Volunteers of America Chesapeake collecting backpacks, school supplies for kids in need

Volunteers of America Chesapeake kicks off its Operation Backpack initiative later this month, working to ensure low-income students from around the Baltimore-Washington region have access to supplies they need to be successful in school.

Black families believe racial inequality growing in U.S. schools

Black families overwhelmingly believe that their schools are underfunded, and that racial inequality is growing, according to a poll conducted by The Leadership Conference Education Fund and the Anzalone Liszt Grove Research firm.

Our Children Deserve High Quality Teachers

I am a native Washingtonian. I still live on the same street that my parents brought me home to 50 plus years ago. I am a product of D.C. public schools.

Global Response Needed for South Sudan Famine

On February 20, 2017, the United Nations (UN) declared a state of famine in South Sudan. Man-made crisis and conflict had left 4.9 million in need of urgent food assistance and at least 100,000 in immediate danger of death by ...

Maryland taxpayers be warned about phone scam involving certified letters, debit cards

Comptroller Peter Franchot, is warning taxpayers about a new scam linked to the Internal Revenue Services’ Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) in which fraudsters call to demand immediate tax payment through a prepaid debit card. The scam is being ...

Hijacking the black media to undermine musicians’ rights

Traditional media has a long history of neglecting the black community, and an equally long history of refusing to give us a fair hearing or equal time.

Making the case for investing in HBCUs

The United Negro College Fund’s (UNCFs) iconic, “A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste,” advertising campaign remains the gold-standard for shining light on the urgency of investing in black colleges and universities.

Medicare isn't broken; quit trying to fix it

Tens of thousands of seniors owe their lives to Medicare's prescription drug benefit, according to a new study from the University of Illinois.

Paging Dr. Siri

Smart-phone apps are about to revolutionize medical care.

Ensuring the promise of the Every Student Succeeds Act

During the month of May, many of us celebrated the 63rd anniversary of the Brown vs. Board of Education decision.

Mission of Democratic Faith Working Group

Growing up in a church parsonage, the eldest son of a fundamentalist Christian minister, grounded me securely in faith and family.

New Orleans begins removing racist Confederate monuments

Against a backdrop of death threats and under the cover of night, officials in New Orleans have begun to dismantle Confederate monuments honoring racists of the Civil War and Jim Crow eras of United States history.

Bridging education gap a top priority for black American parents

All parents want the best for their children. We all acknowledge that attaining a high-quality K-12 education is probably the single most important factor that will determine the future life success of a student in the public school systems throughout ...

Why Early Learning Matters

The quality of an early education can influence the opportunities for a young child’s success in school and life.

Central West Baltimore eager for State Center redevelopment

When you walk through Historic Marble Hill, you will appreciate the architectural craftsmanship with details that have stood the test of time and can’t be replicated by today’s builders.