Taking on ‘Big C’ and Looking for a Knockout

The Rev. Dr. Ruth Travis

Ursula V. Battle | 4/19/2019, 6 a.m.
The Rev. Dr. Ruth Travis is in the ring with an opponent nicknamed “The Big C” (Cancer), and she is ...
The Rev. Dr. Ruth Travis is an eleven-year breast cancer survivor. Courtesy Photo

Pastor Travis is the founder of The Journey Continues (TJC), breast cancer survivor group. She is also working on a book, and aggressively working on opening a “Pink House.”

“Women are diagnosed with breast cancer, go through surgery, check-ups and other procedures as part of their treatment. But what do you do with that time in-between? I want them to come to a Pink House, which will be a beautiful pink home where women with breast cancer can come for a night or weekend of restoration and relaxation. It will also be a place for seminars and conferences. There is no place like this anywhere,” she said. “Now a lot of younger women are getting cancer. Many don’t get mammograms. I want to reach them. I want to concentrate on reaching women in the Park Heights area. When God first showed me the vision for a Pink House, it was so broad. I asked him to break it down. I saw all these pieces and this house, but now all of the pieces are coming together.”

Dr. Travis says the “Pink House” will cost an estimated $800,000. She is currently looking for sponsors, and hopes to break ground in spring 2020.

“I am concentrating on God and the Pink House,” said Dr. Travis. “I want my sisters to experience this joy of surviving a deadly disease without a cure. We are still here and there is a reason why we are still here. My mission is the Pink House. That keeps me going, and I plan to keep on fighting.”

For more information about the Pink House, visit: www.ruthtravis.com