Gregory Kane

Gregory Kane

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Ravens didn’t deserve to make playoffs!

I believe in the merit system: rewards and kudos should go to those who earn them.

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‘Bodymore’ once more

As of December 16, 2013, the number of homicides in Baltimore reached 224.

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And yet another journalistic goof!

OK, it’s official: I’m a goof!

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When stupid meets nasty

Balti-morons: that’s what folks not from around these parts call us.

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It’s the quarterback, stupid!

A quick memo to Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh about the woes of his team in the 2013 season: It’s your quarterback, stupid!

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That ‘Chitling Test’ controversy

Forty-three years ago Adrian Dove, a black sociologist, created the Chitling Test of Intelligence.

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What's an investigative stop?


There is only one reaction that we should have to the revelation that Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts made an “investigative stop.”

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Was what Don Lemon said so wrong?

There are STILL black folks mad at CNN on-air personality Don Lemon.

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Is SRB the worst mayor in America?

There are those who feel our esteemed Stephanie Rawlings-Blake (SRB), our beloved Mayor Vroom Vroom, is the worst city chief executive in the land.

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Bad News for Mayor Vroom Vroom

Mayor Stephanie “Vroom Vroom” Rawlings-Blake can’t be happy about the story that appeared in the August 25, 2013 edition of The Baltimore Sun.

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The kurious kase of Karla Porter

This redefining self-defense business is getting WAY out of hand.

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Fear the bridge?

This had to be the most hilarious news story of the year. It ran on WJZ-TV a while back.

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Barack and “The Click”

I was stunned. I turned on my TV, and there was one President Barack Hussein Obama, talking about “The Click.”

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Bottom Lines After Zimmerman Verdict

Now that George Zimmerman has been acquitted, it’s time to make note of a few bottom lines in the case, and there are quite a few.

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What George Zimmerman should do now

There have been calls from President Obama and others for us to “move forward” or “move on” after the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial.

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Gwynn Oak Park: 50 Years Later

It happened 50 years ago, in the summer of 1963.

Baltimore gun mayhem: Lesson for Maryland democrats

Twenty shot the weekend that started Friday, June 21 and ended Sunday, June 23, 2013.

A Request of Mayor Vroom Vroom and other elected officials

About six inches, that's how close the car came to hitting a boy at the intersection of Northern Parkway and Wabash Avenue

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Made that Summer reading list yet?

Ah, summertime! ‘Tis the season for vacations, weddings, picnics, cookouts and some good old, down home reading.

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Made That Summer Reading List Yet?

Ah, summertime! ‘Tis the season for vacations, weddings, picnics, cookouts and some good old, down home reading. That is, for those folks who still read and if you read this newspaper, I suspect that you’re among the dwindling number of Americans who also read books.

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Strange Bedfellows in DNA Case

Now isn’t this a sign that the Apocalypse is upon us?

Wanted: At least 15 Stanley Cherrys

Needed: at least 15 corrections officers like Stanley Cherry to work in the Baltimore City Detention Center. Who, many readers will no doubt ask, is Stanley Cherry?

O’Malley, O’Reilly and Cobor, Oh My!

This story about the federal indictments handed down regarding corruption at the Baltimore City Detention Center (BCDC) just keeps getting better and better or worse and worse, depending on your perspective!

Sun and Post

You mean the "Washington Post" is NOT a liberal newspaper?

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Should baby killers be executed?

There are baby killers among us. At least one, possibly three, of them killed little Carter Scott.