Free Speech Just Isn't That Complicated

Question: What is free speech? Or, rather what is NOT free speech?

Running for Exposure

"What we must know, even at this point in July, is that all twenty-four candidates aren't running for President. At least half of them are simply running for exposure, and most of the nation is not paying attention. "

Women’s Suffrage Forged By Founding Sisters: Happy Birthday To Ida B.

Small in stature but huge in courage, Wells, an emancipated slave, joined a cadre of Black contemporaries— scholars, activists, and thought leaders— who pledged to change the trajectory of bondage and demand that Black women have a voice.

Publisher Of Houston Forward Times, Elected As New NNPA National Chair

Karen Carter Richards, publisher of the Houston Forward Times, has been elected to serve as the chair of the National Newspapers Publishers Association (NNPA), the trade organization that represents African American-owned newspapers and media companies throughout the country.

Supreme Court Shoots Down Trump’s Census Citizenship Question

“Though ultimately the Trump administration may prevail in having the citizenship question added, the Trump administration has to adequately explain how eliciting the citizenship question data will help them better enforce the Voting Rights Act,” said Inniss, who joined many ...

Celebrate Your Community On Independence Day!

Back when our ancestors landed on our shores, they didn't head off into the woods to build a log cabin singlehandedly. No, they banded together in small communities. They worked together, struggled together, cried together, and celebrated together. They shared ...

July 4th And The American Spirit

We live in a free country where we have the freedom to try and even do the impossible. If fear is holding you back, it's part of the normal process of living and trying. Our forefather's paved the way and ...

Plastics Are Strangling The Planet

The planetary crisis in plastics is one that no one nation-state can resolve alone. There must be a collective pact, and this necessitates a shift in the attitude of an arrogant US administration.

A Tale Of Two Graduations

The two commencements I attended during this graduation season shared those characteristics, but in many ways, they could not have been more different.

Watching A Father And Son

You may have seen the video of a father speaking with his pre-verbal son about the season finale of tv show, Empire. The video went viral at warp speed and DJ Pryor—the father—was overwhelmed by the outpouring of emotion that ...

New Maryland City Councilman Stopped In ‘Driving While Black’ Incident

"I couldn't stop thinking about what happens to the young man or women who's not a lawyer or a county councilmember, hasn't honed their training on how to survive a stop, has an outstanding traffic ticket or bench warrant they ...

Boxing Gloves Will Not Solve Gun Murders On Baltimore Streets, Mr. Mayor

Baltimore Mayor Jack Young's suggestion that "beefs" or altercations between people on the streets of Baltimore can be solved by fisticuffs instead of shootings and gun battles is very flawed.

Black’ Or ‘African American?’

“Despite the dictionary definitions, there is no term that truly describes people that were taken from Africa and forced into slavery,” Carr said during his commentary on Washington, D.C.’s WUSA.

Smithsonian Institution Selects African American Museum Director Lonnie Bunch As Secretary

In a historic selection, the Smithsonian has selected Lonnie Bunch, III as the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution. Bunch will serve as the 14th Secretary.

Could The Past Hold The Key To A Better Future For Urban Kids?

Mayor Young pulled no punches attributing the responsibility for the behavior of young people as a parental issue. The mayor's estimate of the numbers of delinquent youth creating havoc downtown as one percent was still over-estimated.