Waterfront Partnership Announces Special Events and Programming for the PANDORA Ice Rink’s 2016 Season

The PANDORA Ice Rink at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor is here for another magical season! The Waterfront Partnership announces a full lineup of programming including Late Night Skate with Insomnia Cookies, the Inner Harbor Frost Fest, Excerpts from the Nutcracker by ...

The world's best Christmas markets

Christmas shopping doesn't have to mean joylessly battling through department store crowds or trawling the Internet for bargains.

No headphone jack, no problem: Wireless headphones for the holidays

Mariah Carey's crooning holiday tunes may already be on repeat, but if you're not rocking a solid pair of wireless headphones, her range could get dropped like your Bluetooth connection.

A walk down the (grocery store) aisle

Couples have gotten married in all kinds of wacky venues -- restaurants, racetracks, even a shark tank. So why not throw a grocery store into the mix?

Flying to Cuba: What you need to know

Hoping to fly to Cuba? It's complicated.

Where Brazil's best cooks come from

Someone said "gun!" while we were shooting a scene in a crowded cafe in Minas Gerais, Brazil, and the next thing I knew my director, Mo Fallon, had dropped his camera, dragged me to the floor and covered me with ...

These Christmas lights don't need to be wrapped around the tree

Let's admit it. Hanging Christmas tree lights is annoying.

Amazon unveils Cyber Monday deals

Black Friday sales are still going on, but Amazon has unveiled some of its deals for Cyber Monday.

How to talk politics at your family Thanksgiving meal this year

If you see the conversation starting to tip into potentially hazardous territory, don't be afraid to take the wheel. "Try to guide the conversation back into safer territory," Senning says. "That's usually a host's prerogative, but anybody can do it, ...

The world's best hotels, according to the experts

If anyone knows how to make a hotel stay exquisitely perfect, it's the people who make it their life's work.

Shoppers guide to avoiding toxic chemicals

As you're poring over the holiday ads from major retailers to make your wish list, environmental activists want you to consider more than price when you shop.

Want to visit Europe? That's gonna cost you €5

Planning a European holiday? Get ready for some extra paperwork. And a new fee.

A hotel that's good for your health?

Vitamin C showers, circadian mood lighting and aromatherapy. These sound like holistic amenities you'd find in a lush spa -- not your hotel room.

The dos and don'ts of posting about your kid online

Yes, "sharenting" is a thing, and many parents do it. It occurs when parents share details about their children's lives online, and there are some benefits to "sharenting." Some say they discuss parenting on social media to feel less alone ...

Fast Facts: American Generation

Here's a look at five generations of Americans in the 20th century: the "Greatest Generation" (or GI Generation), the "Silent Generation," baby boomers, Generation X and millennials. In order to examine economic trends and social changes over time, demographers compare ...