Black liberals are hypocrites when it comes to the N-word

Raynard Jackson | 5/5/2016, 11 a.m.
Once again, two nights ago, liberal hypocrisy was on full display at the White House Correspondents’ Association’s (WHCA) annual dinner.
Raynard Jackson (NNPA)

— I find it totally hypocritical now that these same liberal groups and individuals have all come down with a severe case of laryngitis.

As of this printing, the WHCA has not issued so much as an apology to the president or the American people for the total and incomprehensible disrespect Wilmore showed towards our first elected Black president.

What have we, in the Black community done, to create an environment where a person, let alone a Black person, feels comfortable calling the president of the United States “my nigga?”

If we can’t condemn a Black for using this insidious word, how can we justify criticizing others for doing the same thing?

How can we criticize Jennifer Lopez or the Quentin Tarantino, the director of the cult classic “Pulp Fiction” and “Django Unchained” for using it? How can we criticize former West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd for using it on the senate floor or during an interview with “60 Minutes?”

Instead of Obama nervously laughing at Wilmore’s description of him, he should have immediately taken to the microphone and denounced Wilmore on the spot.

So, to all my liberal media friends, especially the Black ones, the next time Trump makes a statement you disagree with, I don’t want to hear your moralizing lectures about racism and civility.

The next time a Republican official makes a stupid, racially-charged comment about Obama (and they will), I hope those same liberal members of the media will also get a sudden case of laryngitis like you did over the Wilmore foolishness.

I know why Republicans are silent on this issue—they have absolutely no credibility within the Black community. But liberals “claim” to love Black folks, but yet they can’t muster enough courage to take a principled stand and denounce Wilmore’s performance.

What a shame this moment has found them totally unprepared for the moment that could have been their finest hour (Jackson out, drops mic).

Raynard Jackson is founder and chairman of Black Americans for a Better Future (BAFBF), a federally registered 527 Super PAC established to get more Blacks involved in the Republican Party. BAFBF focuses on the Black entrepreneur. For more information about BAFBF, visit www.bafbf.org.