Scrumptious stir-fry for the family

Stir-fry is a dish many people, adults and kids alike, seem to love. That popularity is perhaps because no two stir-fry dishes ever seem to be the same or because stir-fry dishes encourage cooks to take chances with ingredients.

AACC student wins Culinary Rising Star Award

Martha Walton of Gibson Island was named the first recipient of the Clark Raines Rising Star Award at the Mason-Dixon Master Chef Tournament on Sunday, August 16, 2015.

Plant in September for a beautiful garden now and in the spring

Don’t pack away that shovel and trowel yet. Fall is a great time to plant a few new additions in the landscape. Here are just a few ideas for adding immediate and long-term beauty to your garden.

Life in Baltimore: Enjoying the retirement lifestyle, Part I

As many people contemplate retirement there are many things to consider before making the move. After financial assessment and planning, the next question is "What will I do?"

Tasty meal gets kids cooking in the kitchen

Getting children to try new foods is not always easy. Kids have a tendency to be picky when it comes to the foods they eat, and many youngsters are reluctant to try all but the most familiar foods.

Shopping for an assisted living facility

The decision to move yourself or a family member to an assisted living facility can be difficult.

Why is it so hard to accept compliments?

Try a little experiment. Think of someone you love or respect, and offer her a compliment.

Foods that help fight cancer

While no single food or ingredient can prevent people from getting cancer, research has shown a link between excess body fat and various cancers.

Self talk for a healthy lifestyle change

Although we have to make several physical changes to be successful at weight loss, the most important change is how you think.

Family-friendly meals need not take a lot of time

Parents faced with the nightly task of preparing meals for their families often feel as if there's just not enough time to cook a hearty, homecooked meal the whole family can enjoy.

Ask Alma: Boyfriend wants second chance

My boyfriend left me to be with another woman. It wasn’t the first time he’s cheated, but it is the first time he moved out. He came by last weekend and asked if he could come back.

To make smart school lunches, think like a kid

Making school lunch can feel like a thankless job, but it doesn’t have to be a major chore.

Strategies to help kids focus on their schoolwork

Some youngsters experience difficulty when the time comes to focus on their schoolwork.

Turn apple-picking excursions into apple pies

Certain activities are unique to autumn, and apple-picking certainly falls into that category.

5 Simple things you can do to advance your career

Complacency in the workforce should be avoided at all costs.