Benaisha Poole-Watson is a United States Air Force Veteran who now owns her very own bank called Prime One Home Loans. The entrepreneur who also owns a real estate firm consisting of over 200 high producing real estate agents across the country provides tips on how to move closer to homeownership. Poole-Watson was named the #2 Realtor in Dallas, Texas; #19 in the state of Texas; and Top 100 Real Estate Agent in the United States of America, making her rank in the top 1% in the nation.  

Q: Is there usually a penalty for people who do not have credit that’s not the best or the top score?

A: If you come in at a 580 credit score, you’re basically scratching the surface/entry point to homeownership, so it’s not really a penalty. It’s just that if you were lower than 580, you would not be able to successfully qualify. So you’re basically able to come into the party with that 580 score, you’re not going to be in the front where the stage is. It’s just like that when it comes to having access to better interest rates, but remember the main goal is to get in the room. The better your credit score, anything 740 or above, will unlock the best rates.

Q: What is the breaking point of better?

A: 739 is definitely a turning point when it comes to unlocking the best rates. If you’re going to go into some type of credit repair program you might as well stay in until you can achieve the highest score possible. Especially when it comes to banking and financing and getting qualified for a home loan.

Q: Do you feel there are benefits to owning a home even if you need to build your credit enough to get a home if that’s what you want to do?

A: Real estate is the most bankable asset that we have access to in this world. If you are renting a home, it is 100% guaranteed that you are not getting a return on the monthly rent. Owning real estate builds equity. You buy it and let it sit, and even if the interest rates go up to 22%, it will eventually come back down, so you have to have patience. This is why we say buy real estate and wait, don’t wait to buy real estate. Remember, real estate is a fluid environment, rates fluctuate, so when it comes to making sound investments, you have to own something that’s going to build as an asset. Other investment resources like crypto and the stock market also go up and down, but my investments in real estate have never failed. I’m living proof of it. I bought my first house when I was 19 years old. After I sold that house, my profit doubled. If I didn’t get that running start in my life I would not be where I am today. Those are the things that add value to you and success to your legacy. When you own something, and you are able to pull out equity, guess what? You now have access to purchase more assets.

Q: Do you work with people also, who have low credit scores?

A: Yes. Absolutely. The minimum entry score for an FHA loan is 580.

Q: Tell me what the process is for something like that if somebody says I want to own a home, but I’m being honest with you, my credit score is low. What is your strategy to get them where they need to be?

A: The average loan entry point is 620 and above. By going down to a 580 this allows more borrowers to be qualified into the space of homeownership. If you have less than a 580, I can provide a payment program or credit building program through a trusted affiliate that deals directly with Prime One Home Loans and has helped get over 100 people; getting their score above 580 and up to qualifiable standards. Every single person that I’ve sent to him has turned into a positive, has come back and completed a transaction with Prime One Home Loans.

Q: Do you help veterans connect better with their benefits or understand VA loans?

A: Absolutely. I have a special program for veterans that helps them fully understand the process and get them into a home within 30 days or less. Because I am a veteran and have used my VA loan several times, I feel it is my responsibility to ensure veterans have the best experience when it comes to financial literacy and homeownership.

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