Don’t delay, sign-up for Affordable Healthcare today!

The deadline to enroll or modify healthcare coverage under the Affordable Care Act is December 22, 2017 in Maryland. So, time is running out!

Let your comeback be stronger than your setback!

When things don’t tend to go your way you are ultimately left with two options: give up and throw in the towel or lift your head up and overcome.

Rethink office layouts to improve workers' health

Americans are gung-ho about getting in shape. Seventy percent say they want to take steps to improve their health, according to a new study from UnitedHealthcare. Those steps usually stop at the gym door.

NAACP opens voting for 49th NAACP Image Awards to the public

For the first time in its award show history, voting for the 49thNAACP Image Awards will be open to the public.

Need for a cultural shift on gender-based violence!

November 25 kicked off the annual 16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence. At no time has this work been more necessary than now.

Turkeys in the White House

Satire in the Time of Trump is becoming really tricky. Just when a satirist believes that he or she has the kernel of a silly or outrageous extrapolative idea, this administration jumps in front of it and even outdoes it.

What everyone can learn from the Texas ESSA state plan

Education officials in Texas put a lot of work into the Every Student Succeeds Act state plan that they submitted to the Department of Education.

New exhibition opens at Reginald Lewis Museum

The Reginald Lewis, which is located at 830 E Pratt Street in Baltimore City is Maryland’s largest museum focused on the state’s African American history and Culture.

NAACP report on air pollution misses the mark

The health of African American communities is a genuine cause for concern in our country, but attacking the natural gas and oil industry is the wrong approach and detracts from the real work that should be done to reduce disparately ...

Democrats, black candidates win historic victories on Election Night

The blue wave that swept the country last week wasn’t just a victory for Democrats, but a resounding win for African American candidates, who defied the odds and Trumpism, to make history.

Amtrak prepared to accommodate surge of travelers for Thanksgiving

In anticipation of the busiest travel week of the year, Amtrak is prepared to accommodate the surge of holiday travelers with additional trains and added capacity— operating every available passenger railcar. Tickets sell out quickly, so customers are encouraged to ...

Black celebrities, athletes and politicians must respect the Black Press

Throughout history, the Black Press has been the best friend that black celebrities, athletes and politicians have ever had.

Dear Baby Boomers, your children need you

Your children and your grandchildren need you right now— their lives may depend on it. I know, because I am one of them.

Segregating public schools won’t make America great again

On November 4, 1952, Dr. Helen Kenyon addressed the Women’s Society of Riverside Church in New York City and opined that, “Eleven o'clock Sunday morning is the most segregated hour in America.” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. often paraphrased the ...

Ford empowers HBCU students to pursue STEAM careers

There is no debate about the continuing historic importance and strategic mission and purpose of the nation’s 120-plus Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). During the 2017 homecoming festivities that are now occurring on HBCU campuses across the nation, I ...