Americans are cutting back on spending

American consumers account for the majority of economic growth. And they're cutting back on their spending.

Tyler Perry signs deal with Viacom

Tyler Perry is adding to his house.

What's inside the Senate Republican health care bill

This story has been updated to reflect the changes made to the Senate health care bill, as of July 13.

AT&T to consider splitting telecom, media divisions after Time Warner deal

AT&T is considering splitting its telecom and media assets after acquiring Time Warner Inc., giving AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson oversight over two separate divisions.

How Trump compares with Obama so far on jobs

For a president who loves to talk about creating jobs, it's been a strong start: Employers have added 863,000 jobs during Donald Trump's first five full months in office.

A funny thing happened on the way to the job market

Deans of colleges and schools have an annual ritual. Each fall, they greet their incoming class of freshmen— excited, hopeful and mostly young minds ready to enter adulthood, citizenship and self-sufficiency.

How to get the most out of customer loyalty programs

Brands covet your attention, but there's something they want even more: your loyalty. And they're willing to offer you early access, special prices or free goods to get it.

Entrepreneur’s Toolkit

I recall in primary school, I didn’t ask too many questions. However, as I matriculated to higher grades, I started asking questions like a reporter. Just like a fifth grader, to move you and your business forward, consider asking the ...

How to teach kids the value of money

Talking to your children about money when they’re young can help them make good choices later. PNC’s Jennifer Dempsey Fox shares tips about how parents can teach valuable financial lessons to kids of all ages.

Lyft tells employees not to 'gloat' over Uber crises

The wheels may be coming off Uber, but Lyft is telling its employees not to rubberneck.

Airbnb to call out 'premium' listings

Airbnb is quietly launching a quality-control program to attract customers tepid about staying in stranger's homes.

$1 million Powerball ticket sold at St. Louis gas station

A $1 million winning Powerball ticket was sold at a St. Louis gas station.

A good way to boost retirement income

Is an annuity is a good way for seniors to increase their income in retirement?--S.N.

A good way to boost retirement income

Instagram wants users to call out when they're flaunting sponsored content.

'Wonder Woman' soars in its second weekend as 'The Mummy' staggers

"Wonder Woman" is still wonderful at the box office, but Tom Cruise and "The Mummy" are staggering.