Young Baltimore Women Putting Off Pregnancy, Picking Up Diplomas

The trend is unmistakable. The story— by the numbers— confirms that young women in Baltimore have reversed course dramatically from two to three decades ago when teenage motherhood was epidemic. Not only do statistics show young women eschewing underage pregnancy, ...

COMMENTARY: The Black Women Jailed For ‘Stealing’ An Education

“… she wanted a better life for her son, so she enrolled him in the Norwalk public schools despite having no real ties to the city. ‘When the city found out that it was spending its money educating her boy, ...

Who Will Police The Baltimore City Police Department?

For more than a century and a half, Baltimore City has had the dubious distinction among Maryland jurisdictions of paying for a police force, in this case over half a billion dollars annually, over which it does not wield ultimate ...

Baltimore, State of The City: Connect the Dots

Baltimore City mayor Catherine Pugh delivered her 2019 state of the city speech on Monday, March 11, 2019. Her presentation was informative, identifying accomplishments like the new police commissioner; a 10 percent reduction in the murder rate; neighborhood investments; and ...

OPINION: Let’s Clamp Down On Tobacco And Vaping Product Access For Young People

“…the law does not protect. Instead, legislators selectively go after some products, while protecting others. If legislators understood the damage that nicotine and tobacco products do to people, especially young people, they’d be rushing to outlaw them.”

New Baltimore City Health Commissioner Takes Over This Month

Dr. Letitia Dzirasa will take over the nation's oldest continuously-operating municipal health department this month, established in 1793, overseeing a department of 800-plus employees and a $150 million annual budget.

Pseudo Tough Guys Can't Rattle Calm Collected Cummings

Despite Kenan Thompson's best effort, the Elijah Cummings who coolly resisted and prevailed over the Republican's political sleight-of-hand at the beginning of the Cohen hearing, and subsequent attempts to coerce him, found its way into Saturday night's comedy sketch.

2020: End Of beginning Of Equality Or Beginning Of End Of Hate In America?

As America concludes its 43rd Black History Month, we are 60 days into the 400th year since enslaved Africans were brought in chains to the Land of the Free. It should come as no surprise that African Americans are currently ...

Should ‘Good Behavior' Be Part Of Children’s Educational Curriculum?

To encourage students’ compliance to Civics lessons their cooperation should be rewarded. Their adherence to standards of good civil conduct should earn them ‘educational’ achievements along with English, math and science. If American society will salvage a modicum of civility ...

Marilyn Mosby’s Good Job An Example Of Baltimore’s Good Citizenship

Baltimoreans should be reminded that regardless of who is chosen to lead the Baltimore City Police Department it will ultimately be the level of engagement, oversight and vigilance from citizens that will determine policy, procedure and results affecting crime and ...

You Get What You Pay For In A Police Commissioner, Baltimore

At the end of the day, the responsibility to police Baltimore is not the purview of the mayor or police commissioner alone. In a democracy, we the people must ultimately shoulder that responsibility. Pugh and Harrison are on our, the ...

Closer Look At Westside Baltimore Neighborhood Cause For Concern

Good news. Baltimore's murder rate declined 10 percent in 2018, with 309 killings versus 342 for all off 2017. However, the scope of violence overall continues to plague the city's neighborhoods and our reputation.

Why “Likes” Will Ruin Us All: The Generation of Problematic Validation

We all love a good scroll through social media to pass the time and satisfy our idle minds, but the question is, at what cost? We live in the generation of instant gratification and double-tap validation. All you have to ...

Connecting Diabetes Patients With Help

We applaud Eli Lilly for taking action to support those who need assistance managing their diabetes and look forward to seeing other innovative solutions emerge as we continue to tackle the cost of healthcare in Maryland.

Eugenics, Euthanasia, Infanticide And The Lord’s Work

"The day erecting a barrier to stop drug and human trafficking is considered immoral and killing viable live babies is celebrated is the day some Americans tossed morality into the abyss."