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Rambling Rose: Entertainment At It's Best

"Hello everyone! Hopefully, you made it through the Memorial Weekend with a smile. I have so much to tell you, so let me get started."

Rambling Rose: Fundraiser & Entertainment

Hello everyone! I hope all the mothers enjoyed their special day last weekend. I hope that the children, grandchildren, husbands and the significant others showed you how much they appreciates you. I have a few things I want to share ...

Rambling Rose: A Little Bit Of This And A Little Bit Of That!

Hello everyone, I hope everything is well with you. There is so much going on in Baltimore for the next couple of weeks, so I’m just going to get started right away. I am going to warn you that you ...

Rambling Rose: Spring Has Sprung! Let's Have Some Fun!

"Yes, my friend, spring is here, so let’s enjoy and have some fun. Get out of the house and stop moping around, especially my seniors. Life is too short to sit around doing absolutely nothing but going from a sofa ...

Rambling Rose: Events During The First Few Weeks Of Spring

Spring is finally here, Thank God! My "Rosemobile" is all gassed up and ready to go, so mark your calendar and let’s have some fun!

Rambling Rose: Baltimore’s Inaugural Asia North Festival Set For Last Weekend In March

The inaugural Asia North Festival which celebrates the art, culture and Korean history and heritage of the Charles North Community will be held from March 29 to 31, 2019 at the Motor House located at 120 W. North Avenue in ...

Rambling Rose: Gospel Series Comes To Hollywood Casino, Charlestown Races

"For the first time ever, Hollywood Casino in Charlestown, Virginia is showcasing a “Gospel Series” featuring some of the top gospel artists in the country. I know some of you are in pure shock, saying— “What!; Are you serious?; and ...

Rambling Rose: Most Worshipful Prince Hall Foundation Honor Black History Month

"Hello everyone, I am hoping everything is well with you and you enjoyed the activities in Baltimore and the surrounding counties that many organizations hosted this month. The one that stands out with me is the Most Worshipful Prince Hall ...

Happy Valentine's Day! Feel The Love!

Let’s talk about our beautiful “Couple’s Day.” The 12 couples on this page are Rambling Rose’s chosen couples for this year. To all my couples enjoy your weekend. Here are a few places that all “Sweethearts” can check out!

Rambling Rose: Music Entertains The Soul

Hello everyone! Yes, it is cold outside, but what do you expect, it’s winter— enjoy it, embrace it, go out and have fun, and listen to some good music. It will warm up your body and soul.

Rambling Rose: Think Positive With Music For 2019

"Let’s pray that life will be better in 2019 than it was in 2018. When you look at the news, it doesn’t look good. All we can do is to keep looking forward and pray to God that a change ...

Rambling Rose: Happy New Year To You All!

Looking for something to do to celebrate the New Year? Look no further!

Rambling Rose

Historical Pennsylvania Ave Arch Social Club Says ‘Thank You!’

Rambling Rose

Roots Lounge Celebrated By Folks From The Old Neighborhood

Rambling Rose

Hello everyone! I know there is a lot going on, especially with the Thanksgiving holiday coming up. I do wish you all a very blessed holiday. Don’t forget the homeless and the less fortunate.