Joint Statement From Starbucks CEO, Donte Robinson and Rashon Nelson

After constructive conversations, and mediation before a retired federal judge in Philadelphia, Donte Robinson, Rashon Nelson and Kevin Johnson, ceo of Starbucks Coffee Company, reached a settlement agreement earlier this week that will allow both sides to move forward and ...

I Say No To a Starbucks Boycott

"Again and again, Starbucks has been at the forefront of corporate America when it comes to cultivating a society where all people matter."

Letters to the Editor: Re: Putin is the Enemy

Vladimir Putin denies Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. elections, but U.S. intelligence agencies have conclusive evidence of the meddling.

A New NAFTA Must Halt Intellectual Property Theft

As American negotiators push to conclude NAFTA renegotiations, they should prepare to demand stronger protection of intellectual property rights. Robust IP protections would prevent Canada, Mexico, and other trading partners from freeloading off American ingenuity— particularly our medicines.

Black People Must Vote Or Reap The Consequences!

“Those who seek to disenfranchise black people from the voting process know exactly how important voting is. Those who seek to disenfranchise black people relative to the voting process know the profound impact that it has at every level of ...

Police Accountability and Qualified Immunity

“The Supreme Court has used qualified immunity to deny damages to an eighth-grade girl who was strip-searched by school officials who thought she had a rogue ibuprofen pill. It denied damages to a man who was held in a maximum-security ...

Fair Housing’s Unfinished 50-Year Journey

"Although golden anniversaries are often considered milestone moments accompanied by festive celebrations, two such observances in April 2018 are bittersweet memories for much of Black America. One took the life of an unparalleled preacher, orator, author, activist and Nobel Peace ...

Senate's Part D Budget Deal Is No Victory for Seniors

Earlier this month, the Senate announced its two-year budget deal. It contains a healthcare provision that many are touting as a victory for American seniors. The reform aims to close the so-called "donut hole" coverage gap in the Medicare Part ...

Letters to the Editor: The Kirwan Commission

"It is incumbent on us, the citizens of the state, to support the needs of our children and thus, the recommendations of the Kirwan Commission."

Protect American Ideas Through Trade

"An unlevel playing field with our trading partners threatens this future by handicapping and hampering creative and innovative U.S. industries. Trade enforcement and strong new trade deals are the keys to breaking this trend and putting U.S. innovators back on ...

Trump The Terrible

'President Trump's character flaws are overwhelming his administration and placing our country in jeopardy. Former CIA Director John Brennan referred to Trump as " unstable, inept, inexperienced and also unethical."'

President Trump, GOP Can’t Afford to Ignore Black Blue-Collar Workers

"The Trump political operation and the Republican National Committee (RNC) are both making a flawed strategic calculation by not recognizing that blacks are also a part of this blue-collar pool of voters that are open to Trump’s plans and the ...

What People Don't Know About Genetic Testing Can Hurt Them

This year, over 200,000 Americans will order genetic tests to see if they're at risk for more than 2,000 hereditary diseases, including cancer. Patients and their doctors can choose tests from over 500 different laboratories. Most people don't think twice ...

Shame on you, Katy Perry!

I am appalled that pop singer Katy Perry planted an unwanted kiss on an American Idol contestant during her judging duties for the show.

Civility on Social Media is Dead

"I have found myself increasingly wondering whether social media, particularly Twitter and Facebook, constitutes a vehicle for civil dialogue. The number of attacks that I have either witnessed or experienced has been astounding. It has gotten to the point that ...