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Ten Local Civil And Human Rights Activists Honored At 31st Annual MLK Jr. Awards Dinner

The 31st Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Awards Reception and Dinner, the largest celebration of Dr. King’s birthday in Anne Arundel County will be held Friday, January 18, 2019 at 6 p.m. at La Fountaine Bleue in Glen Burnie.

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Upcoming ‘AfroPop’ Docuseries Designed To Give Audience A Unique Experience

Out of a dire need for more programming focusing specifically on the global black experience, a group of aspiring producers and filmmakers created “AfroPop: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange,” to give viewers a unique portrait of black life other than what is widely portrayed in mainstream media. AfroPoP airs new episodes every Monday at 8 p.m. ET/ 10 p.m. PT beginning January 21, 2019 through February 18 on WORLD Channel.

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SwanoDown SitDown With Nori Nori

Imani Wj Wright Returns With Another SwanoDown SitDown

Imani Wj Wright sat down for an enlightening and entertaining conversation with Magic 95.9 FM and Radio One Baltimore's very own Nori Nori!

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Baltimore Entrepreneur Nakeia L. Drummond: The Woman At The WELL

Last fall, Drummond launched The WELL (The Women Entrepreneur Leadership Lab), a network that will foster collaboration, community and confidence for black woman-owned businesses.

Three Strategies For Helping Distressed Young People Become More Resilient

“Children need much more than love, food, clothing, shelter and electronic devices,” Dr. Kim Metcalfe said. “They need to be armed with the ability to be resilient so they can navigate through childhood and into adulthood, dealing with adversity, trauma, tragedy and other significant sources of stress."

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Dramatic Opioid Crisis Film Hits Baltimore

A new feature series, “Jacqueline and Jilly,” currently airing on the Urban Movie channel, will be screened at AMC Owings Mills 17 Theatre on Friday, January 11, 2019, is the story about one family.

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It's The End Of An Era For The Ravens

As the final seconds ticked off the clock in the Baltimore Ravens playoff loss to the Los Angeles Chargers, quarterback Joe Flacco stood on the home sideline for the last time at M&T Bank Stadium. After spending all of his 11 NFL seasons in Baltimore, a change is on the horizon.

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Film Review: The Upside

On-screen, The Upside, an American remake of the 2011 Cesar-winning French blockbuster called Les Untouchables, which launched the career Omar Sy (Jurassic World, X-Men: Days of Future Past), is iffy but still quite touching. Three-dimensional compelling performances by Bryan Cranston (that is to be expected) and Kevin Hart (a welcome surprise) are its saving grace.

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BGE Reminds Customers About Important Energy Assistance Programs

BGE reminds customers of important energy assistance available to help meet their energy needs. With many Marylanders impacted by the ongoing federal government shutdown, BGE is taking steps to expand awareness of the programs in place to help customers through temporary or extended financial hardship.

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Equity v. Equality: Giving Students The Tools They Need To Succeed

"Equity means holding people of differing needs to a single expectation and giving them what they need to achieve it.” In other words, the playing fields need to be leveled. It’s critical that our public educational system undertakes reform— changes so that each student is given what they need to succeed.

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Students Present Famed Opera ‘Carmen’ At Special MLK Day Event

A special Martin Luther King, Jr. Day presentation of the George Bizet opera, “Voices of Carmen” that will include a discussion examining escalating conflicts and violence among young people is planned for Charm City. The more recent escalation in school violence and relational aggression among teens led writer, director and choreographer CJay Philip to believe the time was right to bring “Carmen” to the stage and into communities as a vehicle for dialogue around sensitive topics.

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Negro Leagues Centennial Team Gets Own Bobbleheads

Before Jackie Robinson broke the color lines in Major League Baseball, African Americans honed their immense talents in the Negro Leagues. Keeping the legacy of the Negro Leagues and its players alive is vital, according to Phil Sklar, the co-founder and CEO of the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum.

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Rambling Rose: Think Positive With Music For 2019

"Let’s pray that life will be better in 2019 than it was in 2018. When you look at the news, it doesn’t look good. All we can do is to keep looking forward and pray to God that a change is going to come. I want you to know that music, fun and doing positive things always takes me to a happier place. So that is what I going to try to do."

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Opportunity Zones: The New Trump Executive Order For Blacks

“The White House’s new executive order for agencies to prioritize OZs is a positive first step to transform more communities into walkable, equitable, and thriving places and repair the mistakes of the 20th century that led to sprawl and disinvestment,” said Christopher Cotes, Director of LOCUS, a program of Small Growth America. “Most importantly, this new council must encourage greater transparency to ensure any federal investment in OZs achieves equitable development outcomes that are good for both residents and businesses.”

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Paul Williams Interview

Paul Hamilton Williams came from simple means, becoming an icon in the music industry. Although he always aspired to be an actor he found that it was difficult to make a living at it. Unemployed with time on his hands he soon discovered other options. He seemed to possess certain instinctive song writing talents.

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Tips For Keeping Your Busy, Adventurous Family Safe

A study by Sfara Guardian shows that kids today are using public transportation, going on field trips and taking long-distance road trips at much younger ages compared to 30 years ago. As exciting as these opportunities can be, it’s important to make sure families— and kids— stay safe at home and on the go.

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Do We Take Better Care Of Our Cars Than Our Teeth?

“Every child and most adults should be given an operator’s manual for dental care,” said Dr. Ami Barakat, a dentist and author of Perfecting Smiles, Changing Lives. “Too many people have no idea how to maintain good dental health.”

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Morgan State Partners In New National High School Engineering Education Pilot Program

Morgan State University (MSU) will participate as one of the lead institutions in a groundbreaking pilot program in engineering education, funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), according to school officials in a news release.

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Feel Nobody: Butch Dawson & Friends Show Review

On Friday, December 28, 2018, Butch performed at his very own Second Annual Butch Dawson & Friends show at the Wind Up Space on North Avenue. Free to the public, featuring popular local acts such as James P and Al Rogers, it was no surprise to see a venue filled wall-to-wall with people near show time. And perform, they did.

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Male Caregivers Need More Support

Men are already less likely to seek medical and mental health than women— the same is true when it comes to emotional support, particularly the kind of support that isn’t easy to talk about but can weigh heavy on one’s emotional and mental health. This fall and year-round it’s important to support all us who are caregivers for loved ones and acknowledge the changing face of caregiving in the U.S.

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