Business Owners: Take Care of Your Business!

In my entrepreneurship and business planning classes I always place an emphasis on good service, integrity, and simply doing what you say you are going to do for the customer. Our businesses have it hard enough without heaping more problems ...

Why is President Obama getting no credit as he leaves office?

In less than two weeks, Americans will be forced and some will be ready to drink President Trump’s Kool-Aid.

Black-owned ComproTax is one of the best in the business

Having written many articles on what takes place from January through April, each year, relative to our tax payments and refunds, I understand that we need reinforcement and repetition on certain issues

As Obama departs, we owe him our thanks

Obama won a majority of the votes in both his election and re-election, something neither his predecessor nor successor achieved. He governed with grace and dignity, despite grotesque and too often racist provocations. His family provided a model for all ...

Making Workplace Wellness Count

Going to the gym is about to get a lot more expensive. That's because the share of companies offering wellness programs dropped 13 percent this year.

My interview with black billionaire Bob Johnson

One of the main things Johnson discussed is our penchant to vote as a bloc for one party, in this case the Democrats, without reciprocity. His words brought to mind similar words by Carter G. Woodson and Malcolm X on ...

The Secret Weapon to Ending America's Health Crisis: Schools

America has a big, fat problem. A whopping 13 million American children are obese— and millions more are about to join their ranks. By 2025, according to a report in Pediatric Obesity, the nation will house 17 million obese kids.

Black folks need to stop drinking the ‘fool-aid’

The term “Drinking the Kool-Aid” has been taken to a new level among many of our people.

Why are so many of us hiding behind our smartphones?

Bill Fletcher says that texting while walking and retreating behind headphones in public are just symptoms of a larger social illness.

Autopsy of Clinton’s Loss

I am perturbed that Hillary Clinton and her campaign staff are blaming FBI Director James Comey for Clinton’s election defeat.

Facebook's "ethnic affinities" is digital racism and it's time to end it

Racism is a malignant, powerful, and harmful reality for millions of persons of color throughout the world. Here, inside the United States, racism is institutionalized and we have the evidence that this dreadful, racially discriminatory system of oppression now has ...

Despite progress, colorectal cancer claims thousands of black lives

Few diseases cause as much pain and suffering as cancer. While survivors, activists, policymakers and healthcare professionals have been successful in raising awareness for some types of cancer, others are not as high profile.

Record number of African Americans will now serve in Congress

Reality star billionaire Donald Trump won the presidency in shocking fashion, but African American candidates also made history on November 8, 2016.

It’s time to give our money marching orders!

In April 2005, I wrote an article titled, “Billion Dollar March,” at the behest of “The Ice Supreme Man” Ashiki Taylor in Atlanta.

Back to Basics: No Permanent Enemies, No Permanent Friends, Just Permanent Interests

How should black American voters respond to the tectonic political rift and the stress of a permanently divided nation that the election of Donald J. Trump has laid bare?