A message for the class of 2015

If you are disposed to using the Internet as your guide, a diploma will generally be described as the proof of your successful completion of a course of study, or the bestowal of an academic degree.

Blaming black protesters for 'crime wave'

In their rush to punish African-Americans for exercising their First Amendment rights and pushing an end to oppressive law enforcement tactics, defenders of police brutality have lost all touch with common sense.

Time for young people to stop the violence

I only recently embraced my status as an “elder.” Actually, I describe myself as an “episodic elder,” eager enough to take one of those lovely “senior” discounts when it serves my purpose, yet reluctant to turn in my party card. ...

Ask Alma: A tough call

I’m friends with my next door neighbor. She’s not my BFF, but we hang from time to time.

Passing for black? Now that's a twist

"In this day and age who in the world willingly wants to be black?"

Hastert indictment spotlights Republican hypocrisy

The indictment of former House Speaker Dennis Hastert and the disclosure that he may have been sexually involved with at least two boys while serving as a high school football and wrestling coach in Illinois exposes the hypocrisy of the ...

LETTER: The phantom Iraqi army

The Iraqi Army has a history of moving to the rear and exposing their backsides to attacking forces.

Time to throw some political punches

For the past 50 years, most of our conversations and efforts have been centered on politics. Reminiscent of the Reconstruction Era, when blacks occupied political office for the first time, many of our politicians are just figureheads, toothless tigers and ...

Serena Williams, a champion on and off court

Serena Jameka Williams is more than one of the greatest tennis players in the world. She comes from a Black American family that has come to epitomize what it means to consistently struggle and triumph to success in professional sports ...

The Educational Equity and Excellence Project

All across the country, people are gathering to observe an annual academic rite of passage: graduation.

LETTER: Don’t forget a pre-trip vehicle check before hitting the road

If you are hitting the road this summer, you will have lots of company.

Ask Alma: My husband holds grudges

My Husband holds grudges

Media colors coverage of race

Discussions in the news media (I’d rather call it the “Views Media”) regarding the use of the word, “Thug,” are intriguing to say the least.

Black boys do more than run

I recently attended my grandson Austin Ragland’s graduation from pre-school in Buford, Ga. Yes, you read correctly – pre-school.

Blacks need Major League Baseball

A Chris Rock video has made the rounds in which he offers a critique of Major League baseball and its relationship to black America.