New wellness firm helps employees stay fit

For Jeremy Sherron, the creation of his Everest Wellness Corporation began with just a simple vision.

Half of those with Hepatitis C in Baltimore don’t know they have it!

Hepatitis C is a major factor in the life of 57-year-old Cynthia Richardson.

Wellness instructor helping patients kick cancer while fighting it herself

The Huntsman Cancer Institute, respected worldwide for its medical treatment of patients, also offers Chinese practices of deep breathing, meditation and gentle movement to help patients with recovery.

Mental resiliency for life’s success

Have you ever wondered what separates successful people from unsuccessful people? Why do some people accomplish their goals while others fail?

Five tips for a healthy vacation

While having fun in the sun, consider these five tips to make sure your trip is a healthy one.

Solving the problem of sleep in hospitals

When Dr. Joseph Schlesinger's mother was in the hospital, it was hard to speak with her by phone above the beeps and blips of medical devices. It was even harder for her to get some shut-eye.

This STD is becoming 'smarter' and harder to treat

Gonorrhea is becoming harder and in some cases impossible to treat with antibiotics, the World Health Organization said.

How to make fast food healthier for vegetarians and vegans

Ordering fast food can be tricky for people who are trying to eat healthfully, but it can be particularly challenging for vegetarians. Menus are often limited in vegetarian staples such as beans, lentils, whole grains and vegetables.

Be The Match® to rally black and African American marrow donors

Be The Match®, the organization that operates the world's largest and most diverse donor registry, and Memphis Grizzlies point guard Mike Conley, have teamed up on a new public service announcement campaign, Heritage Holds the Cure, to urge blacks and ...

Raw Produce and Fresh-Squeezed Juices: Handle Them Safely!

Whether from a supermarket, farm stand or your own garden, fresh fruits and vegetables are highlights of summertime.

How sunscreen works

Not so long ago, people like my Aunt Muriel thought of sunburn as a necessary evil on the way to a "good base tan." She used to slather on the baby oil while using a large reflector to bake away. ...

Living to 125 and beyond: Scientists dispute there's a limit to our lifespans

Don't mess with our collective dreams of immortality. A flurry of new research vigorously opposes a study from last year that dared to suggest there might be a ceiling to the human lifespan.

Stay Safe This Fourth of July!

With the July 4th holiday fast approaching, many people are planning star-spangled celebrations...

What Serena Williams wants you to know about domestic violence

When most people think about domestic violence, they probably think of physical, sexual or emotional abuse, but less well-known is how partners can use financial means to abuse and terrorize their partners.

Can sitting cancel out the benefits of exercise?

You've probably heard the trendy phrase that "sitting is the new smoking." Although it's an exaggeration to equate the two behaviors -- nothing comes close to smoking in its many ruinous and deadly effects on the body -- research does ...