FBI investigates case of black man found hanged in Mississippi

Black man hanging in Mississippi. FBI investigates.

Does Fox's 'Empire' reinforce stereotypes?

Does FOX's Empire reinforce black stereotypes?

CDC: Toddler Food Often Has Too Much Salt, Sugar

Many packaged meals and snacks for toddlers contain worrisome amounts of salt and sugar, potentially creating an early taste for foods that may contribute to obesity and other health risks, according to a new government study.

Defense Mobile supports U.S. Coast Guard members during potential Department of Homeland Security funding lapse

In the event that this Department of Homeland Security funding lapse occurs, Defense Mobile will continue to waive monthly mobile service fees until funding is restored. With all that these men and women have done and are doing for our ...

Weed-tossing car chase

Suspects ditch weed out of windows.

The "Billionaire Boys" Fight Club

Mayweather and CNN's Scholes interview

Where is added sugar hiding?

CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta explains how added sugar is hiding in a lot of unexpected foods, causing us to consume way more sugar than our bodies need.

OU student apologizes for racist chant

One of the two OU students expelled for racist chant has issued an apology. CNN's Miguel Marquez reports.

Report: University of Oklahoma student apologizes for racist chant

One of the two University of Oklahoma students expelled for their role in leading a racist chant has issued an apology, The Dallas Morning News reported.

College kids make robotic arms for children without real ones

By the time Cynthia Falardeau read about Alex Pring, a little boy who got a battery-powered robotic arm last summer, she had made peace with her son Wyatt's limb difference.

Obama: Selma marchers gave courage to millions, inspired more change

In a passionate speech about racial progress in America, President Barack Obama on Saturday told thousands of people who gathered here to commemorate the 50th anniversary of "Bloody Sunday" that "our march is not yet finished.

Senator Mikulski announces retirement

United States Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) has championed equal rights for all, equal pay for women and has successfully ended discrimination against women in health care. She also spearheaded a change in government regulations that previously forced elderly couples to ...

New Ikea furniture will charge your phone wirelessly

Ikea is launching a new range of high-tech furniture that will wirelessly charge your smartphones and tablets.

Howard students will get paid to graduate on time

Howard University is going to pay its students to graduate in four years.

Too much Facebook leads to envy and depression

Constantly checking Facebook to see what your friends are doing could lead to some serious depression.