Surrogate mom delivers two babies, one her own

Susan Scutti, CNN | 11/6/2017, 9:04 a.m.
The lives of Jessica Allen and her husband, Wardell Jasper, were changed permanently and for the better by a rare ...

In such cases, Haig said, the mother is believed to have conceived a second time during an ongoing pregnancy.

"I can remember reading about an old case where the twins were delivered at different times," Haig said. "The mother came to the doctor with abdominal pains. He said you are in labor. She said, I cannot be -- I delivered a month ago."

Despite her protests, the twice-pregnant woman delivered a second child one month after the first, Haig said.

Another phenomenon, heteropaternity, occurs "when a woman produces twins with different fathers," he said. Sometimes, this has been called superfecundation.

In such cases, a woman would have had intercourse with two men, presumably at different times, Haig explained. "But then two eggs are fertilized by the mixed sperm within her reproductive tract," he added.

"This case is a bit of the mix of the two situations. I did not see a suggestion that the 'twins' were different gestational ages but they were conceived by different men and had different mothers as well."

Allen told the Post that she and her husband "did not have sexual intercourse until we were given permission by the IVF doctor, who recommended the use of condoms."

The rare phenomenon she experienced, then, may have also included another infrequent occurrence: a condom fail.

Both superfetation and heteropaternity are rare phenomena, according to Haig.

Part of the family

After confusion and some difficulty in getting her baby returned to her, Allen and Jasper were reunited with their son in February. Allen told ABC News that her son, renamed Malachi and now 10 months old, is part of their family.

"We didn't plan this," Jasper told ABC News. "It's an emotional situation."

Surprise, though, does not diminish the family's joy.

"He's just so smart, so intelligent, you know," Allen told ABC News. "He's learning fast. He's got two big brothers to run after and learn from."