Millionaire May McCarthy Shares Spiritual Practices for Success

What if you could live from financial overflow instead of from paycheck to paycheck? What if you discovered a way to live comfortably within your means and pay all your bills on time? What if you could check something off ...

How High Schoolers Can Boost American Business

"It all starts at the local high school. With well-designed internship programs, businesses can help young people acquire the full range of skills they need to be successful throughout their lives."

A Dangerous Game of Chicken

As the “tit-for-tat” trade fight between the US and China escalates, Donald Trump is likely to find that he doesn’t “know China” the way he once thought. When he said that during the presidential campaign, he based his understanding of ...

Keeping your Beneficiaries Up-to-Date

Life moves fast, and as the days go by in a blur, updating, or even designating, your beneficiaries can fall to the bottom of your proverbial “to-do” list.

Youth Prepare for "Kidpreneur" Event

Four years ago, Dr. Marlene Jackson— a Columbia, Maryland resident— and her daughter, Ashley Jackson answered a call to help empower girls by founding a nonprofit called Le’ Chic Academy. But young people who wanted to create viable businesses became ...

Karen Gibbs’ Financial Perspective and Advice for Women of Color

Karen Gibbs, who runs “The Gibbs Perspective” blog, received honor with a “Community Champion” award at the recent 5th annual Maryland Financial Education & Capability Awards – a statewide program that recognizes the importance to children and adults of understanding ...

Money Power Day Scheduled for April 7

The region’s biggest free financial fitness fair, “Money Power Day,” returns Saturday, Apri1 7 at Poly-Western High School.

Three Ways for Couples to Discuss Money Without Getting Divorced

Numerous studies point to money as one of the leading causes of divorce. From different spending habits and financial goals to one spouse earning considerably more income than the other, money can be a polarizing issue in a marriage, straining ...

New Maryland Business Express Website Makes it Easier to Plan, Start, Manage, Grow a Business in Maryland

The Maryland State Department of Assessments and Taxation (SDAT) unveiled Maryland Business Express, a new website that will make it easier for Maryland’s small business owners and entrepreneurs to plan, start, manage, and grow their business.

Three Major Ways Financial Illiteracy is Harming Americans

"America is consumed with higher education— going to college and earning a degree as the necessary means to a well-paying job. Yet with parents emphasizing the importance of academic excellence, and their children graduating and going on to successful employment, ...

New Loan, Down Payment Assistance Products Added to Maryland Mortgage Program

The Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development recently announced new loan and down payment assistance products and debuted a redesigned website for the Maryland Mortgage Program before an audience of lenders, realtors, counselors, mortgage insurers and other program partners.

Drake Donates $1M in 'God's Plan' Music Video

Rapper Drake's music video for his song "God's Plan" shows him donating the video's nearly $1 million budget to people throughout Miami.

Bethesda Company Receives Cyber Security Grant

Cybersecurity is an important and growing concern— one that touches every economic sector and is essential for national security, according to Max Shuftan, the program director of SANS CyberTalent at the SANS Institute in North Bethesda.

Tiny Homes Offer Big Benefits for Homeless Military Veterans

Marvin Gregory is a large man living in a tiny home. And he couldn't be happier.

3 Tips for Raising Capital: U.S. Black Chambers, Inc.

"The struggle continues. Blacks are still in need of achieving true economic parity and inclusion," said Jackson. "We need greater access to capital, credit, formal education and higher wages because many blacks are the working poor."