This Too Shall Pass: ‘Birthright Citizenship’ Kerfuffle, Mostly A Get Out The Vote Tactic

"It's not exactly an "October surprise." Trump used birthright citizenship as a rallying complaint on the campaign trail in 2016. He has done nothing about it in the nearly two years since."

What If Black Professional Athletes Respected Black Economic Empowerment?

“The black percentage of professional football players exceeds 70 percent and the National Basketball Association approaches over 90 percent. These gifted athletes control billions of dollars that could be directed to significant economic empowerment for the black communities from which ...

The Real White Man’s Burden

"White men and women have an opportunity to (finally) break their own chains of oppressor status in an increasingly interdependent world."

Truth And Reconciliation For Gender-Based Offenses

While mainstream society has come a long way in recent months in propping up survivors and calling out perpetrators for violent and sexist behavior, it is time that we hear more from those perpetrators in the context of truth and ...

Survey Reveals Increase In School Bus Stop Arm Violations

Maryland school bus drivers have reported a disturbing trend in the Maryland State Department of Education’s latest survey of driver behavior: more are ignoring bus stop arms.

School Grading Practices Are Inaccurate And Inequitable To Black Children

Even though teachers are dedicated to having every student succeed, they have never been trained in how to grade.

It's Medicare Open Enrollment Season. Here's What You Need To Know:

Medicare’s Annual Election Period is here. Beginning October 15, seniors will choose their Medicare plans for 2019. They'll have to make their selections by December 7 for coverage that takes effect January 1.

Beyond The Rhetoric: So Much Hate, So Little Tolerance

Sadly, since the latest federal election something has happened to our current state of minds. The political sides— Democrats and Republicans— have become intolerable of each other.

Don’t Believe The Hype: Vote, Our Lives Depend On It

"When we take our well-deserved seat at the table, we know our impact is always powerful."

What’s Happened To The Big Wage Increases Promised By Republicans?

"When justifying the Republicans’ December 2017 $1.5 trillion tax cut for corporations and the wealthy, President Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan claimed that it would result, in 2018, in wage gains for American workers ranging from $4,000 to ...

Time For African Americans To ‘Come Home’

"We must travel back to our ancestral homelands. We must reconnect with who we really are without the trappings and ornaments of white supremacy. We are an African people."

The Significance Of ‘Sorry To Bother You’

The film, however, is much more than about the white voice. It is about class struggle, racial justice struggle, gender justice struggle…in fact, it is about the very notion of collective struggle.

Teaching The Past With Passion

We need more initiatives that will encourage young people to learn and understand the past for the future of democracy in this nation. Alarming statistics show we are a nation of “amnesiacs” when it comes to American history. Without knowledge ...

Michelle Obama Co-Chairs “When We All Vote”

“When We All Vote,” a non-partisan organization inspiring voter turnout in the run up to Election Day in November, is working on a National Week of Action. Former First Lady Michelle Obama is serving as a co-chair.

I Fought For Our Country, Now NFL Players Are Kneeling For Me

As someone who served as a sergeant in Afghanistan, only to take a civilian job helping veterans upon returning home, I fully understand patriotism.