Help! What to do with the kids during a snowstorm

When I saw the email announcing that New York had closed schools Tuesday because of the impending snowstorm, I thought two things simultaneously: My kids will be over-the-moon excited, and I face another stressful day in which I try to ...

Myths and truths about daylight saving time

Ready or not, daylight saving time starts at 2 a.m. Sunday, March 12th.

America's most popular national parks are ...

The National Park Service recorded a record-breaking 331 million visits during the National Park Service's centennial year in 2016, a 7.7% increase over 2015, the park service announced Friday, March 10.

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Moms as Entrepreneurs:Tammira Lucas (The Cube) & Jasmine Simms (Scrub Nail Boutique)

The Baltimore Times caught up with entrepreneurs Tammira Lucas (The Cube) to discuss her joint business venture with partner Jasmine Simms (Scrub Nail Boutique)--Moms as Entrepreneurs, a coaching business that aims to empower "mom"preneurs in work and life.

Where to get hip in Palm Beach

At first glance, the words "Palm Beach" and "hip" might seem like strange bedfellows.

Six ways to help your child avoid gossiping

Six ways to help your child avoid gossiping

'Full of Love Challenge' encourages women to push past fears

Women’s innate ability to love is a super power; one that we give freely, often neglecting our need for that very love from ourselves. Everyday, we are confronted with hundreds, if not thousands of decisions and while many of the ...

Wendy's best menu picks, by a nutritionist

If you're the type of person who likes to customize meals in order to achieve your health goals, Wendy's is worth the trip. Like many others, the chain allows you to modify a meal any way you wish.

New dating app puts premium on non-negotiables

First dates can be nerve-racking, but every once and a while, you get swept off your feet by the potential of someone you’ve met.

Playful humor: The Dalai Lama's secret weapon (and how it can be yours, too)

When you are the spiritual leader of an entire people, you've lived your entire adult life in exile, your movements are restricted by ever-watchful bodyguards and you must watch every word for fear of setting off an international incident, you ...

Putting the 'active' in activism: How to get kids to step up and get involved

Katie Danziger, a mom of three in New York City, remembers when her daughter, a college senior, called last year as there were demonstrations around racial issues on campuses across the country.

Do as I say, not as I do. Really?

We’ve all heard that old familiar phrase from our parents, “Do as I say, and not as I do.”

Is 50 the new 40 for motherhood?

Janet Jackson might be the most famous symbol of a growing trend: the 50-year-old mom.

Take a swing at aerial yoga at home

Over the past decade, aerial yoga classes with names like "anti-gravity," "flying" and "acrobat" yoga have appeared on studio schedules -- and with names like those, there's an intimidation factor.