Central West Baltimore eager for State Center redevelopment

When you walk through Historic Marble Hill, you will appreciate the architectural craftsmanship with details that have stood the test of time and can’t be replicated by today’s builders.

The Great Distracter

Three of Donald Trump’s latest ploys to distract attention from Russiagate have failed

Hidden ER Costs Undermine Health Markets

Imagine you're traveling in a different state when, suddenly, you begin to feel severe abdominal pain.

Why the FDA should think like a surgeon

On a visit to her prenatal physician, Margaret Boeme and her husband received unwelcome news— their unborn baby had a spinal tumor.

Racial bias puts patients at risk

Racial biases and misconceptions remain rampant in our healthcare system— and medical schools aren't doing enough to address the issue.

Letters to the Editor

The week included many visits by community groups to thank our veterans for their sacrifices and to let them know that their deeds are not forgotten.

BGE rededicates first gas street lamp in country

Baltimore Gas and Electric Company (BGE) rededicated the first gas streetlamp

What would Coretta Scott King do?

In the historic 1963 March on Washington-which catapulted Dr. King to fame--women, however, were not allowed to march with the leaders or give a major address.

Colleges Are Failing to Prepare Students for Work; Here's the Solution

Job prospects for today's college seniors are looking up. The hiring of bachelor's-degree holders is expected to jump by 19 percent this year.

Obama Rallies America in Farewell Speech

“Yes, we did!” Those were the words that Barack Hussein Obama ended his farewell speech to America on Tuesday, January 10, 2017, eight years after he captured the presidency, campaigning on the slogan, “Yes, we can!”

Why is President Obama getting no credit as he leaves office?

In less than two weeks, Americans will be forced and some will be ready to drink President Trump’s Kool-Aid.

Making Workplace Wellness Count

Going to the gym is about to get a lot more expensive. That's because the share of companies offering wellness programs dropped 13 percent this year.

The Secret Weapon to Ending America's Health Crisis: Schools

America has a big, fat problem. A whopping 13 million American children are obese— and millions more are about to join their ranks. By 2025, according to a report in Pediatric Obesity, the nation will house 17 million obese kids.

Why are so many of us hiding behind our smartphones?

Bill Fletcher says that texting while walking and retreating behind headphones in public are just symptoms of a larger social illness.

Record number of African Americans will now serve in Congress

Reality star billionaire Donald Trump won the presidency in shocking fashion, but African American candidates also made history on November 8, 2016.