Expanded Statewide Mask Order, Out-of-State Travel Advisory

Annapolis— Governor Larry Hogan announced that based on the state’s data-driven approach, the expansion of the statewide masking order and a public health advisory for all out-of-state travel. The governor also unveiled contact trac- ing data showing that family gatherings ...

Want Racial Justice? Start With Filling Out Your Census

Those living in our nation’s poor and minority communities have historically gone undercounted in the U.S. Census. For instance, nearly one million Black Americans went uncounted nationwide in the 2010 Census.

Elaine Simon: Fond Memories of John Lewis

My fondest memory was during the reception, Congressman Lewis recognized my accent and proceeded to ask me, “What island are you from?” I said the Island of Antigua in the Caribbean.

‘Maryland Buy Local Week’ July 18-26

Governor Larry Hogan officially named July 18-26 “Maryland Buy Local Week” to support Maryland farms and seafood operations that continue to provide Marylanders with fresh, local products. Maryland Buy Local Week encourages citizens to take the Buy Local Challenge by ...

Banneker-Douglass Museum assisted in creation of Breonna Taylor, Black Lives Matter Mural

Future History Now (FHN), in partnership with Banneker-Douglass Museum (BDM) and the Maryland Commission on African American History and Culture

Wells Fargo commitment could potentially result in billions for small businesses

The CDFIs will also receive capital for urgent deployment to impacted businesses in the Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, and Midwest.

Local leaders pressed to enforce public health requirements in bars and restaurants

Governor Larry Hogan has directed local leaders to step up enforcement of public health requirements in bars and restaurants across the state. State health officials have connected an increasing number of COVID-19 cases to non-compliance with face covering and physical ...

Tia Hamilton: Encouraging Black men, the incarcerated, others to read and write books

Tia Hamilton sees her Urban Reads Bookstore as a hub for Black authors, including talented writers behind bars.

Madden ‘21 player ratings for Lamar Jackson and Ravens rookies

News & Experts—The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted social distancing as a safety measure across the country. How this new normal affects general health care can be seen in the rise of telehealth services, as people are encouraged to use them ...

Annapolis honors beloved ‘Walking Man’ with heart-warming mural

It is unlikely to find a longtime Annapolitan who has never met, seen or heard of an Annapolis legend named Carlester “Buckwheat” Smith. According to sightings, which span decades, Smith stayed armed with a constant supply of plastic bags and ...

Vehicle for Change gives away 20 cars in celebration of 20th anniversary

Vehicles for Change (VFC), a nonprofit headquartered in Halethorpe, celebrated its 20th anniversary by joining longtime partner Heritage Mileone Autogroup by presenting 20 families with vehicles in special giveaway ceremonies on June 24, 2020.

Yes: End racist Black oppression and police brutality but no to taking down statues

On July 4, 2020, the Baltimore Sun’s headline read, “Christopher Columbus near Little Italy brought down, tossed into Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.” A flyer described the statue removal. Remove statues that glorify owners of enslaved people, white supremacists, culprits of genocide ...

Maryland Muslim Community reaction to death of George Floyd

The Islamic Community in Maryland (ICM) is coming up with series of educational programs and seminars to both promote justice and solidarity with the African American community and to condemn the death of George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man who ...

Pride of Baltimore Chair Pens ‘Agent of Change’ Open Letter

When Jayson Williams took over as chair of the Pride of Baltimore two years ago, he left a profound mark in economic development by spearheading major government, public, private, partnerships and he played a key role in enabling the development ...

Pledge to save water and help a school win a garden

Newark, N.J.— TerraCycle announced the return of the Save Water Challenge that asks school students, teachers and communities to take the pledge to save water on behalf of their school for a chance to win one of three recycled gardens ...