VIDEO: Baltimore officers break silence on riots, murder spike and Freddie Gray

Forty-two people were killed in Baltimore in May, making it the deadliest month there since 1972.

VIDEO: White teen who shot pool party video sounds off

Dueling narratives are emerging about whether race played a role in a Texas officer's handling of black teenagers at a pool party. But who's offering those narratives may be surprising.

Maryland organization spearheads search for missing minorities

Jackie Winborne’s daughter, Shaquita Bell has been missing since 1996 when she was last seen with her ex-boyfriend, Michael Dickerson. On May 30, 2015 she stood in front of over 500 runners and walkers assembled at the National Harbor to ...

George Haley, brother of Roots author, friend of MLK, dies at 89

He was known as the giant who never quit. George Haley, a Silver Spring, Maryland resident and brother of famed author Alex Haley, died earlier this month. He was 89.

VIDEO: Tearful Tracy Morgan thanks Walmart after accident

Tracy Morgan thanked Walmart, the company's whose truck hit his car a year ago seriously injuring him and killing a friend, saying that the company "stepped up to the plate in a tremendous way."

VIDEO: Dad goes viral with anti-public shaming video

Dad goes viral with anti-public shaming video

Politicizing donations to Clinton Foundation

Like the Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation, the world’s largest philanthropy that primarily funds education, world health and population projects, the Clinton Foundation was established to address such issues as climate change, global health, economic development, health and wellness and ...

History revealed: What people of Baltimore left in time capsules

Early pictures of the U.S. Declaration of Independence and many artifacts commemorating the centennial of the "Star-Spangled Banner," Baltimore's Washington Monument and other key aspects of American history were revealed Tuesday.

Is a new crime wave on the horizon?

After decades of a downward trend in crime, residents in some large U.S. cities wonder if a reversal is coming.

Clean power plan affects black quality of life

When Cheeraz Gormon received an invitation to lobby in Washington on behalf of President Barack Obama’s Clean Power Plan with environmental legal advocacy nonprofit, Earthjustice, she was bewildered.

The Waco Biker Riot and the lexicon of racism

Question: When men (and a few women) belonging to gangs known to law enforcement agencies for criminal behavior explode in a rampage – using guns, knives, clubs, and chains in trying to kill each other, and police officers, too, that ...

VIDEO| Hurricane outlook 2015: El Niño could hinder Atlantic storms

This year's Atlantic hurricane season probably will have fewer storms than normal for the third year running -- thanks in part to El Niño, forecasters say.

A call to curb expansion of charter schools in black communities

Parents, students and advocates for strong neighborhood schools continue to pressure civic leaders to end the expansion of charter and contract schools in Black and Latino communities across the nation.

VIDEO: O'Malley jumps into presidential race, offers progressive alternative to Clinton

Martin O'Malley launched his presidential campaign Saturday with an appeal to the party's progressive base that he hopes will upend the conventional wisdom that Hillary Clinton is destined to clinch the Democratic nomination.

Racist Dr. Seuss drawing up for auction

A California auction house is selling an early drawing by Dr. Seuss that's sure to disappoint the parents and children who adore his later work.