Nearly 3 in 5 Americans are making this huge financial mistake

Americans on a whole just aren't great savers, to the point where almost 70% of us don't even have $1,000 in the bank. Furthermore, almost half of Americans claim that to cover a $400 emergency, they'd need to borrow the ...

CBC members join the call for payday lending reform

Within days of the October 7 deadline for public comment on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s proposed payday rule, 104 Members of Congress from 32 states, the District of Columbia and the Virgin Islands together called for strong consumer protections, ...

New African-American Museum 'sold out' through March 2017

Call it "museum mania."

There are two versions of the iPhone 7 -- and one is way slower

All iPhones may look the same, but under the hood it's a different story.

It's lonely in the Black 1%

It's one of the loneliest, most exclusive clubs in America. Among the nation's wealthiest Americans -- known as the Top 1% -- only a very small percentage are black.

Baltimore entrepreneur carves out a ‘Taylor-Made’ business

Owning an event-planning business was not what Amethyst Taylor’s parent’s had in mind for her future.

The best work perk: Getting your evenings and weekends back

These days, a lot of companies expect their employees to regularly work more than 40 hours a week. But here's a radical suggestion: Just stop.

Macy's is opening even earlier on Thanksgiving

There might not be time for dessert on Thanksgiving this year for bargain hunters. Macy's is kicking off its Black Friday sales at 5:00 pm on Thanksgiving Day, an hour earlier than the prior two years.

Engineer's 'hustle' becomes successful construction company

Brunson L. Cooper dreamed of starting his own construction firm but had no money, no investors and no connections. He decided to become his own rich uncle.

Maryland taxpayers warned about phone scam threatening arrest

Comptroller Peter Franchot is warning taxpayers to stay vigilant and safeguard their personal information by being alert to a new phone scam aimed at scaring people into paying money.

Social Security checks to get a tiny increase in 2017

Social Security checks are about get a little bit bigger. Very little.

Clinton wants to double the child tax credit

With just a month to go before the election, Hillary Clinton detailed a new proposal to help limit the burden of child care costs for lower and middle-income families. She wants to double the child tax credit for children under ...

Amazon only needs a minute of human labor to ship your next package

By the time you take an Amazon delivery off your stoop, walk into your home, find a pair of scissors and open the brown box, you've already spent nearly as much time handling the package as Amazon's employees.

Farming is key to economic growth in the black community

It is clear that it when it comes to jumpstarting the economy, generating jobs and wealth for the average American, we are in quite a fix. After coming out of the Great Recession, the economy is experiencing anemic growth rate ...

September jobs report: 4 things to know

America is getting one of its last checkups before the election. The Labor Department will publish the September jobs report at 8:30 a.m. ET Friday. Amid campaign promises of better jobs, wages and economic growth, the report serves as a ...