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Annapolis hip-hop artist hits big with contest win, new video

Freestyle rap battles represent a creative process for popular Annapolis hip-hop artist Tre Da Kid, whose approach of taking the contest to his opponent helped him to capture the Verizon #freestyle50 challenge, a national competition that allows rising lyricists to put their bars to the test and compete for the chance to open on tour for various big name artists.

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Coalition Seeks to Change Substance Abuse Behaviors in West Baltimore

Morgan State University (MSU) associate professor Dr. Lorece Edwards says binge drinking has been among the most severe problems among the young in the community and wants to eliminate substance and alcohol abuse among youth in West Baltimore.

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Author and global traveler brings kindness message to Baltimore

Leon Logothetis brought his message of kindness to Baltimore’s Arbutus Middle School earlier this month, and the global adventurer and philanthropist says the students there embraced his belief that doing something good for others goes a long way in creating a peaceful world.

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Celebration planned for 90th anniversary of historic Coleridge-Taylor School

Dr. Jannette L. Dates, Dean Emerita of the Howard University School of Communications and Coppin State University graduate, recalled the “good old days” when she attended the Historic Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Elementary, School #122, in Baltimore in the 1940s.

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National nonprofit builds first outdoor classroom in Baltimore

School gardens have proven to be more than just a trend, and the blossoming health and education benefits that go along with them have many looking to create additional space.

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Essex High School student raises awareness about lupus

Like the estimated 1.5 million Americans who have lupus or some form of the illness, Essex High School student Kayura Gwynn admitted confusion and sadness when doctors first diagnosed her a little more than three years ago.

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Vitamin D checks are vital for African-Americans

African-Americans are at a higher risk for vitamin D deficiency than anyone else in the U.S. population, according to some medical experts.

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Music from Baltimore’s Shire featured in Fox’s hit TV Show

Baltimore native Talia “Shire” Burgess is among the talented team of songwriters for Fox Network’s “Shots Fired.”

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Auto dealers compete to save the bay, help students

Anyone buying a new vehicle in the next few months just might help the Chesapeake Bay, students and teachers in K-12 education, and conservation and restoration programs in Maryland.

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Aspiring museum curator selected for special KIPP program

The KIPP Alumni Leadership Accelerator counts as a nine-month, early-career fellowship for college graduates who completed middle or high school at a KIPP school.

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