"Environmentalism" Shouldn't Be A Dirty Word For Republicans

"Is there a more despised word among Republicans than "environmentalist?" For many GOP voters, the term conjures up a mental image of tree-hugging socialists hell-bent on regulating our country back to the Stone Age."

Girl Scouts Is Best Leadership Organization For Girls

"I have developed strong relationships with my Girl Scout mentors through the years and learned many skills from them. Because of all of these experiences, I can say that Girl Scouts is the best leadership organization for girls."

We Have To Get Real About Achievement Gap Between Black And White Students!

“The persistent normalcy of lower achievement among certain disadvantaged student populations is deeply troubling. Closing those gaps should be as important— if not more— than simply raising overall graduation rates.”

Labor Day: Deal With Your Stuff

"Not everyone will be travelling over Labor Day and I would like to suggest an activity of labor that will be mentally good for you and your entire family."

America’s Teachers Need More Community And Parental Support

"As a new teacher, the constant challenge for me was parental engagement. A working parent’s schedule often left little time during school hours to participate in their child’s education and those who were free during school hours, failed to realize ...

How To Preserve The Miracle Of Life For More American Families

Each day, nearly 100 U.S. babies are born with congenital heart defects. Many will not make it to their first birthday. Fortunately, several breakthrough technologies have emerged in recent years that could save many of these babies. It's time we ...

S.C. Representative Jim Clyburn Says Black Press Is Essential To 2018 Midterms

“The first order of business is to win the [midterm] elections on November 6,” Clyburn said. “That’s what I’ve been concentrating on.”

Letters To The Editor

"Meet the new boss, same as the old boss."

The Cummington Story

Pride and a sense of social justice, run deep in Cummington, as the continuous showing of the 1945 film demonstrates, in part because of its role in offering refuge to foreigners who turned to America for help in starting a ...

Two Faced President

Trump's outsourcing is inconsistent with his attacks on U.S. companies manufacturing products overseas.

The Constitution Is A Shield For Civil And Human Rights

“America was created to be an exception to the global norm that limited freedom, curtailed liberties, denied due process and caused poverty to persist across generations. We had to overcome huge obstacles, of course, but the extra-ordinary achievements we’ve realized ...

The Racial Optics Of The Opioid Epidemic

Please excuse me for not welling up with empathy for those who are addicted to opioids. Yeah, I know drug addiction is a bad thing, but people make choices and have to live with the consequences.

Does America Really Have The Worst Health System In The Developed World?

America spends twice as much on healthcare as its peers in the developed world yet fares worse on a range of health indicators, including life expectancy and infant mortality.

Open Letter To Senator Ben Cardin

Dear Senator Cardin: It is now more evident than ever that Mr. Donald Trump is not competent to serve as president of the United States of America.

Bipartisanship Brings Loan Program Expansion For Small Businesses

The 7(a) loan program was created to help entrepreneurs gain access to credit in order to start and grow their businesses when they are unable to qualify for a conventional loan. It can be a “make or break” cash infusion ...