiar trio on special teams over the last few seasons. Justin Tucker has been the kicker since 2012; Sam Koch has been the Ravens punter since 2006; and rounding out the group is long snapper Morgan Cox.

Thursday, February 4

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Ask Carla: Should I tell potential employers I'm pregnant?

I’m pregnant! My husband and I are overjoyed but, I was planning on changing jobs in the very near future.

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Black Lives Matter activist will run for mayor in Baltimore

DeRay Mckesson is a leader of the Black Lives Matter movement

Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson filed to run for mayor of Baltimore on Wednesday night, joining a crowded Democratic primary race hours ahead of the registration deadline.

Wednesday, February 3

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How he became 'The Eyes of Baltimore'

Devin Allen was an amateur photographer when protests began in Baltimore following the death of Freddie Gray

Demonstrators marched through the streets of Baltimore, as they had for the past week. Devin Allen, then an amateur photographer, was among them.

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Obama to rebut GOP Muslim rhetoric in Baltimore mosque visit

On Wednesday, the President will visit the Islamic Society of Baltimore

Seeking to rebut what he views as perilous election-year bombast about Muslims, President Barack Obama heads Wednesday to a mosque in Baltimore, his first visit to such a site in the United States.

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Russell Simmons brings water and attention to plight of Flint residents

When business mogul and founder of the RushCard, Russell Simmons, arrived in Flint early Monday morning to deliver cases of bottled water door-to-door, he did so with a minimal amount of fanfare.

Tuesday, February 2

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What are the risks of drinking during pregnancy?

One in 10 women reported drinking alcohol during pregnancy in a recent study

More than three million women in the U.S. are exposing their babies to alcohol during development -- because they don't know they're pregnant.

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Human trafficking survivor: 'We need jobs, not pity'

Evelyn Chumbow was a victim of labor trafficking from ages nine through 18

There are times when I feel like screaming, on behalf of all human trafficking survivors, "We need jobs, not pity!"

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Palin: I never blamed Obama for PTSD

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin insisted Monday that she "never blamed" President Barack Obama for her son's recent arrest on domestic violence charges.

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MSU volunteers bring clean energy to Morgan Community Mile homes in need

In an effort to assist local Baltimore residents in need of energy efficiency upgrades, volunteers from Morgan State University teamed up with representatives from GRID Alternatives, the U.S. Department of Energy, the City of Baltimore, Bowie State University, Coppin State University, Belair-Edison Neighborhoods, and other community organizations to bring clean energy to select homes.

Monday, February 1

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Cold weather tips for pet owners

Bitter cold temperatures have hit Baltimore and pets are in danger from being out in the cold just as much as humans are

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The affront of Michael Jackson being played by a white guy

"Let me get this straight. Idris Elba can't play James Bond, but it's OK for Joseph Fiennes to play Michael Jackson?"

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Tax returns from Baltimore businesses halted due to questionable filings

Comptroller Peter Franchot announced that his office would suspend processing electronic tax returns from several Liberty Tax Service franchise locations in the Baltimore metropolitan area due to a high volume of questionable returns received.