New Maryland City Councilman Stopped In ‘Driving While Black’ Incident

"I couldn't stop thinking about what happens to the young man or women who's not a lawyer or a county councilmember, hasn't honed their training on how to survive a stop, has an outstanding traffic ticket or bench warrant they ...

Boxing Gloves Will Not Solve Gun Murders On Baltimore Streets, Mr. Mayor

Baltimore Mayor Jack Young's suggestion that "beefs" or altercations between people on the streets of Baltimore can be solved by fisticuffs instead of shootings and gun battles is very flawed.

Black’ Or ‘African American?’

“Despite the dictionary definitions, there is no term that truly describes people that were taken from Africa and forced into slavery,” Carr said during his commentary on Washington, D.C.’s WUSA.

Smithsonian Institution Selects African American Museum Director Lonnie Bunch As Secretary

In a historic selection, the Smithsonian has selected Lonnie Bunch, III as the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution. Bunch will serve as the 14th Secretary.

Could The Past Hold The Key To A Better Future For Urban Kids?

Mayor Young pulled no punches attributing the responsibility for the behavior of young people as a parental issue. The mayor's estimate of the numbers of delinquent youth creating havoc downtown as one percent was still over-estimated.

Maryland Celebrates Healthy And Safe Swimming Week

The Maryland Department of Health (MDH) shared water safety tips during Healthy and Safe Swimming Week to prevent water-related injuries. Healthy and Safe Swimming Week took place from May 20-26, the week leading up to Memorial Day— the unofficial start ...

Prevent Long Hot Summer Of Violence In America

"We should not wait for another one of our hero’s to be killed before we stand up to take action to prevent this plague of violence from continuing. Nipsey was a great example of what can happen when a young ...

Over Seven Million Reasons Second Chances Are So Important For Ex-Offenders

Koch Industries believes it is important to consider all available workers, evaluating potential employees on their potential and not their past. It’s also why we banned the box on employment asking about criminal history in 2015. For decades, Koch companies ...

Can Investment In Infrastructure Drive Bipartisanship?

For U.S. commuters and communities, under funded roads, bridges, and public transit systems aren't a matter of political opinion— they're a fact of life.

Learn Your Numbers During Stroke Awareness Month

Know your numbers, take your medication, educate your children, and adult family members, and talk about your health. Visit a physician on a regular basis. Take control of your health, your life depends on it. Remember at any age a ...

Is The Black Jockey Demise A Precursor Of Where Pimlico Is Heading?

“Today you'd struggle to find an African-American jockey on a U.S. race track. Just 30 of [roughly] 750 members of the National Jockey's Guild are black,” according to McKenzie’s CNN report. African American jockeys have gone from domination to decimation ...

Lost One, Gained Two In Baltimore City Government Reshuffle

It would not be hyperbole to describe the assumption of Baltimore's latest mayor and city council president as the Dynamic Duo. The elevation of Bernard C. "Jack" Young as Baltimore's Mayor, and Brandon M. Scott as city council president, is ...

After Over 50 Years Of Failure Why Does Social Promotion Still Have Merit In Baltimore City Public Schools?

The evidence is clear. The practice of promoting Baltimore City Public School students to successive grades despite their apparent failure to master their contemporaneous grade level curriculum is abysmal, counterproductive and shameful.

It's Murder She Wrote, Not Marijuana

"It's counterproductive for us to continue to pursue and prosecute marijuana cases when we have the level of violence that is plaguing our communities, when we have homicide clearance rates that we still have to tackle," was the response of ...

Stronach Family Wants To Orphan Pimlico

"The City of Baltimore will potentially inherit another abandoned business site located in another abandoned neighborhood. The struggling Park Heights community will inherit a 140-acre hole in the ground. It is obvious that one of the reasons Stronach Group prefers ...