Shame on you, Katy Perry!

I am appalled that pop singer Katy Perry planted an unwanted kiss on an American Idol contestant during her judging duties for the show.

Civility on Social Media is Dead

"I have found myself increasingly wondering whether social media, particularly Twitter and Facebook, constitutes a vehicle for civil dialogue. The number of attacks that I have either witnessed or experienced has been astounding. It has gotten to the point that ...

Letters to the Editor

The biggest faker of all is none other than President Donald Trump. He is posing as a "Conservative," but he is actually a fake, Conservative.

Novel Explores Misconduct in Brooklyn’s Legal System

“With ‘Race to Judgment,’ Frederic Block has not only created an exciting novel but he also provides an insider’s look at the New York criminal justice system— from the deplorable conditions at the Riker’s Island prison, to the mistreatment of ...

When You're in Prison, No One Prepares You for Coming Home

"Incarceration, for me, was defined by deprivation not just deprivation of freedom, opportunity, and safety, but deprivation of the senses."

Raising Emotionally Competent Children

All parents should feel empowered to teach their children social and emotional development. Social and emotional competence yields similar academic gains as strictly educational interventions. Parents, churches and communities bear the brunt of the responsibility for socializing children. This is ...

Stronger Citizenship Role Can Help Rid Rogue Police

We must ask ourselves: do we fight the power or become The Power? To influence City Hall and police the police, we must participate in our democracy. Vote intelligently!

Black women need real change, not just thanks!

After Roy Moore’s defeat at the hands of Alabama voters— driven by black voter turnout, especially the votes of black women— we saw the celebration, credit taking and meaning-making that usually accompanies a progressive electoral victory.

Embrace racial healing to change hearts and minds

Prior to the displays of hatred and the tragic loss of Heather Heyer, a young woman who seemingly embraced the virtues of healing, a transformation was taking place in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Bill Cosby: A big legacy, forever tarnished

For those who grew up with Bill Cosby's comedy, feelings of sadness shouldn't be confused with sympathy in appraising a legacy that -- whatever the eventual outcome of the criminal case against him, in which a jury on Saturday failed ...

Bill Maher, the n-word and how he betrayed black intellectuals

NNPA Columnist Armstrong Williams talks about the use of the n-word and the recent Bill Maher controversy.

GOP and identity politics in the black community

The Republican Party continues to miss the mark when it comes to engaging the black community.

President Trump wages war on Obama’s legacy in first 100 days

There was the proposed massive budget cut to the Department of Housing and Urban Development; the incessant rhetoric about a rise in crime in the nation, that lacked evidence to back it up; the threats of a renewed war on ...

Consent Decrees Shouldn't End with Baltimore

Two years ago on April 12, 2015, Freddie Gray’s life was lost while in custody of the Baltimore City Police Department (BPD). The civil unrest and uprising that followed—involving residents in some of Baltimore’s poorest and most segregated neighborhoods—jolted the ...

New Orleans begins removing racist Confederate monuments

Against a backdrop of death threats and under the cover of night, officials in New Orleans have begun to dismantle Confederate monuments honoring racists of the Civil War and Jim Crow eras of United States history.