Industry insiders say minorities should pursue oil jobs

There are great opportunities for African Americans and Latinos in the oil, natural gas, and petrochemical industries, according to industry insiders, who are calling on minorities to “get in the game.”

Delta meltdown: Pilots are on hold, too

You might not be the only one on hold with Delta Air Lines this weekend. Their pilots are, too.

Distracted driving: Urging companies to crack down

In 2004, David Teater of Spring Lake, Michigan, lost his 12-year-old son, the youngest of three boys, to a distracted driver. Afterward, he knew there were a few different ways he could get involved to raise awareness about this deadly ...


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How does nutrition affect children's school performance?

As politicians debate spending and cuts in President Donald Trump's proposed budget, there have been questions about the effects of nutrition programs for kids.

Pill presses for counterfeit drugs seized in record numbers

Machines used to make counterfeit pills are reaching the US border in record numbers.

A 6-year-old girl gives up her birthday party to give back to the homeless

Armani Crews was turning 6. But what she was asking her parents for was far from a typical birthday party.

Allstate Honors “Geek” from Glen Burnie

Allstate Honors “Geek” from Glen Burnie

Allstate Insurance Honors “Geek” from Glen Burnie

Ariell Johnson has created what she says is a “inclusive geek space” for residents and visitors of Philadelphia where she owns Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse— the first black-owned comic bookstore on the East Coast.

Spirit of a Woman Conference Tackles Mind, Body and Pocketbook

A one-day empowerment conference for women of African descent featuring a host of speakers, workshops and networking opportunities, is planned for Saturday, March 25, 2017 at the Radisson Hotel at Cross Keys in Baltimore.

Study links social media use to isolation in young adults

One of the most deeply felt ironies of social media is that it is kind of a lie. The person we pretend to be is disconnected from the person that is; the bustling lives of others we like and scroll ...

'Underground' cast on why you can't look away

The cast of "Underground" has a message for those who say they are tired of slave narratives: We don't have the luxury to turn away from such painful stories.

Stem cell treatment changed the life of one guest at Trump's speech

A few years ago, Sarah Hughes could barely walk. She weighed 83 pounds and was crippled by constant pain due to a rare type of juvenile arthritis.

Outgoing US ambassador: America is 'not an ethno-state'

An outgoing career ambassador urged his colleagues on Friday to defend the rules-based world order in which the US supports a Europe "whole, free and at peace," a thinly veiled critique of the Trump administration, which has questioned the importance ...

Innovative new toolkit designed to help reduce teen and unplanned pregnancy

For many in the African-American community, the black church has historically been a place where tough community issues are addressed