Tips to throw the perfect summer party on a budget

One of the best ways to celebrate the summer season is by hosting an outdoor party for all your friends and neighbors.

Ginger Beer 101: Spice up your summer cocktails

Whether grilling for neighbors, hosting a dinner party or relaxing on your deck with a drink, you can make the experience more refreshing by pairing your favorite spirit with ginger beer.

Smart Saving Strategies for Small Business

Small businesses overpay for everything from wireless service to healthcare to taxes, because they don’t have time or resources to research, negotiate or haggle.

Strawberry-Almond-Kale Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette

Healthy recipe for a cool salad

Four ways parents can promote positive behavior in school

Word arrives from school that the parent’s child is in trouble. Maybe it was a minor offense and the student simply faced a trip to the office. But maybe a suspension or expulsion is in the near future, leaving the ...

Vaginal Health 101: Dryness, Hormonal Replacement Therapy (HRTs) and Viagra for her

In communities around the world, the vagina seems to be a taboo topic; an irrelevant topic or a touchy topic to say the least. However, in other communities, it seems to be the first line of interest and debate for ...

5 Tips to Avoid a ‘Break the Bank’ Summer Vacation

How can you avoid vacation sticker shock? One option is sitting in your wallet, as certain credit cards offer rewards with virtually every purchase.

Ginger Beer 101: Spice up Your Summer Cocktails

Superb on its own, ginger beer is a soft drink being used increasingly in cocktails around the world to add intense flavor to mixed drinks featuring whiskey, gin, rum, tequila, liqueurs and vodka.

Baltimore’s Farmers’ Market & Bazaar open

The 38th season of the Baltimore Farmers’ Market & Bazaar in now open on Sundays from 7 a.m. to sell out— approximately noon.

Local Communities Benefiting from Expanded Transportation Access

Substantial and robust public transportation infrastructure is one key innovation that helps to support economic growth in local communities.

America's transgender moment

It's only April, but 2015 may be remembered as the year the term "transgender" fully entered mainstream consciousness.

Jumping the Broom: Celebrating African American Weddings in Maryland

Exhibition to Open at the Banneker-Douglass Museum in May 2016

Author discovers how to be 'brave in a new world'

It’s a day that Yvonne Broady will never forget. On January 24, 2009, her beloved husband Clarence Cortez Loftin III, a distinguished venture capitalist and educator succumbed to pancreatic cancer sending her into deep depression and loneliness.

House of Mandela Wines celebrates family and legacy

It's dreary outside, but Tukwini Mandela, granddaughter of late legendary South African leader Nelson Mandela, is full of light and enthusiasm. Her visit to Baltimore is the last stop on a three-week U.S. promotional tour for House of Mandela, the ...

Is the United States falling behind in women's rights?

Where do American women stack up against their counterparts around the world? While they're ahead in many regards, the U.S. falls short when it comes to paid maternity leave, wage equality, and even the number of women in leadership roles. ...