New exit polls reveal: 100 percent death rate!

Exit polls are conclusive— 100 percent of us will die.

Debating the debates

Every time I think the media has sunk below the point of no return on the scale of embarrassment; they prove to the world that there is truly no floor for how low they can go.

ASK ALMA: Mother made a mess of our family

I am the oldest of my mother’s children and have taken care of our family for most of my life. My mother started having children early, was married and divorced several times and has really made a mess of our ...

The main thing we must do!

What do you consider to be the most important issue facing black people in America? Jobs?

Trump’s attack on immigrants of color

I want to direct this column quite explicitly to African Americans. When you hear Donald Trump wail against immigrants, I hope that you understand that he is also talking about you.

Ben Carson, rise of the anti-Trump

How do you go from being an internationally respected surgeon, to a conservative folk hero, to nearly edging out Donald Trump in polls for the GOP presidential nomination?

Migrant crisis: Europe reaps what it has sown

There is something almost Biblical about the mass exodus of desperate people fleeing Syria and other war-torn and impoverished countries. For European governments, struggling to manage the crisis engulfing their borders, the Bible has a succinct lesson they might do ...

You are the key to solutions!

With as much meaningless and non-redeeming information being discussed on radio and TV among black folks, I often wonder if we even want to hear solutions to our problems, much less do anything to help solve them.

Misty Copeland danced her way to the top

Fighting for freedom and equality comes in numerous different forms, vessels and vocations, particularly in a society with a history of stereotypical distortions about human capacity and ability based on race and ethnicity.

Ask Alma: Boyfriend wants second chance

My boyfriend left me to be with another woman. It wasn’t the first time he’s cheated, but it is the first time he moved out. He came by last weekend and asked if he could come back.

Sending your children off to safe spaces in college

This is the time of year that many parents send their children off to college with the hope that they will learn, mature, become independent, have a great collegiate experience, but most of all, with the hope that their children ...

LETTER: Trump the loose cannon

Donald Trump should not be a candidate for President of the United States.

Jimmy Carter: America’s best former president

I became an admirer of Jimmy Carter shortly after he took office as the nation’s 39th president.

LETTER: Fat is fat no matter how you color it

The July 2015 article titled "Give Me Bawwdy" is a travesty.

Ten years after Hurricane Katrina: Changing hearts, minds and systems in New Orleans

Ten years after Katrina devastated New Orleans, it’s time for midcourse corrections in the restoration efforts.