High Schooler Leads Diaper Drive

High school student Lauren Eisele, UMMC, and the University of Maryland School of Social Work all partnered to organize a diaper drive. Lauren led the effort to collect over 105,000 diapers, and 25,000 wipes for the drive. She is pictured ...

Breast Health 101

Breast Cancer Awareness month provides a prime opportunity to begin a dialogue about breast health. Breast cancer remains one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers in American women with studies showing that one in eight women has a chance of ...

Discussing Depression, Anxiety, Chronic Disease And Suicide Prevention In Men

Anxiety. Chronic disease. Depression. Suicide. While these may not be fun topics for people to discuss, they are all vitally important to an individual’s health.

Living With Metastatic Breast Cancer

Made in Baltimore is a membership-based organization open to businesses in Baltimore City and surported by the Baltimore Office of Sustainability. The project began in Summer 2015 with the first pop-up shop featuring all locally made goods. The shop featured ...

Pythias A. And Virginia I. Jones African American Community Forum On Memory Loss

The two wanted to provide resources on dementia to the African American community after finding it was hard to find resources and information when their parents were diagnosed with dementia. The forum is named in the parents’ memory.

Living with Metastatic Breast Cancer

The is Part 1 of a two-part series about Metastatic Breast Cancer during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual international health campaign observed every October to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for research into its cause, ...

Let’s Get Back to School Safely!

It may be easy to identify the risks that come with swimming in the ocean or falling off the monkey bars, but the dangers of getting to and from school are less obvious.

New Parental Leave Policy Provides 60 Days Of Paid Leave For State Employees

The new 60 days of paid parental leave is part of Senate Bill 859, which Governor Hogan supported and signed this year. The administration is going beyond the requirements of the legislation by making the 60 days of leave available ...

Baltimore Hero Honored During National Recovery Month

Terrie Alexander was honored this month by the nonprofit, Institutes for Behavior Resources, Inc. not only as an individual in long-term recovery but as manager of the REACH Intensive Outpatient Program for Addiction Recovery, which the organization has named in ...

Warning Signs That Your Teen May Have A Substance Abuse Problem

Maryland Opioid Operational Command Center, Governor’s Office on Crime Control and Prevention want you to know, “Before It’s Too Late”

Cure For American Doctor Shortage Lies Abroad

Waiting at the doctor's office could soon become a national pastime. One-third of America's doctors are on the verge of retirement. Yet the number of students graduating from U.S. medical schools is growing at an anemic rate— less than 1.5 ...

Words Have Power!

I can’t express enough the importance of using your words wisely. Your words have the power to either create positive change or to be extremely damaging. Think before you speak and if you have nothing of substance to say it’s ...

Campaign Launched To Encourage African Americans To Participate In Clinical Trials

In August, Advancing Cancer Treatment (ACT) launched an effort, which seeks to change this disparaging statistic. ACT is raising awareness among newly-diagnosed African American cancer patients that clinical trials may be the first-line option, and not the last resort.

Falls Are Not A Natural Part Of Aging

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that every 11 seconds, an older adult goes to an Emergency Department after having a fall. The CDC’s research has also found that on average, an older adult dies every 19 ...

September Is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer in men, striking approximately 165,000 men each year with about 30,000 dying of the disease— making it second only to lung cancer as the deadliest cancer in men.