Trump fires acting AG after she declines to defend travel ban

President Donald Trump fired acting Attorney General Sally Yates Monday night for "refusing to enforce a legal order designed to protect the citizens of the United States," the White House said.

Trump move leads to confusion and chaos between White House, Congress

It's not the imagery one might expect from a President who promised to bring private sector competency to governing.

Baltimore Sailor deploys to Support Operation Deep Freeze

As the USAP manager, NSF has a presidential mandate to manage three year-round research stations in Antarctica. McMurdo is the largest of the three stations and the globe's southernmost seaport.

Obama legacy captured in docu-series ‘The Obama Years: The Power of Words’

Smithsonian Channel special tells the story of Barack Obama, writer in chief, and takes viewers inside the defining moments of his political career through the prism of his most memorable speeches.

Obamacare in jeopardy, states protect no-cost contraception, including vasectomy

Even before President Elect Donald Trump suggested Obamacare was in jeopardy, Republican cries of "replace and repeal" inspired some states to protect the no-cost contraceptive benefit guaranteed under the federal bill.

Trump to meet congressional leaders Monday at the White House

President Donald Trump will welcome bipartisan congressional leaders to the White House Monday night, according to three sources familiar with the meeting, his first gathering with the group since taking the oath of office.

More than 1 million marched against Trump in US -- and that's without counting DC

More than a million Americans took to the streets of the United States to protest Donald Trump the day after his inauguration. And that doesn't include the many thousands of people who took part in the main event -- The ...

TMCF launches new center with gift from Charles Koch Foundation, Koch Industries

Center for Advancing Opportunity will support HBCU researchers and work with Gallup to understand, and inform pressing issues in fragile communities

Democrats search for the next Obama

She’s a lawyer by trade and an accomplished politician who in November became just the second African-American woman to become a U.S. Senator.

Governor Larry Hogan Announces 2017 Justice for Victims Initiative

Governor Larry Hogan announced January 12, 2017, the administration’s Justice for Victims Initiative, a series of proposals to help prevent future victims of crime, protect Maryland’s most vulnerable citizens, and stop repeat offenders. Joining the governor for the announcement were ...

Women's March on Washington: Moms and daughters marching together

Allison Busch-Vogel, a lawyer and mom of three in South Orange, New Jersey, was so devastated by Donald Trump's victory and Hillary Clinton's defeat in the presidential race, she couldn't get herself to work for three days after the election.

Woman, 108, remains in assisted living home -- thanks to 800 donors

Carrie Lou Rausch, 108, has been in an assisted living facility for almost three years, but her funds to remain there were running dry.

The #BankBlack Movement goes live with largest black owned bank

Teri Williams, president, OneUnited Bank and Trabian Shorters, president, BMe Community to answer questions from Miami branch

Changing the face of medicine

As women around the world continue to make small but significant socioeconomic gains, black women still lag behind as leaders in top healthcare positions.

Hometown hero leaves lasting legacy

Former NFL standout Keion Carpenter dedicated his life to helping youth in his hometown Baltimore and around the country.