Is granola healthy?

Yes, whether eaten as a cereal or snack topping, granola can make for a crunchy, nutritious treat. But granola is high in calories, and some versions are healthier than others based on their ingredients.

What is 'pumpkin spice,' anyway? And why do we crave it?

Each fall, as leaves turn golden and the crisp autumn air carries the scent of pine, Catherine Franssen waits for her husband to bring home the latest pumpkin spice-flavored concoction he has discovered at the grocery store.

Practicing gratitude can change your life

With everything going on in the world, it’s easy to get distracted and become fully immersed in the negative aspects that are taking place. As we think about what is happening in the present world, we could rack our minds ...

Meet the photographer traveling the world for free

We all dream of abandoning the 9-5 and traveling the world. We might even start packing our bags, only to come across that inevitable stumbling block: lack of cash.

If I Were a Parent: Teaching kids good manners

What happens when you ask a group of elementary-school kids how they would teach their children manners if they were the parents? Based on the group of kids we brought together in Atlanta, you get a number of really good ...

Massachusetts is one of the healthiest states in the country

Massachusetts is one of the healthiest states in the country. That's according to a report published last week. It found the obesity rate is under 24% in the state.

The brothers behind New York City's waterfront restaurant boom

Even though Manhattan is an island, it's easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of the interior of the city and forget that it is, in fact, a waterfront city.

New York Life Reaches $50 Billion Empowerment Goal in the Black Community

The New York Life insurance company recently hosted a panel discussion on bridging the racial wealth gap in Washington, D.C.

This restaurant requires a $293 ticket

Sweet and creamy green-garlic panna cotta with salty and grainy sea urchin on top. Tender spot prawns complemented by flecks of melon and cucumber that curls like a snake. Fresh oysters so pickled they make you squint and pucker, served ...

The world's most popular locations on Instagram Stories

The world's most tagged cities are New York, London -- and Jakarta?

Alodia Hair Care Focuses on Natural Products

A personal hair journey, which began several years ago for Dr. Isfahan Chambers-Harris led her to start the latest and one of the most innovative healthy hair solution systems for natural hair growth.

9 bizarre things that actually happened in the '90s

As we age, we tend to look back on earlier decades' culture with smug superiority.

New Orleans named fourth best city in U.S. by Travel + Leisure

For the fourth year in a row, New Orleans has been named a top five city in the U.S.

Green vacations: 10 sustainable places that don't cost the Earth

Travelers are more socially and environmentally conscious than ever, seeking to get away safe in the knowledge they've had minimal impact on the planet's resources.

Surfing, falconry and other summer vacation pursuits

Catch a wave off the California coast, pedal a mountain bike in Utah's red rock canyons or try your gloved hand at falconry in Vermont.