The Essence And Beauty of Black Women in America

Black women are some of the most amazing females on the planet.

The Martin Luther King They Love

“Whites framed their malice toward King as something other than racism. They did not oppose MLK because he struggled for black freedom and equality. Rather they detested him—they said—because he was a rabble-rouser, a Communist and a lawbreaker. J. Edgar ...

Racially Discriminatory Legislation And Policies Must Be Stopped

The Unintended Consequences of a Menthol Cigarette Ban to Black America

Hidden Tax Increases On Airline Tickets Won’t Fly

Why is it that poor people are always asked to pay more in America?

Silence The Violence For 2020

Our nation is at war with itself. If you are young, gifted and black, chances are you will not get to be old enough to brag about it.

Census Officials Kick Off $250 Million Ad Campaign In Washington

At a news conference at Arena Stage in Washington, D.C., Census officials revealed that they would have more than 1,000 ads that target a range of demographics in 13 different languages. Those ads are projected to reach 99 percent of ...

Marvin Miller Gets To The Baseball Hall Of Fame…But No Curt Flood

The late Marvin Miller, the first executive director of the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA), had finally been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

The Biggest Mistake Parents Make When It Comes To Education

“Do I as a parent really know best about my child’s education?"

Trump Signs Future Act To Help HBCUs, Minority-Serving Institutions

The President put his signature on the Future Act, legislation that for the time includes HBCUs in the federal 5-year STEM Education Plan and the National Research and Development Budget Priorities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) On Census 2020 (Counting Children Matters Most)

If you have a sense of responsibility for the quality of life of children in your family or beyond, your participation in the census has a direct impact.

We Need A Healthcare System That Supports The New American Workforce

Attacking the ACA further is a mistake. Instead, lawmakers should protect and strengthen the law. Independent work allows people to become their own bosses -- and boosts the economy.

Breaking News! Jesus Was Indeed Born In December! Christmas Is Correctly Dated!

“Christians therefore need not be doubtful about Christmas and its dating. It is dated correctly according to the Scripture, Luke 1:26 and the Jewish Calendar whose New Year often starts in September.”

I Was Just Thinking… Mama In The Classroom

"Chew on that for a minute. A teacher that students called “Mama.” There is so much meaning in that thought that I can hardly contain it. Many of you, some of you may remember her— Mable M. Jackson Chandler, better ...

Write Your Own Obituary. Your Life Depends on It.

"It seems that the inventor of dynamite got an unusual chance to read his own obituary and was very irritated about what it said about him. The question that this little-known fact made me think about was, “How will God ...

Powerful Book For Young Black Boys Celebrates 25 Years With Pledge To Get One Million New Readers

In the book, Bennett Wilson has the world at his fingertips as one of the top basketball players in New York State who is destined to lead Mount Vernon High School to the state championship for the first time. Many ...