Jay Z's Tidal streaming service sued by musician

Jay Z started streaming music service Tidal last year, claiming that it would benefit artists. Yet a recording artist is suing Tidal, which allegedly paid him less than he's owed.

Hyundai appoints Erwin Raphael to Lead Genesis USA

Hyundai Motor America President and Chief Executive Officer David L. Zuchowski announced this week that Erwin Raphael has been appointed as General Manager for Genesis Motors USA.

Advocates push to improve economic odds for Maryland women

Even though working women comprise 50 percent of Maryland’s workforce, data on income disparity shows that the typical man makes more than $58,000 a year, while women make $50,480.

What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur?

Time is one of those magical dimensions of the human experience. At certain instances it seems like there is not enough of it. And at others, it seems like the moment lasts forever.

Wells Fargo commissions original art depicting African American experience

Wells Fargo & Company recently commissioned Atlanta-based artist Keith Rosemond II to create six original illustrations depicting the African American experience.

Ken Banks appointed to Federal Reserve Board of Directors

The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve appointed Ken Banks, Founder and CEO of Banks Contracting Company Inc., to the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Board of Directors. Banks’ three-year term as a Board of Director for the Baltimore ...

Thomas Moorehead rolls into the world of ultra-luxury

The world’s first African-American Rolls Royce car dealer got there through hard work and perseverance, but only after disappointing his family.

Job hunting? What careers and skills are in greatest demand this year

Understanding the evolving job market can help you focus your energy productively and land a coveted new job.

Love & Money: PNC Bank survey reveals importance of financial transparency in relationships

While the mystical cupid is shooting his arrow directly at the hearts of couples whose love seems blind on Valentine’s Day, some have called the day after the beginning of spats and even divorce.

How to handle a temporary loss of income

Millions of North Americans are struggling to make ends meet, and data suggests many adults are living paycheck to paycheck.

Car Review: 2016 Hyundai Elantra Value Edition

Hyundai has a real deal waiting for you in its showrooms. The 2016 Elantra Value Edition won’t be around long. It will be replaced by the 2017 model that goes on sale this spring and we hope the value edition ...

Competition to award $440,000 in prizes for best use of technology

Comcast Business announced that for the third consecutive year, the company will seek out the nation’s most innovative startup companies and entrepreneurs to participate in its Innovations 4 Entrepreneurs competition.

The economics of water

I can hear the backroom discussion now: “We can save money if we stop taking our drinking water from Lake Huron and start using water from the Flint River instead.”

House of Mandela Wines expands despite obstacles

Dr. Makaziwe Maki Mandela and her daughter Tukwini Mandela have found another way in which to carry on the legendary legacy of their family’s name.

Ask Carla: Should I tell potential employers I'm pregnant?

I’m pregnant! My husband and I are overjoyed but, I was planning on changing jobs in the very near future.