Indie Soul


Indie Soul Entrepreneur of the Week: Frances M. Cuesta

Frances Cuesta, through her company Reinvent U Boot Camps, LLC, has motivated, inspired, educated, and empowered women to lose weight with her "losing weight from the inside out" approach.

Indie Soul: College 101

With spring in the air, high school seniors are preparing for the colleges they will attend in the fall.

Indie Soul Entrepreneur: Jimmy Powell Jr.

MICA graduate, Jimmy Powell Jr., is our entrepreneur of the week.

Indie Soul: Meet Anthony Leslie Jr. and Civ Jones

In this week’s Indie Soul, a book that details the real life problems of growing up on the wrong side of Baltimore, which many don’t want to discuss and popular radio host/event promoter using her celebrity to make a difference.

Indie Soul Entrepreneur of the Week: Diedre Gambrill Webb

Ever since Diedre was young, people have complimented her on her voice. For many years she had dreams of turning that voice into a business.

Indie Soul: The Colemans and Debora M. Ricks

The soulful sound of some very talented homegrown music artists and the producer of a popular radio show are on tap for this week’s edition of Indie Soul.

Indie Soul: Talkin’ all that jazz

In this week’s Indie Soul we are “talkin’ all that jazz.” Get ready to find out what’s happening in the community and yes we are talking about jazz music!

Indie Soul: Food for the soul

This week, Indie Soul concentrates on Soul Food— not the type of food that you eat physically, but food for the mind and body and soul!

Indie Soul: Soulful music winter review

Soul music is a feeling, the essence of what comes from the heart. Soul music comes from deep within. It’s not manufactured, but from the soul.

Indie Soul: Review of the Week

This has been a very busy summer for Indie Soul.

Indie Soul: Baltimore Family Reunion Expo

It wasn’t that long ago that Sister Sledge sang “We Are Family” while the O’Jays crooned there’s nothing like a “Family Reunion.”

Indie Soul Spotlight: Rodney Kelley Sr.

It has been said that “music makes the world go round,” but let me add something to that phrase— GREAT artists playing GREAT music, is what really, makes the world go round! People want music that takes them to another ...

Indie Soul: The Baltimore Times Book Club

On Saturday, August 24, 2013, the first ever Book Club Event at the Baltimore Times will take place from noon to 3 p.m.

Indie Soul: Summer Indie Music Festival

When this column first started, the sole purpose was to be part of a movement to expose readers and fans to something new and fresh in entertainment, books, films, television, business and music.

Indie Soul: TV News

Are you ready for Rickey Smiley? TV One’s original comedy series “The Rickey Smiley Show” returns this July for season number two.