Russell Simmons brings water and attention to plight of Flint residents

When business mogul and founder of the RushCard, Russell Simmons, arrived in Flint early Monday morning to deliver cases of bottled water door-to-door, he did so with a minimal amount of fanfare.

Palin: I never blamed Obama for PTSD

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin insisted Monday that she "never blamed" President Barack Obama for her son's recent arrest on domestic violence charges.

Documentary tackles challenges former inmates face

After 30 years of ‘three strikes,’ mandatory-minimum sentences and harsh federal, state and local government responses to crime, elected officials and communities now realize that being tough on crime didn’t produce the desired results.

Wells Fargo gift Honors African American history and culture

Wells Fargo announced the donation of $1 million and historical artifacts from its corporate collection to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC).

Michelle Obama on young Barack: 'He was a bum'

President Barack Obama has always been candid about his youthful transgressions -- a history his wife referenced Tuesday when explaining anyone can become a high achiever.

Gaps in teacher effectiveness hurt young, minority students

Minority and low-income students are less likely to have consistent access to effective teachers between preschool and the third grade than students from high-income households, according to a new report by the Center for American Progress (CAP), a Washington, D.C-based ...

Blizzard cleanup keeps parts of Northeast shut down

Dave Schneider shook his head as he surveyed the scene around him.

Blizzard is over on East Coast, but Monday travel could be daunting

Icy roads, snow-covered runways and blocked train tracks threaten to snarl morning travel in many East Coast cities on Monday, days after a massive blizzard clobbered the region.

East Baltimore development rises from ashes of riots

It may have been the easy thing to do for The Woda Group to pull the plug on its development and revitalization efforts in East Baltimore after riots marred peaceful demonstrations and later threatened to destroy an entire neighborhood in ...

Freddie Gray case: William Porter doesn't have to testify against fellow officers

A Baltimore judge ruled Wednesday that William Porter does not have to testify against three other officers charged in connection with the death of Freddie Gray.

Spike Lee blames Hollywood studios for #OscarsSoWhite

Spike Lee says the outcry over an absence of minority Oscar nominees is a "misdirection play."

Foreclosure crisis lingers in the black community

Affluence is no antidote to foreclosure.

Jamie Foxx helps rescue man from burning truck

Jamie Foxx has played plenty of heroes on the big screen. Monday night he played one in real life.

Overdose fears spark recall of children's cough syrup

Parents are being urged to check their medicine cabinets as two batches of generic children's cough syrup are removed from pharmacy shelves across the country. They have been recalled due to overdose risk.

White House fights 'lame duck' image ahead of State of the

Don't even say the words "lame duck" around the White House as President Barack Obama prepares to deliver his final State of the Union address.