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How occupational therapy helps students to succeed

This week the Special Education series offers an overview of Occupational Therapy and how these services may improve your child’s life in and outside the classroom.

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Special Education: Occupational Therapy 101

In my work as a special education student advocate, I have participated in dozens of Individual Education Plan (IEP) meeting. Nearly all the students were offered occupational therapy as part of their remedial services plan.

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Common Core is killing american education

Recently, as I waited in line at the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, my eyes drifted to a sample license plate on the wall that said "Education Begins At Home."

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How not to let your kid's brain turn to mush over the summer break

Summer break is here for many students and their teachers across the country. Kids are off to camps, vacations with the grandparents or just time lounging around the house.

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Focusing on ADHD treatment options

Education Matters continues the series on special education. This week focuses on treatment options for ADHD. Parents and guardian should be aware that their child’s teacher or guidance counselor will often be the first to raise concerns a student is ADHD.

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ADHD treatment options

Education Matters continues the series on special education.

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Does your child have ADHD?

Symptoms of Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder

Education Matters began a series of articles on special education with a list of some signs and symptoms of learning disabilities, such as dyslexia and ADHD.

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Addressing the academic needs of military families

Each April, the Month of the Military Child, the US Department of Education (ED) brings attention to the academic needs and challenges faced by children of active service members.

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Waldorf Middle School students beat Hopkins undergrads

Engineering contest brings out best in students

This week Education Matters highlights an extraordinary STEM achievement by a group of middle school girls.

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Your child and the Maryland School Assessment

This school year, Maryland implemented higher standards for student learning in all schools across the state.

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The great debate: Are classroom computers a threat to creativity?

What does a wrench, pencil, fork, ruler and a light bulb have in common?

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Maryland Parent Involvement Matters Award nominations open

Know a parent who deserves statewide recognition for his or her work to improve public education? Nominate him or her today!

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TechBreakfast promotes STEM Education at Leith Walk Elementary School

It’s no secret our country’s public schools are failing to educate many of our most promising students.