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Communications Class Takes Morgan Students Straight To The Top

“The role of the university is not to produce just practitioners,” said Dr. Marshall. “The role of education is to get students to think about their role in the world, and do something on their own personal convictions. It empowers them to move democracy forward.”

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SBLC Receives $400,000 Grant To Prepare Baltimore City Residents For Entry Into A Technical Skills Training Program

SBLC, a Baltimore nonprofit that provides adults with functional literacy, life skills training, career preparation services and several pathways to a high school diploma, has been awarded a $400,000 grant by The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation.

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What Do The 2019 Elections Mean For 2020?

So, what do we learn from the last elections? Democrats have a chance to defeat some Republicans and may yet prevail in the 2020 elections. But race remains a divisive factor in our country. And unfortunately, we have a President who will use race divisiveness to his advantage. Count on the 2020 election to be as contentious as the 2016 election was, but hopefully with different results.

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Baltimore Woman Considered Medical Hero For Participating In Clinical Trials That Advance HIV/AIDS Research

For those battling serious diseases, researchers say the opportunity to participate in a clinical trial can be a lifeline. However, for many, deciding whether or not to participate in a clinical trial can be difficult. There are a lot of unknowns like— Why should I do it? Are there side effects? Will participation disrupt my job and affect my health coverage? How far will I need to travel? Will I receive the results of my clinical trial?

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Meeting The Temptations, A Dream Come True For 15-Year-Old

As another Christmas holiday-giving season is nearly upon us, random acts of kindness never go out of style. This time of year, people are often in search of the perfect gift to give to friends and loved ones. However, a kind gesture exhibited by Dr. Otis Williams and his fellow Temptations members reminds us that giving time to someone is one of the most precious gifts of all.