Is The Aim Of Education To Get Good Jobs Or To Be Good Citizens?

You’d think that the National Academies of Sciences would be out there promoting STEM education: the study of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. However, a new report questions whether the purpose of education is to provide students with “a path ...

Something We Can Learn From The Rescue In Thailand

The world celebrated the rescue of 12 Thai soccer players from a flooded cave in Mae Sai, Thailand. We grieved over the loss of one brave man, Saman Kunam who sacrificed his life to deliver supplies to the trapped boys. ...

Don't Just Do Infrastructure. America Needs Comprehensive Economic Development

President Trump recently proposed a $1.5 trillion infrastructure program. It's generally a good idea but infrastructure alone will not produce long-term inclusive growth. To achieve that, America instead needs a comprehensive economic development strategy. That means struggling communities must invest ...

President Trump’s Useful Idiocy

Though the president still has many supporters, there is a growing consensus, especially as the Trump-initiated trade war heats up, that he does not have their best interests in mind, never mind the best interests of the nation as a ...

Don't Manage Diabetes, Reverse It

"Diabetes is reversible. That's the exciting conclusion of a study I'm leading at Indiana University Health."

Vlad’s Man In The White House

"Your boy in the White House, the oafish, tweeting puppet of master string-puller Vladimir, is waiting for your further support this fall in our elections. Give Putin the extra power he craves and Vote Republican."

Celebrate Your Community On Independence Day!

"The spirit of community is the spirit that built America. And it's what will rebuild us as we work together to create our future."

Parental Engagement Secret to Academic Success

"When students reach third grade and began to socialize more independently with friends, parent engagement, often wanes. It’s not surprising that after requiring almost, constant supervision that parents breathe a sigh of relief when their children gain newfound independence. However, ...

Black Mamas Are Dying. We Can Stop It.

"Every year, more than 700 American mothers lose their lives to pregnancy or birth-related complications. Some medical professionals estimate that at least half, if not more, of these deaths are entirely preventable."

Letters to the Editor

"It is amazing how many educated black people of today are so willing to accept handouts from white institutions."

Protecting our community during National Foster Care Month

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, our community was under a full-fledged attack. Crack was in our streets, it was in our schools, it was in our parks, it was in our playgrounds, and for some it was in ...

Encouraging Entrepreneurship for Military Spouses

"The unemployment rate among military spouses is 23 percent, and considering 85 percent say they want to or need to work, that is unacceptable. When the average household relies on two incomes, it should come as no surprise military families ...

Blacks Can’t Afford to Ignore Dental Health

While Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) provide a safety net access to dental care is a big issue, especially for children of color.

BGE Residential Customers’ Electric Bills to Decrease

Average bills to decrease while customers experience best reliability in company history!

Smart Investments in SNAP Smart for the Black Community

From 2012 to 2015 African American-owned businesses across the United States grew from 1.9 million to 2.6 million. As the economy continues growing, these numbers are only expected to increase but our nation’s black businesses face a host of challenges, ...