Report: Baltimore Among Most Stressed Cities In America

A new study suggests that many Baltimore residents experience the type of stress that continues for lengthy periods. City residents experience the third highest work-related stress and the fourth highest family-stress in the country, according to the study of the ...

Baltimore Times Embarks On Community Conversations Project To Improve Charm City

A host of community leaders, social change experts, city officials, and others are expected to be a part of a three-part series with the first event titled “Baltimore’s Future: A Conversation on Baltimore’s Changing Neighborhoods” taking place on Saturday, December ...

Vietnam Veteran Fighting For The Rights Of Black Soldiers

Vietnam War veteran Ari Merretazon is spending another Veteran's Day fighting for fellow soldiers in Philadelphia.

How To Avoid Being The Victim Of A Cyberattack

There has long been a prevailing attitude among many individuals that goes, “If I get hacked, I’ll just change my password.” Whether that reflects misplaced trust in our constantly connected world or simply laziness, it seems the majority of people ...

Canada Cannot (And Doesn't Want) To Be America's Pharmacy

The FDA has stated over and over again that our government cannot vouch for the safety and efficacy of Canadian medicines. Pushing this policy through would needlessly threaten patient health and well-being. And, it's infeasible— Canada simply doesn't have enough ...

Importance Of Educators Of Color For Black And Brown Students

Race and identity of both our educators and students is only one factor in the holistic successes we are all working towards. However, it’s also true that all schools across our country in every community have historically not valued students’ ...

The Answer To Our Psychiatrist Shortage Lies Abroad

Sixty percent of U.S. counties lack a single psychiatrist. More than 110 million Americans live in mental health professional shortage areas.

Are Rude And Crude The New Norm Or Will America Bring Back Civility?

In short, civility is taking a beating.

The Power Of Forgiveness

"The words of Jesus from the Bible remind us, "For if you forgive men their trespasses your father in heaven will forgive you." Think about it. Is there someone you need to forgive?" - Glenn Mollette

Fannie Lou Hamer Died Of Untreated Breast Cancer

While black women get breast cancer at a lower rate than white women, we are 42 percent more likely to die from it. And young black women, those under 35, are twice as likely as white women to get breast ...

Congress Must Act To Address Gun Violence

The conclusions are clear: black Americans face a greater risk of being victims of gun violence compared to their peers. The only question that remains is what will be done about it.

Voter Registration Makes A Difference In Communities Of Color

"It is imperative that we continue to support voter registration efforts because many states are working to criminalize voter registration efforts and/or make voter registration harder for black and brown people."

Why Is Suicide A Growing Problem In The Black Community? Part II

Experts and others have tried to determine why African Americans increasingly are choosing to end their lives. Theories have run the gamut— from the lack of strong father-figures to racism and social media and even the increase in black wealth. ...

“Every Kid Outdoors” Program Provides Fourth Grade Students With Free Entrance To Public Lands

Fourth grade students can get a free annual pass to visit more than 2,000 federal recreation areas with their families, classmates and friends. The Every Kid Outdoors Program is an interagency collaboration between the Department of the Interior, U.S. Army ...

The Time Is Now To Help Prevent Gun Violence In Urban Neighborhoods

At the beginning of this summer, I wrote an Op-Ed for the National Newspaper Publishers Association. I asked for support for the anti-violence programs around the country and many of you responded. For that, I am grateful.