Rambling Rose


RAMBLING ROSE: Baltimore musicians perform in the District of Columbia

Hello everyone, how are you? I hope everything is well with you.

RAMBLING ROSE: Renowned Baltimore musicians strutting their stuff

Hello y’all! How are you enjoying this September weather so far?

RAMBLING ROSE: Summer is not over, yet!

Hello everyone, this was an exciting and hot weekend. “Shorty” my Boo-Boo and I had a very busy week covering the last of the “Liberty Live” Festival for the Randallstown Community and the Ruth Kirk Fun Festival for two days ...

RAMBLING ROSE: Young people doing their thing!

Hello friends and fans, a lot is going on this week, especially involving the young folks in our community.

RAMBLING ROSE: Farewell to Poet’s Athletic Club

Hello my dear friends, I hope you are enjoying this hot, sticky, sweaty weather we have been getting this month. Believe me, this is not a complaint from me, I love it.

RAMBLING ROSE: Summer time is party time in Baltimore!

Celebrate the 4th in style!

RAMBLING ROSE: Happy Father's Day!

Happy DAD-DAD DAY to all fathers this weekend!

RAMBLING ROSE: Concerts and stage plays

Hello everyone, I hope everything is well. I have had an interesting week with my book signings and the wonderful show at the Avenue Bakery featuring live entertainment with John Wesley.

RAMBLING ROSE: Happy Mother's Day!

Hello everyone, it is “Mother’s Day Weekend” and I am going to inform you on a few places you can take that special lady in your life. There will be several choices. Hopefully I will see you at one of ...

RAMBLING ROSE: It’s really spring!

Hello everyone, my dear friends. Guess what? It’s really spring!

RAMBLING ROSE: New Africa Community Guilders Celebrate 11th Annual New Africa Festival

Hello my dear friends, this is the season for fundraisers, festivals, banquets, concerts, and all types of indoor and outdoor shows and I will make sure you know about them so you can have fun this spring. So check this ...

RAMBLING ROSE: Happy Easter to you!

Hello, everyone and Happy Easter to you and your family. If the Easter Bunny is here that means only one thing— spring is also here. You might want to put away your fur coats but I suggest that you keep ...

RAMBLING ROSE: Historic Arch Social Club Celebrates 104 Years!

Hello everyone, this will be exciting weekend if you follow my lead. I want you to get all dressed up in your finest digs and strut yourself to the Arch Social Club on the corner of Pennsylvania and North Avenues ...

RAMBLING ROSE: Good weather, good entertainment, good fun!

Hello my good friends, I just want you to know, I truly appreciate you. I say that because during this Black History Month I had book signings at Lexington Market, The Avenue Market and the Hollins Street Market and I ...

RAMBLING ROSE: Happy Valentine’s Day to all Baltimore couples

Hello everyone, I hope all is well and the snow around your home is all melted so you can go out and enjoy life. I want to say Happy Valentine’s Day to all the lovebirds who read my column.