Diddy is not really changing his name

Lisa Respers France, CNN | 11/9/2017, 6 a.m.
Everyone can relax. Diddy is still Diddy
Entertainer Sean Combs, also known as "Diddy," sits in the crowd for President Barack Obama's inauguration ceremony on the West Steps of the Capitol, January 20, 2009. (David Banks/CNN)

Everyone can relax. Diddy is still Diddy.

The mogul born Sean Combs set the internet a-Twitter over the weekend when he announced on his birthday he was changing his name to "Brother Love."

"I'm just not who I am before, I'm something different," he said. "So my new name is 'Love,' a.k.a. 'Brother Love.'"

Given that Combs has at various points in his rap/fashion/entrepreneurial career gone by Puffy, Puff Daddy, Puff, etc. it seemed entirely feasible.

But Diddy posted a video Monday on his official Instagram account saying he was just kidding and remarking, "Well, ladies and gentlemen, today I've come to the conclusion that you cannot play around with the internet."

"Due to the overwhelming response from the media out there, and just due to there not wanting to be any confusion... I was only joking, okay," said the artist still known as Diddy. "I didn't change my name. It was just part of one of my alter egos. One of my alter egos is 'Love.'"

To play on one of his more famous hits, "Mo money, mo names, mo problems."