Tellie Simpson recalled visiting the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC as a young child.

   “I was always an inquisitive child,” recalled Simpson. “I remember going to the museum and seeing a lady who worked there clinging to one of the artifacts. I was so fascinated.” 

   The experience would pique Simpson’s interest in the museum world. She would grow up to earn an M.A. in Museum Studies and a B.A. in History from Morgan State University, and pursue a career working in the field. Now, Tellie Simpson is “telling” her unique experiences through her new book, “A Girl In A Museum World”. Simpson says through the book, she seeks to motivate kids to take charge of their history and follow their dreams. 

   “I’ve been in the museum field for quite a while,” said the 28-year-old. “Sadly, it was the lack of diversity that motivated me to write the book. I wanted to shed some light on the lack of diversity in the field. I also wanted to strike the curiosity of young readers’ minds early and to get them thinking about history and art museums.”

   She added, “Another goal was to crack the excesses for both kids and adults. I want the book to resonate with anyone who picks it up.” 

   “A Girl In A Museum World” allows readers to take a trip to the museum through the book’s main character, “Sophia,” who decides to make her history matter. The book follows the curious munchkin on a day at the museum. 

A Girl In A Museum World Artwork
(Artwork Courtesy of Tellie Simpson)

   “Sophia is a lot like me,” said Simpson who is also an avid collector. “I was a very curious child. I also hope the book inspires kids to draw and take it seriously.”

   The book launched April 2022, and includes illustrations by Morgan Jennings. Simpson said “A Girl In A Museum World” has received positive feedback from parents and young readers. The Baltimore native said the book is a first in a series, with the next edition coming out next year. 

   Simpson said her life’s full circle moment came when she was hired by the Smithsonian Institution— the place that started “her-story” in the museum world. Located in Washington, DC, The Smithsonian Institution is the world’s largest museum, education, and research complex.   

   Simpson’s employment also includes working for South Carolina State Museum. Located in Columbia, South Carolina, the South Carolina State Museum seeks to provide educational environments that entertain, inspire imagination and creativity, and enrich the lives of visitors.

   Simpson said she plans to continue publishing books and spread her love of history, museums, art, and culture.  

   “This project is dedicated to every door that was closed,” said Simpson. “I wanted every page of this book to be impactful.”

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