Safety Information: The FDA Warns Against Injectable Silicone for Body Contouring and Enhancement

The FDA Warns Against Injectable Silicone for Body Contouring and Enhancement

Born before 22 weeks, 'most premature' baby is now thriving

Courtney Stensrud and her husband call their fun-loving, spunky daughter a miracle.

Bill Gates' newest mission: Curing Alzheimer's

It's one of the holy grails of science: a cure for Alzheimer's. Currently, there is no treatment to stop the disease, let alone slow its progression. And billionaire Bill Gates thinks he will change that.

Surrogate mom delivers two babies, one her own

The lives of Jessica Allen and her husband, Wardell Jasper, were changed permanently and for the better by a rare medical phenomenon. Their unique story begins with the hope of extending a lifeline to another couple around the globe.

There are health-tracking wearables for babies, too

In their Atlanta home, 6-month-old Avery giggled and rolled on his piano mat, kicking his tiny feet into the air, while his mother, Crystal King, quietly checked his temperature on her cell phone.

Study ties pesticides in food to reduced fertility in women

Fruits and vegetables are an essential part of a healthy pregnancy diet, providing vitamins and fiber. Yet some might also come with pesticide residues.

Ten times more children and teens obese today than 40 years ago

The number of obese children and adolescents rose to 124 million in 2016 -- more than 10 times higher than the 11 million classified as obese 40 years ago, in 1975.

Lutherville teen awarded major prize for his charity work

Jordan Yaffe of Lutherville, Maryland, was awarded $36,000 by the Helen Diller Family Foundation in recognition of his commitment to “tikkun olam”— repair the world.

How a 'madman' hopes to spark conversations about mental illness

The signs that he was spiraling downward were everywhere. They appeared in his scribbles in red marker all over his apartment walls. They materialized when he stripped down to his skivvies at a happy hour, after winning a court case ...

Ah! My kid is having a tantrum, and I want to scream

Most parents have experienced it: that moment when their son or daughter has a full-blown temper tantrum, which may involve screaming, crying, stomping their feet, dropping to the floor or all of the above.

Perspectives in Pink: A Call to Action During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Pink ribbons will soon be in bloom to mark October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In recognition of this month, here’s some information about breast cancer as well as a few ideas to guide your thoughts and actions during the ...

UMBC professor receives $1.5 million grant to build organ-saving device

Gymama Slaughter, an associate professor of computer science and electrical engineering at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, will develop a bioreactor to extend the viability of lifesaving human organs as they await transplant.

After 15 years in vegetative state, man responds to nerve stimulation

A car accident at 20 years old left a French man in a vegetative state for 15 years. But after neurosurgeons implanted a vagus nerve stimulator in his chest, the man, now 35, is showing signs of consciousness, according to ...

FDA encourages juice safety this fall

As fall arrives, so do drives in the country and drinking fresh-squeezed juices and cider.

Yes, sitting too long can kill you, even if you exercise

Take a movement break every 30 minutes, say experts. No matter how much you exercise, sitting for excessively long periods of time is a risk factor for early death, a new study published Monday in Annals of Internal Medicine found.