Make vision health a priority

As children and teens gear up for another year of studies, parents should be aware of often overlooked obstacles that may hinder academic success: vision problems.

Homework for parents: Your child’s back-to-school health checklist

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Serena Williams: America must 'pull together' in scary times

She stands on the brink of writing another chapter in tennis history, but Serena Williams has other things on her mind just now.

Tips for 'Kids Eat Right Month' this August

You want the best for your kids. As role models, parents and caregivers play a vital role in children’s health -- teaching kids about healthful foods and making sure they get enough daily physical activity.

'Female Viagra' gets FDA approval

Women who have lost their sex drive will have a little pink pill to help them come October. On Tuesday, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved flibanserin, which will be sold as Addyi, for the treatment of sexual dysfunction ...

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Lisa Consiglio-Ryan takes the guesswork out of eating healthier and cleansing the body.

Health Habits: I learned them from my Dad

As a mother of five-year old triplets I’m starting to see exactly how children learn healthy habits.

Results are in: School starts too early, autism screening, PTSD and more

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Derrick Coleman: The deaf Super Bowl champion who broke the sound barrier

When you meet Derrick Coleman, Jr., the first word that comes to mind is "genuine."

Red Cross issues urgent call for most needed blood types

The American Red Cross is facing a looming shortage of the blood types most needed by patients and is calling on eligible donors with O negative, B negative, and A negative blood to give now to prevent an emergency situation.

Kristin L. Mitchell addresses mental health awareness

National Health Interview Survey data from 2007 to 2010 revealed that nearly eight percent of people over the age of 12 reported experiencing depression.

Teen depression and how social media can help or hurt

Recent news stories about cyberbullying, with kids running away, hurting others and even taking their own lives, points to a growing trend with often tragic results.

On 50th anniversary, Medicare and Medicaid still vital

As Medicare and Medicaid turn 50 this week, the nation takes a look at the impact of two of the most significant government programs ever launched.

Tips for a safe, healthy summer

Nothing says summer like flip-flops, bathing suits, ice-cream cones and concerts in the park.