How do you eat Nutella? The FDA wants to know

The maker of the popular chocolate-hazelnut spread Nutella, loved by children and adults worldwide, wants a smaller serving size on its US jars to reflect how it says people use the product nowadays.

Cell phones and screens are keeping your kid awake

These days, teachers often face classrooms filled with yawning students who stayed up late snapping selfies or playing online games.

Skin patches may help kids' peanut allergies, study says

Peanut allergies are among the most serious food allergies, requiring constant vigilance. In severe cases, exposure to even trace amounts of the nut can trigger a deadly reaction. But according to a new study published last week in the Journal ...

Brakes for Breasts: Car repair shops raise funds for cancer vaccine

Auto Stream Car Care on Smith Avenue and Frame Rite Auto Repair on Harford Road in Baltimore are among the 20 car repair shops in Maryland that have signed on to participate in a charity to help breast cancer survivors ...

A Survivor’s Story: The Cost of Surviving Cancer

Kimberly Curtis has battled and overcome breast cancer.

Autism study shows benefits when parents get involved

For millions of families around the world, autism poses daily challenges. Some parents find it difficult or even impossible to communicate with their own children or understand how they perceive the world around them. This mental condition can also affect ...

President Obama's cool, eclectic, speedy workout mix

The notoriously devoted exerciser in chief, President Obama has shared his current favorite workout jams for Wired magazine's November issue, showing an eclectic interest and a love of super speedy beats of rhythm and sound.

Colgate’s ‘Bright Smiles Bright Futures’ celebrates 25 years

The Bright Smiles, Bright Futures campaign has provided free dental screenings, oral- health education and treatment referrals in urban and rural communities across the United States since 1991.

Racial disparities receding for women with breast cancer

Racial disparities between black and white breast cancer patients are receding, according to a report released Thursday. Younger women of both races benefit equally from timely treatment, but differences in death rates still exist for black and white women over ...

Officer saves baby from choking and takes on the role of a lifetime

Officer Kenneth Knox didn't know it at the time, but a child he saved from dying would soon become his goddaughter.

Local hospitals to serve as hubs for violence prevention

The Baltimore City Health Department (BCHD) was awarded a $500,000 grant by the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention to support the planning and implementation of a comprehensive hospital-based community violence intervention program.

Tips for selecting seafood and serving it safely

October is National Seafood Month and a time to highlight the importance of fish and shellfish as part of a healthful diet

This is why increasing diversity in healthcare is essential for the black community

Diversity is good for communities, companies, and our nation. A plurality of viewpoints, experiences, and beliefs has the potential to foster both understanding and innovation. And in the healthcare field, the need for diversity is evident every day. Providers in ...

How to stop city life from stressing you out

Stand-still traffic, air pollution, crowded streets, endless gray sidewalks. Sound familiar?

President Obama talks opioid epidemic with Macklemore in MTV documentary

President Barack Obama gets candid with Grammy winner Macklemore in a new MTV documentary about the opioid crisis in America.