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W.E.A.N. Hosts 17th Annual ‘Bag of Hope’ Event

On Saturday, December 7, 2019, Women Embracing Abilities Now (W.E.A.N) will host the 17th annual “Bags of Hope” event at The League for People with Disabilities in Baltimore.

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December 15 Deadline To Enroll For Health Care In Maryland

The door is closing on the opportunity to sign up for 2020 health insurance coverage through the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange. With the December 15 deadline fast approaching, officials have worked to point out that costs are down and more affordable than last year.

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Baltimore Woman Considered Medical Hero For Participating In Clinical Trials That Advance HIV/AIDS Research

For those battling serious diseases, researchers say the opportunity to participate in a clinical trial can be a lifeline. However, for many, deciding whether or not to participate in a clinical trial can be difficult. There are a lot of unknowns like— Why should I do it? Are there side effects? Will participation disrupt my job and affect my health coverage? How far will I need to travel? Will I receive the results of my clinical trial?

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Christmas Village Includes A ‘Cynful’ Delicious Dessert Endor

"It's cold, but we are enjoying Christmas Village in Baltimore," said Hagans, the founder of Cynful Bliss, an online boutique and mobile baker specializing in alcohol-infused cupcakes, cakes, candies and other desserts. "We also offer traditional non-alcoholic dessert options for any occasion."

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Former Motown Artist Pens Book About Overcoming Anxiety And Emotional Disorders

A former Motown singer has traded the microphone and stage for a pen and notebook. Clarence "KD" McNair, Jr., who was once part of the R&B group "Prophet Jones," has written a new book titled, "Give it One More Try."

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Clifton Morgan Helps Fulfill Dreams At Year Up Baltimore

Year Up counts as a college and career development program for low to moderate-income students between the ages of 18 to 24.

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Report Reveals 35 Million Americans Still Have 2018 Holiday Debt

“While 58 percent will pay for holiday purchases made by credit card in full by the due date, 23 percent said they will have a holiday balance after January. Just 19 percent said they would pay off their holiday purchases in full by New Year’s Day.”

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GYMGUYZ Want To Help Thanksgiving Feasters Work The Calories Off

GYMGUYZ is considered tops in personal home training. The company provides convenient, customized, and creative workouts wherever an individual may live.

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Greentop Gifts Features Black Santa Claus

“The clear problem that families like us face is a lack of diverse images on Christmas-themed wrapping paper. So we decided after going through this exercise one too many holiday seasons that we would solve this problem and make our own.”

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Report: Baltimore Among Most Stressed Cities In America

A new study suggests that many Baltimore residents experience the type of stress that continues for lengthy periods. City residents experience the third highest work-related stress and the fourth highest family-stress in the country, according to the study of the “Most & Least Stressed Cities in America.”

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