'Santa Clarita Diet' serves up thin comedy-horror mix

The comedy-horror genre has its fans, but even for them "Santa Clarita Diet" is a pretty thin gruel. Starring Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant as a suburban couple faced with a sudden bout of zombie-ism, the heavily serialized 10 half-hours ...


Melanin Origins LLC, a children’s book company that writes biographies of African-American leaders, has partnered with Sickle Cell Disease Association of North Texas (SCDANT) in effort to increase the quality of life for those living with sickle cell conditions

Girls feel less 'smart' than boys by age 6, research says

By the age of 6, girls already consider boys more likely to show brilliance and more suited to "really, really smart" activities than their own gender, according to a new study.

WomenHeart and Burlington Stores Host “Night Out to #KnockOutHeartDisease” Event in Baltimore

The event will include a free heart health screening to educate women on their heart health

Brain cancer survivor to attempt 7 marathons in 7 days -- on 7 continents

For the past three years, BethAnn Telford has trained for a grueling athletic achievement, the World Marathon Challenge. It's seven marathons on seven continents over seven days. An ambitious goal, but not her biggest challenge.

Study: Facebook can actually make us more narrow-minded

On the surface, it seems like social media has the boundless potential to expand our world, connecting us to ideas and people we otherwise would never have found. However, a new study claims just the opposite: Social media actually isolates ...

Baltimore County Native Leads UMMS’ Population Health Efforts

Stacy Garrett-Ray set her sights on becoming a doctor in the first grade. Growing up, her parents always told her that she could do and be anything.

This might be how stress and heart attacks are linked

Scientists have long known that stress can influence your heart health, but exactly how this relationship takes place has been something of a mystery -- until now.

What doctors think about the Affordable Care Act

It's hard to keep up with Atlanta urologist Brian Hill.

How to keep your New Year's fitness resolution from failing

If you're like most Americans, you've made getting more fit and losing weight your New Year's resolution to kick off 2017. Unfortunately, your resolution will most likely fail.

Why you shouldn't use cotton swabs to clean your ears

The doctors' advice hasn't changed much, but it's still so unsatisfying: You should not use cotton swabs to clean your ears.

Is 50 the new 40 for motherhood?

Janet Jackson might be the most famous symbol of a growing trend: the 50-year-old mom.

Take a swing at aerial yoga at home

Over the past decade, aerial yoga classes with names like "anti-gravity," "flying" and "acrobat" yoga have appeared on studio schedules -- and with names like those, there's an intimidation factor.

Johns Hopkins partners with Facebook for research

Johns Hopkins University and the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory have been selected to join a group of universities and research centers participating in a research agreement