Our 2013 blackbirds

They aren’t that good. I’m talking about the 2013 edition of my beloved Baltimore Ravens.

Was what Don Lemon said so wrong?

There are STILL black folks mad at CNN on-air personality Don Lemon.

Is SRB the worst mayor in America?

There are those who feel our esteemed Stephanie Rawlings-Blake (SRB), our beloved Mayor Vroom Vroom, is the worst city chief executive in the land.

Republicans gear up to compete for black vote

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus inherited a simple mission: stop inflaming racism and expand the voter base beyond white, male America.

Bad News for Mayor Vroom Vroom

Mayor Stephanie “Vroom Vroom” Rawlings-Blake can’t be happy about the story that appeared in the August 25, 2013 edition of The Baltimore Sun.

Race fatigue

Help me, I'm suffering from acute race fatigue!

Black conservatives reflect on 50th anniversary of the March on Washington

On August 28, Americans will observe the 50th anniversary of the "March on Washington" civil rights rally.

More summer reading fun

Got books? If you do, then you must have spent this summer reading as many books as I have. As I did in a previous column, I’ll recommend some more books from my summer reading list.

The kurious kase of Karla Porter

This redefining self-defense business is getting WAY out of hand.

Detroit: Death certificate or rebirth?

Will the largest city in history to file bankruptcy receive a death certificate, or will this action result in a new birth certificate for the Motor City? Of course, a city as large and as well situated as Detroit is ...

Fear the bridge?

This had to be the most hilarious news story of the year. It ran on WJZ-TV a while back.

Let’s have an honest discussion about race

If we talk about what ails us that will make it better.

Overdraft fees cost consumers $16.7 billion

In recent years, many banks and credit unions have encouraged new checking account customers to accept two items: a debit card that replaces cash transactions and a “protection” known as overdraft coverage

Making ‘patient protection’ essential in Obamacare

For decades, Americans have demanded a healthcare system that provides lifelong access to affordable care.

Barack and “The Click”

I was stunned. I turned on my TV, and there was one President Barack Hussein Obama, talking about “The Click.”