Nonprofit Recognizes Young Entrepreneurs, Advocates, Change-Makers, Trailblazers

Andrea Blackstone | 8/2/2019, 6 a.m.
Mollon-Williams is a fifth generation business owner who helped to create a platform for young trailblazers and their supportive parents, ...
Marcella Mollon-Williams (left) and her daughter, Gabrielle Jordan, are the founders of the ExCEL Youth Mentoring Institute

Along with his parents, the young changemaker came up with a way to help the homeless, besides giving money. The global organization has been running for three years, even though Jahkil had been taking action before that. Blessing bags have even been distributed to orphans as far away as Africa, and volcano victims in Guatemala.

“Kids have some of the best ideas in the world. It has been proven because of all of the youth change agents that have been coming around. So, I think that the adults just need to listen,” Jahkil said.

Darius Brown, founder of “Beaux & Paws,” was among ExCEL’s finalists. The 12-year-old from New Jersey is an animal lover who found a creative way to help prevent cats and dogs from being euthanized at some shelters if they are not adopted due to limited space. His passion is making custom bow ties for dogs, cats and people. When four-legged friends wear his donated creations, it helps them to get adopted faster. Over 500 fury friends have been rescued with Darius’s assistance.

“I made it my mission to help as many dogs as I can,” Darius said, happily.

Additionally, ExCEL partnered with Wellspring Manor & Spa to celebrate World Entrepreneurs' Day by hosting the 2019 Youth Entrepreneur Forum scheduled for Wednesday, August 21, 2019 in Upper Marlboro, Maryland.

To learn more about ExCEL’s mentoring program and upcoming events, visit https://excelyouthmentoring.com or like the organization’s Faecbook page at: www.facebook.com/excelyouthmentoring/.