Dear Black People: Adoption Is A Great Option

"Nearly 23 percent of African-American children are being raised by a grandparent due to a number of socio-political and sicio-economic issues— mass incarceration, health issues, divorce, unemployment. Black folks step up when our children need us and many children we ...

Don’t Let Small Dollar Loans Ruin Your Holidays

If holiday lists seem bigger than budgets, turning to a high-interest, “small dollar” loan can turn joy and merriment into a financial quagmire.

IN MEMORIAM: My Legacy with George Herbert Walker Bush

"Bush was tapped on the shoulder many more times, like when he created a Yale chapter of the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) in 1948, gave royalties from his book to the UNCF, and had his brother Jonathan serve as ...

Heart Failure . . . And Success

Heart failure hospitalizes more than 1 million Americans annually. About half are back in the hospital within six months of diagnosis; the average stay lasts five days. That's a huge burden for patients— and for caregivers, who may not live ...

George H. W. Bush - American Hero

"Let us thank our Lord for sending George H.W. Bush our way. Our future is now secure. May God bless the Bush family."

The Great White Hope

"James Earl Jones portrayed world heavyweight boxing champ Jack Johnson, whose power and persona took white America by surprise in the early 1900’s. Johnson presented a double threat to the status quo; he violated laws that forbade him white female ...

The Moral Burden of Thanksgiving

"In the true spirit of Thanksgiving, this is a time not to focus on one big meal on one big day. This is a time to commit and work even harder to end poverty and hunger in this land of ...

Criminal Justice Reform Long Overdue For Black America

The time is now for action, not more partisan debate. No more postponements. No more excuses. The U.S. Congress should pass the First Step Act. We want equal justice. Criminal justice reform for black America is long overdue.

From A Digital Desert To An Entrepreneurial Hub

The National Black Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) has launched a prototype project that, if successful, will transform minority, low-income and rural communities from forgotten places into entrepreneurial hubs of economic innovation. Our goal is to create communities with access to ...

When Trump Was Afraid Of The Weather, And Other Insults To Veterans

November 11, 2018 was not an insignificant date. It was not just another Veteran’s Day. One hundred years prior “The Great War”—as World War I was referenced—was ended with a cease-fire or armistice. Thus, November 11 was known originally as ...

This Too Shall Pass: ‘Birthright Citizenship’ Kerfuffle, Mostly A Get Out The Vote Tactic

"It's not exactly an "October surprise." Trump used birthright citizenship as a rallying complaint on the campaign trail in 2016. He has done nothing about it in the nearly two years since."

What If Black Professional Athletes Respected Black Economic Empowerment?

“The black percentage of professional football players exceeds 70 percent and the National Basketball Association approaches over 90 percent. These gifted athletes control billions of dollars that could be directed to significant economic empowerment for the black communities from which ...

The Real White Man’s Burden

"White men and women have an opportunity to (finally) break their own chains of oppressor status in an increasingly interdependent world."

Truth And Reconciliation For Gender-Based Offenses

While mainstream society has come a long way in recent months in propping up survivors and calling out perpetrators for violent and sexist behavior, it is time that we hear more from those perpetrators in the context of truth and ...

Survey Reveals Increase In School Bus Stop Arm Violations

Maryland school bus drivers have reported a disturbing trend in the Maryland State Department of Education’s latest survey of driver behavior: more are ignoring bus stop arms.