African American Authors & Empowerment Book Expo delivers a menagerie of talent

Excitement filled the air along with countless expressions of content and delight as authors, book lovers, book clubs and artists came together to network on Baltimore’s historical campus of Morgan State University.

Can we please stop falling for this Facebook privacy hoax?

We've been debunking this hoax for SEVEN YEARS now, and yet, here we are doing it again. No, Facebook hasn't changed its privacy settings. No, what you post doesn't belong to Facebook now.

And the world's best new cruise ship is...

Like to party on a Carnival cruise, vacation on an entertainment-packed Disney cruise or take a romantic trip on a Princess ship?

How to stop city life from stressing you out

Stand-still traffic, air pollution, crowded streets, endless gray sidewalks. Sound familiar?

Why your next statement purchase will come from Africa

There is a new international scramble for Africa happening but this time it is not for lucrative geographical territories but its modern art.

Play golf, live longer?

Looking for ways to keep fit and healthy and even live longer? A game of golf could be the answer.

Baltimore woman receives national caregiver award for devoted service

BrightStar Care Honors Kathy Carter with 2016 Caregiver of the Year Recognition

Meet the Ghanaian chef ditching restaurants and moving meals outside

Selassie Atadika wants to change the way you eat. The UN worker-turned-chef is on course to revolutionize African cuisine through her new movement: the nomadic dining experience, where she encourages diners to ditch restaurants and move meals outside.

How Hot Technologies Can Improve Your Kitchen

Modern technology is improving every facet of our lives and the kitchen is no exception. By carefully outfitting your kitchen, your appliances can be safer, more efficient and give you versatility and precision as a home chef.

Kale in gumbo? Disney pulls recipe after fans stew

The gumbo recipe cooked up by Disney was supposed to be fit for a princess.

10 Tips for freshening up your family’s routine

Running a household can be stressful, so finding a way to streamline your routine is a must.

Great new tips to boost your productivity

If you are like most people, you could use more hours to get things done. But while the day isn’t getting any longer, there are plenty of ways to supercharge your routine and boost productivity, say lifestyle experts.

Nutritionists offer five tips for building better lunches

To help families stay healthy and to keep kids fueled during the busy summer season, Giant Food of Landover, Maryland is offering tips to build better school lunches in the fall.

A go-to dessert for special occasions

Decadent desserts make the perfect capper to great meals.

Zanzibar: A taste of Africa's Spice Islands

"Have you seen 'The Lion King'?"