March is celebrated nationwide as woman’s month. In New England, independent internet radio stations got together to bring back a tradition to bring together music artists and others in the music and entertainment business for networking. The only difference between the past and present is terrestrial radio stations were responsible for the Tastemakers event.

Photo Courtesy New Egland Tastemakers

Fast-forward to today, terrestrial radio stations are no longer interested in promoting or playing music artists who are not signed to major labels or, to be honest, artists who are not willing to pay for radio airplay.

Thanks to The Urban Influencer,, Internet Radio Stations from around the World, get together to meet music artists and network with other Internet Radio Stations to network and offer Music artists other Alternatives to Terrestrial Radio. Tastemakers and Soul Music Mixers are getting together in specific areas: New England, Detroit, Atlanta, South Carolina, Baltimore, D.C., Virginia, Syracuse, and more cities to be added to the list in the near future.

Photo Courtesy New Egland Tastemakers

This first Tastemakers Event of 2023 in New England was focused on women entrepreneurs, business professionals, radio announcers, radio station owners, music artists, and more. The spotlight was their contributions.

According to Don Padgett, Internet Radio Station owner and promoter of the event, ”A lot of aspiring women entrepreneurs, music artists, and innovators have ideas but very rarely the ideas get off the ground. It’s often very difficult for creatives to be self-critical against their own ideas. It’s also hard to find unbiased and trustable advice from proven experts on ideas, especially if they’re not well-developed. Entrepreneurs, Artists spend substantial quantities of time and money on ideas that don’t have a shot of being successful. With Tastemakers panel discussions, networking, showcasing, and connecting with business professionals is something we should be constantly doing, but if you want to take the relationships you create to the next level you need to meet people in person. In fact, talking face-to-face is probably the best way to connect with people. This is what we do at tastemakers.”

Photo Courtesy New Egland Tastemakers

Music artists reaching out to radio stations to get their music played on radio and much more, please contact, The Urban Influencer: at 1.800.581.2060; for more information on the Indie Soul Mixers and Tastemakers Events:

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