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Hogan sworn in as Maryland’s 62nd governor

Two months after his stunning, yet decisive victory over Democrat Anthony Brown, Republican Larry Hogan Jr., took the oath of office on Wednesday, January 21, 2015 as Maryland’s 62nd governor.

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‘Selma’ reaches both young and old

The civil rights film, “Selma,” which was produced by Oprah Winfrey has opened nationwide and while many have concluded that Oscar voters essentially snubbed the movie, it still received a Best Picture nomination from the academy, which will announce winners next month.

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Inked Up: Tattoos continue to grow in popularity

For Barret Beyer, the tattoos that cover nearly half of his body tell the story of his life.

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Tech program prepares Baltimore youth for future careers

It was just a couple of short years ago when Andrew Coy taught history in the Baltimore School District.

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BSO Kids Program helping students around Baltimore

The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra is easily identified for its artistic excellence and, over the years, the organization has been able to attract a devoted following not just locally, but the world over.

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Critically acclaimed show ‘The Wire’ returns in high definition

Airs Jan. 5 on HBO

In a move that many fans would argue to be tantamount to Leonardo da Vinci touching up the Mona Lisa or Mario Puzo adding paragraphs to “The Godfather,” David Simon and HBO have re-mastered the critically acclaimed HBO series, “The Wire.”

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Petition launched to open federal files on Malcolm X

It seems like it just might be a long shot, but one man continues to try and find a way to compel President Barack Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder and the United States government to publish the un-redacted FBI, CIA and New York Police Department files relating to the 1965 assassination of Malcolm X.

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Winter weather won’t stop Civic Works Food Program

With colder temperatures and wintry weather on the horizon, officials from the nonprofit Civic Works’ Real Food Farm program say they won’t slow down their efforts to improve neighborhood access to healthy food and develop Baltimore’s agriculture sector.

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Local entrepreneur celebrates 20 years with gift baskets

Each time Pat Roselle checks her telephone voice mail or email messages, she sees a familiar request. There’s a bridal shower, a baby shower, a wedding, Christmas is coming, a birthday, even a funeral.

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Mom of 2 earns diploma, job prospects

SBLC offers hope to working poor

Tonya Pearson has enjoyed a long career in retail but after a bit of soul searching and a longing to not have any regrets, at age 36 she decided that it was time to earn a high school diploma.

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