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Sona Norwood
Sonja Norwood CEO of Norwood & Norwood Inc. Courtesy Photo

Whenever we hear the surname Norwood in the entertainment industry, we automatically think about R&B singer Brandy or her equally famous brother Ray J. However, the proverbial apples don’t fall far from the tree— try saying that three times in a row without stuttering. What I mean by that is their mother Sonja Norwood is a star in her own right. In addition to managing the career of these two accredited performers, she is an entertainment talent manager and consultant who has worked with many other artists including Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris; Silk; Ma$e; and a host of other A-list artist and actors.

Sonja is the CEO of Norwood & Norwood Inc., an entertainment management organization, which has a history of accomplishments that span more than two decades. Originally from McComb, Mississippi, Sonja took her passion for philanthropy, dedication to family and faith…and excelled in a world where all of the aforementioned qualities appear to be more of a hindrance rather than an asset. If you were to ask Sonja, where she got the drive to compete in a male-dominated industry, she would probably say as she has been quoted as saying before… “It is only through access that greatness can be realized.” And thus, one of her latest ventures— “The Bizness®.”

The Bizness® offers online entertainment-centered workshops, webinars and training sessions. It was created by Sonja to help navigate the complex terrain of the entertainment industry based on her wealth of knowledge, experiences and phenomenal successes. If you or anyone you know is interested in getting a leg up in the business of entertainment, I highly recommend this resource. The Bizness® meets each Tuesday at 5 p.m. PST/8 p.m. EST. Download the Clubhouse app to receive access.

Beginning Tuesday, October 5, 2021, from 5 p.m. to 8:30 pm, Sonja is offering the opportunity of a lifetime for any singers interested in being heard by some of the best producers in the music industry today— and at no cost! To participate (singers) follow these directions:

  1. Send an email to: sonjabclubhouse@gmail.com
  2. Include your name, phone number and IG or Clubhouse link
  3. If you are using original material state in email and grant rights to use and a release from any liability Again, this showcase is free and for entertainment purposes only. All rights are reserved. Rules, dates and times are subject to change. The showcase culminates with a winner being chosen and given the opportunity to sing a song with a major producer in the music Sonja says this project is close to her heart because she wants to give a special opportunity to individuals who otherwise might never have this chance.


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