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Baltimore-based music video earns Grammy nomination

A music video shot in Baltimore has earned a Grammy nomination for an up and coming R ad B artist who has been compared to greats like Sam Cooke.

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Obama Rallies America in Farewell Speech

“Yes, we did!” Those were the words that Barack Hussein Obama ended his farewell speech to America on Tuesday, January 10, 2017, eight years after he captured the presidency, campaigning on the slogan, “Yes, we can!”

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Johns Hopkins partners with Facebook for research

Johns Hopkins University and the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory have been selected to join a group of universities and research centers participating in a research agreement

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Hometown hero leaves lasting legacy

Former NFL standout Keion Carpenter dedicated his life to helping youth in his hometown Baltimore and around the country.

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Bike Share donation to benefit city residents

Baltimore Bike Share has announced that Downtown Partnership of Baltimore is providing $10,000 to subsidize new monthly Bike Share passes to enable low-income residents better access to what the organization says is a convenient and healthy way of getting around town.

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Alzheimer’s Research Continues: Generation Study Now Recruiting Volunteers

Officials at the Alzheimer’s Prevention Initiative say they have made great strides in the fight to find a treatment to delay symptoms of Alzheimer’s or to prevent the disease altogether.

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Presidents’ Roundtable sets goals for New Year

Among the primary goals in 2017 for The Presidents’ Roundtable is to accelerate the formation of entrepreneurial opportunities for the African-American community and to expand and diversify the business opportunities for corporations that currently make up the ambitious organization.

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Mother, daughter team up for cosmetic line

A mother-daughter team are making innovative moves in field of cosmetics— at least in Baltimore.

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Madison Park North Construction Hits Home for Developers

When Governor Larry Hogan and Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh joined a host of other dignitaries and officials on Friday, December 9, 2016 to announce a multimillion, redevelopment plan for Madison Park North in West Baltimore’s Reservoir Hill, those working on the project were taken by more than just the dollar signs attached and the media attention the design brought.

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Everybody Loves Grace: Barclay resident beautifies community with green thumb

Grace Comer and the garden at Guilford Avenue and 21st Street go way back.

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