Maryland and D.C. plan to sue Trump over foreign payments

The state of Maryland and the District of Columbia plan to sue President Trump on Monday, alleging that he has violated the Constitution by accepting foreign money through his business empire, according to a person familiar with the plans.

New Beginnings: Genesis 4U promotes female entrepreneurship

Referencing Genesis, entrepreneur Erica Massenburg credits the first book in The Bible for being the impetus for staring her company, Genesis 4 U.

Microsoft says ransomware attack should be a 'wake-up call' for governments

Microsoft's president and top lawyer said Sunday that the ongoing cyberattacks -- which experts are calling the largest in history -- should be a "wake-up call" for governments.

Why bigger tax refunds aren’t always better

A big tax refund can be nice to receive, but it usually means less money in each paycheck. Instead, adjust your W-4 and put that money to work for you throughout the year.

BossUp: Learning outside the classroom at Youth Entrepreneur Academy

Thirteen Baltimore City and Baltimore County youth decided that learning about entrepreneurship, the stock market and 3D printing was more valuable than vacationing on a beach for Spring Break.

Shea Moisture CEO defend need to expand brand share despite ad controversy on social media

In part two of an exclusive News One Now interview, host and managing editor Roland Martin spoke with Richelieu Dennis, founder and CEO of Shea Moisture parent company Sundial Brands, about the original intent of the ad posted on Shea ...

H-1B visa applications decline for first time in 5 years

Fewer people want to come to America to work.

Today is tax day. Here's what you need to know

When it comes to filing your taxes, today is not the day to dawdle.

Industry insiders say minorities should pursue oil jobs

There are great opportunities for African Americans and Latinos in the oil, natural gas, and petrochemical industries, according to industry insiders, who are calling on minorities to “get in the game.”

Port Discovery Children’s Museum, Maryland 529 launch “When I Grow Up” Sweepstakes

One winner will receive $529 toward college savings plus the chance to be a “conductor” for a day

WhatsApp plans move into digital payments

The world's biggest mobile messaging service could soon allow tens of millions of users to send each other something other than photos, videos and emojis -- money.

Baltimore CASH Campaign announces 12th Annual Money Power Day®

Congressman Cummings & Sarbanes, Mayor Pugh with over 1000 adults, teens and children expected to attend this free, fun-filled and informative financial services fair - April is National Financial Education Month

Wells Fargo commits to increase African American homeownership

Goal to advance responsible homeownership includes $60 billion in lending to create a projected 250,000 homeowners in 10 years

Here's how much millionaires would save under GOP Obamacare repeal bill

Millionaires would win big under Republicans' bill to repeal Obamacare.

Lawyer promotes financial literacy through Baltimore CASH Campaign

Francesca Jean Baptiste started her career as a tax preparation volunteer while working toward a career in tax law.