Eight tips for safely shoveling snow

A study published in the Clinical Research in Cardiology looked at 500 people and found that seven percent started experiencing symptoms of heart problems while shoveling snow.

Tenacity, determination keys to success for health entrepreneur

Success wasn’t simply handed to Jackie Bailey. Like most women entrepreneurs who also happen to be African-American, Bailey had to endure a few doors shutting in her face, overcome higher hurdles than most and display the kind of tenacity that ...

Beyond the scale: What you need to know about diabetes risk factors

When it comes to Type II diabetes, many only consider weight when examining their risk. Diabetes is complicated however, and risk factors are numerous.

Love your heart this February

February is National Heart Health Month and the nutritionists at Giant Food are committed to helping you care for your heart.

St. Agnes Hospital offers free heart health program

Hattie Carter just didn’t think she needed to make changes. The Baltimore resident says, she could still fit nicely into her clothes, she felt healthy and besides, certain diet and exercise programs just didn’t fit within her budget.

Nestle says it is dropping artificial flavor and color from chocolate bars

Nestle says it will become the first major candy maker to eliminate all artificial color and flavors from its chocolates.

Ten tips for safe walking on snow or ice

Falls account for more than one million injuries in the United States annually. The most common type of walking accident is the slip and fall.

Initiative launched to increase access to fresh, healthy foods in Maryland's ‘Food Deserts’

Maryland is joining the growing movement to expand access to fresh fruits and vegetables in under-served communities known as “food deserts.”

Processed foods begone, Michelle Obama says: 'Cheese dust is not food'

First, they came for the giant sodas. Then, the salt. Now ... the cheese dust?

HIV/AIDS advocate, survivor spreads message of prevention and hope

February 7, 2015 marks the fifteenth year since African Americans have been encouraged to educate themselves about HIV and AIDS in their local communities through National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NBHAAD). This year’s theme is “I Am My Brother’s and ...

Six healthy habits to implement in American Heart Month

In recognition of February being American Heart Month, the team of nutritionists at GIANT Food Stores and MARTIN’S Food Markets are making it easy for customers to show their heart some love by incorporating heart healthy tips into meal planning ...

Kennedy, Satcher lead mental health forum

His first report as the U.S. Surgeon General was released 15 years ago when it was revealed that mental health conditions affected far more individuals than anyone had ever imagined.

Red Dress™ Sunday raises awareness of heart disease in women

Heart disease kills one woman every minute in the United States.

App helps consumers choose health insurance

A team of young entrepreneurs is offering a different approach to the insurance and health care market place from what they said is a completely different perspective.

Heart attack survivor spreads important message

A website saved her life. Julia Allen, the national spokesperson for the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women’s campaign, says www.goredforwomen.org can save many more lives if everyone becomes aware of and makes good use of the website.