2020: End Of beginning Of Equality Or Beginning Of End Of Hate In America?

Regi Taylor | 3/1/2019, 6 a.m.
As America concludes its 43rd Black History Month, we are 60 days into the 400th year since enslaved Africans were ...

Although it may appear Donald Trump is leading a movement, he is actually a not-very-astute front man chosen by a movement to resuscitate white supremacy in America. Trump is a symptom, not the source of an America that wants to be great...again.

Every four years it is said this is the most consequential presidential election of our time. Well, 2020 may actually be that proverbial “most consequential” election.

Never mind Jim Crow, Charlottesville, and other places where violent protests and threats have accompanied attempts to remove Confederate symbolisms make it clear America would be great again for some if slavery still existed.

Jefferson Davis-inspired “nationalists” extend far beyond the South.

Hovering just under 40 percent of America’s voting population, most MAGA stalwarts want nothing less than to reclaim the America that existed before Civil Rights.

Original indigenous “Americans” notwithstanding, and except for the original European settlers, African Americans themselves are indigenous to America, a hybrid race existing nowhere else on this planet.

Yet despite being uniquely, distinctly and unarguably American their right to be here and enjoy the fruits of 400 years of free labor as builders of this nation they continue to be beguiled, exploited and denigrated.

Hatred towards Africans and other non-Caucasians in America, including 250 tears of slavery, will not allow this country to heal until there is an honest conversation about hate. Healing must take place or this country could implode. No amount of wealth or high-sounding ideals alone will rescue this republic.

The beast of hatred has been overfed for too long in America. There must be a catharsis. No outside threat or geopolitical foe poses a greater risk to the stability of the United States of America.

Regi Taylor is a West Baltimore native. The married father of four is an artist, writer and media professional specializing in political history.